Friday, July 4, 2008

Jimeoin is a funny bastard.

'Lo readers.

Ah. Tis good to be home. The trick was getting there.

Got up, slowly got going, and had everything packed and ready by 10. After introducing my grandma to the iTunes shop (OMG TOM JONES SQUEE!), we left around 12:30.

We hit Melbourne, and spent about half an hour going around in circles trying to find some bmx shop Fraser was ranting about. Then, when we finally found it, it was a tiny little shop with half a dozen 13 year olds milling around asking for their punctures to get repaired. Pish. I suppose most GWs are like that, except with 30 year old antisocial neckbeards instead.

Traralgon was Aldi time, of course. We picked up cheap cans of drink and chips. Sale better get one soon.

Finally back home, checking the news. I got the first birthday pressies in the mail, a big blue hoodie, stuff for s'mores, and $10 from Jan and Brian. Father says he has a surprise for me. We went to see Jimeoin live.

He was very good. Few hecklers, only a New Zealand person and I think Glen from band. He ended on a musical number.

Back home, Isaac's site has been discovered (LOL CPBOMB!). Sucka. It was only a matter of time, Ryan and I agreed.

Tomorrow, going down the street to find pirateness and Annie's present (I got a good idea, as long as Lulu didn't steal it). Then the party itself. Should be fun.


Anyway, the end.

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