Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lazy Sunday.

'Lo all.

I did very little today. And nothing of value was lost.

To start with, last night I stayed up and watched a movie.

Shaun of the Dead, ***1/2Funny film. It was predictable, but hell, it's got Dylan Moran in it. If you watch carefully you see heaps of people that appeared in Black Books too. If ever a zombie plague occurs, remember a cricket bat, which is the best zombie fighting weapon I've seen since that dude who attached a chainsaw to his arm...

Slept, woke up, watched a few episodes of zoids (the characters still rotate. Weird).

Then spent the day chatting to Meg and reading about paint.

After driving around for a while, back to msn, and there was another spat between Ryan and Lulu. Since they both talked to me about it, I indulged in a bit of 'social puppeteering (thanks to Ryan for the phrase). Meh. These two are nuts.

Tomorrow, school. Double PE though. Meh.



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