Sunday, July 6, 2008

July posting is patchy at best.

'Lo readers.

Apologies for yesterday, I was elsewhere.

Basically, yesterday, didn't do much, then Isaac came round, and we discussed his site getting owned.

Then we took a wrong turn on the way to Annie's, but found the place in the end.

The party wasn't too bad. Aiden had a version of a mask from a famous youtube clip. There was a jukebox, with some good stuff, and lots of bad stuff (lots of Wiggles and no Led Zeppelin?!?).

Highlights included meeting Notisobelle (one of Annie's friends from the south, looked just like Isobelle) and telling her dead baby jokes, Annie's cool broter ranting about 9/11, Scientology, and the benefits of of using a coke bottle and deoderant (BIIIG FIRE!), Weet Bix eating contests (you cheated, you ate it cookie monster style) and bonfire.

Isaac and I stuck around talking to people around the fire, and stayed the night. We watched Shoot 'em Up with Annie, Notisobelle, Meg and Oliver.

Shoot 'em up - **1/2.
Not bad, some good action sequences, but the plot was way too stupid. The main protagonist, while morally grey (god thing!), was a God Mode Stu. Ah well.

Today, got up, we watched Lano and Woodley, and I left. My neck was killing me, must have been from sleeping on the floor. Ah well.

Got onto the computer, caught up on the news. Not much happening, though freaking out people is fun.

Tomorrow, day before my birthday. I hadn't noticed, really. Scary, man.



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