Friday, July 18, 2008

Last day of the week, finally.

'Lo everyone.

Bloody week felt like a fortnight after the holidays. And it was only a short one, since we had Monday off. Damn.Woke up, wandered around, watched an episode of 2nd gig, then struggled through some maths homework. I noticed my phone had text messages. Interesting. One was an invitation to go see The Dark Knight tomorrow. It sounds good. Epic oscar quality superhero movie, focussing on the drama and intrigue as well as the action, with one of the greatest bad guys ever. But. It's Batman.

Get to school by myself, since Ryan's axle has broken on his bike. Nice clean break too. He should make Sam pay for it, as it was his bunnyhopping around that might have broken it.

First up was History, which wasn't too bad, just essay preparation. The topic was easier than I thought.

Rave in the library, some clever person had put a link to Space Invaders in the links we had to explore. So the whole class was playing Space Invaders until the teacher realised. Then I went to The Game website and read an ERA about people losing it, writing it down, and hypothesises (?) about intentional forgetting, which I found fascinating.

Recess was slow.

Double art I got all my painting done, while Melissa tried to get me to go to the movies with the horde tomorrow. Meh. Most of the people going are tricky to watch movies with. Then I hung side with Tom and Meg untirs Artteacherladyt me.

Lunch was fun, soccer on the end pitch. Bree picked a team with three really good players and Alex, and a bunch of girls who we knew would bugger off halfway through, and they did. Aiden swapped teams, and Will joined, and we had ourselves a game. It was fun, even if we lost badly.

The double english. We watched the first half of the '68 version of Romeo and Juliet (so many tights... And Zac Efron can time travel, plus they could make computer generated eyes in the sixties, trust me), then into the other room where I made 43 words out of the words Shakespearean sonnets, and got a bribe for it. Rest of the lesson involved Pat and Oliver using spitballs against Jenny and Naomi, and Will and Dayne testing out paper planes. I went to sleep, in the work was sparse.

Back home, watched some more 2nd gig, and went driving in the rain. I scared the Beardman when I accidently hit the accelerator reversing out of parking spot. Need to work on my parking.

Then catching up on the news, more bloody reviews of Batman coming in at AICN. Bah. Now I know it ends, though I don't know what the Joker's pencil trick is. Minesweeper vs Annie was tricky, and Pat and I went through a range of topics.

Tomorrow, I suppose I should go see this Batman film. Sure, the people will be meh, it'll cost as much as a WD, if not more, and no one else might like the movie (lookin' at you, Cloverfield), but meh, it's something to do. Also going to start stripping the paint off a bike and spraypainting it black, and watching Pulp Fiction.



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