Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My birthday, pt1.

'Lo all.

Interesting today.

Got up, unwrapped presents (clothes and $80 in a card), and watched zoids.

People started dropping in and phonecalls coming through afterwards, then we went to Vicroads.

The test itself was pretty easy, I'd seen most of the questions before, and those that I hadn't needed logic. There was one question I didn't get. How far apart should you be from a bicycle in your lane? It's either 1m or 3m. Meh. The picture on the licence itself wasn't too bad. Better than Sam's.

Then back home, I went down the street and visited the Phoenix centre. Ken said that he had one 5th ed. book left, and I could pick it up on Saturday. Then to Target, where I saw Cameron Lucas (Glarey McGlareglare) and picked up a Phillips iPod stereo thingummy.

Once I got it working, grandparents and cookies dropped round. Pop's new fiancee likes to talk, and has seen everything, usually twice.

For tea we went to the Chinese restaurant. The food was good.

Back home, I finished painting Pat's skinks, and they look suprisingly good. Apart from his Stegadon, I don't know what to do next. I've got a couple of LotR models, but then since the iPod stereo was on special, I could pick up a blister on Saturday...or I could wait til September... I dunno.

Tomorrow, cleaning up at Danielle's and if it isn't raining, maybe driving. My main concern with this learning to drive venture is that during this week of the holidays, I'd like to go out at least once and actually learn to control the car. The problem is that the girls wouldn't be able to come, and because Fraser is off at the skatepark, there'll be no one to look after them. Ah well. Maybe next week.

By the way, the part one is for the actual birthday. The party is Saturday, that should be part 2, if I can blog sanely then.



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