Monday, July 28, 2008

Handball sucks.

'Lo readers.

Interesting story to start with. Nanna K might relate, I dunno. I got up, had a shower, and stepped out. I heard a knock at the door. WTH, I think to myself. I wrap a towel around myself and greet Kevin. At 7 in the bloody morning. I got dressed, quickly put the kettle on (Kevin helped himself) and tried to wake up the Beardman. He didn't look too happy, since he was watching Le Tour all last night.I retreated to the shed after breakfast, and finished homework. Meh.

Got to school, again, everyone was freezing. PE first up, we went on the bus to the gym, then to the pool, then back to the gym. Meh. Then we got put into teams (once again two medium teams and one with the three jocks), and were made to play handball, which is the bastard child of netball and hockey. We lost the first game badly, then after Pat got riled up, we lost the second one. Wasn't as bad ats the first game, the teams were a bit more even.

After dropping back to the pool again (something about dropping off the keys), recess. Not much to report, just lots of cold people.

Then psych, more notes on neurowhatsits. Looking forward to dissecting another brain.

Maths. A lesson-long lecture, then a couple of questions, then more problem solving filler that we almost ignored.

Lunch. Aiden, Sam, George and I needed the athletics singlets, so another voyage to the clothing store. Bloody $33 for a scrap of material with some stripes on it. Then soccer, but the popularites showed up and challenged us. It was raining, and they did cheat a lot. They only had three or four meh players, but their meh players were as good as our best. Interesting seeing the usual group uniting, usually we split up. We won, 3-1, despite what they say.

Then history. Tom and I had a farting contest that left Emily in tears, and Mr Stone thought I was talking too loudly. Meh. I had a music lesson halfway through, and I managed to get through half of bloody Calling Cornwall.

Art. Mrs Artteacherlady made Annie and I start working with clay again, and made me change my original plans. Ah well, at least I'm done with the 'abstract' painting for good.

Homeroom, Isobelle and I realised that some of the pictures up on the homeroom might be a bit pg for a classroom, though with spelling that bad, I doubt even the Japanese girls would be able to understand it.

Then band. Pat hid Lulu's saxophone mouthpiece and denied it profusely, eventually blaming it on Watto. It wasn't too bad, though Mr C monologues a lot towards the end.

Back home, msn and checking the news. Meg's aunt helped win $8000 for herself on Deal or No Deal.

More band. I'm getting better at these pieces, though bloody Yarram is coming up, and last year we lost it to a pathetic Yarram school band that had the hometown advantage, even though the bastards broke the rules.

Back home, Skins. Another WTF episode. Cassie had the main story thread though, which was good, if confusing.

Tomorrow, assembly. Probably more, but that's all I can remember.


Anyway, the end.

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