Thursday, July 24, 2008

Making neurons from pipecleaners?

'Lo readers.

Today was meh. Not too cold, school wasn't too bad, got some things done afterwards. Karma's going to bite me in the arse soon, probably.

After sleeping through my alarm, I rushed to school and went to chapel. Mrs Jacka was not happy, and Dr Wenn's homeroom had to take the wrath. I think it was because of the usual unenthusiam, coupled with Dr Wenn's chapel noobiness. Meh. Then extended homeroom, I went around grabbing indemnity forms and getting an appointment with Mr McAnulty the careers dude. Then Lulu was hungry, so we had to find some food.

English was just a test on the prologue from Romeo and Juliet. I got almost everything, except for the Iambic Pentametre definition. Seriously, what the hell is that.

Recess, just the bench in the sun. Some sneaky year 11s stole our other one while we weren't looking.

Double history. I got an introduction and some quotes down. Tom was stressing over finishing some Health and Human homework, and Bree was bitching to Clare about her friends. Not too bad.

Lunch. Soccer. Relatively even teams, too. It was a good game, wasn't one sided. Everyone had their moments. We were in at the basketball courts, too, and no year 8 bastards jeering at us.

Then double psych. Mrs Moy said after the theory, we would have some fun activities. She delivered. I was suprised that the chemicals that make the synapses fire was sodium, as we had just exploded a sample of that the other day. Tiffany and Zack joined Carl and I, and they goofed off. First we had to demonstrate a neuron working, using a tennis ball, party poppers, and a cardboard tube. I got to be the synapse, and I rigged three party poppers to a pipecleaner and fired them all at once. Very cool. There should be more explosions indoors. Then we had to draw a person and label the nervous system. Meh. Next, making a neuron out of pipecleaners. For some reasons there was a packet of balloons, so Zack and Carl decided to blow some up. Zack and I popped one, with bits flying into his eye, and terrifying Tiffany. When Mrs Moy left, Zack started throwing a waterbomb around, which scared all of us. He eventually had to pop it with a spoon in the sink.

Homeroom we met the Japanese girls. I was the only one who could still remember how to introduce themselves in Japanese.

Back home, I sprinted to the Phoenix Centre and, after Ken rocked up, I picked up a pair of WDs. Now I'm up to date. Next the bank, and on the way I saw three magpies; one standing, one crouching, and one upside down. All were alive. Scary, man. The bank shut just as I arrived, but I saw a couple of boardos. After picking up cheap bread, I met Aiden on a drug run to the Greyhounds and back. Wouldn't mind being the pharmacy courier, but I think they've all got some.

Home again, there's a bloody dog. Meh. I read the paper and my new WDs. Then band, which wasn't too bad.

Just then, I discovered I had been sent two free coffee samples, Chocolate Mocha and Latte. Cool.

Tomorrow, PE and maths, off the top of my head. Meh.



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