Thursday, July 3, 2008

Greetings from drizzly Ocean Grove!

'Lo everyone.

I didn't think I could, but I am. Currently blogging from Nan and Pa's laptop in Ocean Grove.

Yesterday, slow. We took a detour onto the new freeway, which was boring apart from a giant bird sculpture, then we got to a tunnel. A cement mixer had broken down, so traffic was moving at a crawl. Bah.

Got there, raced Fraser down a hill, and didn't do much.

Today, got up, Fraser says he is bored, so we went to Barwon Heads. No skatepark (thank the gods), so we went around in circles. After coming under attack from a horde of small insects, Fraser visited the Tonic shop. I hate it there. Too many clothes. They have a wall of thongs (the ones for your feet), that are brand name and bloody expensive. Then we visited Pt Lonsdale, to a pier where the seas were huge, and the container ships were bigger, then Queenscliff. Very slow town. Highlights included a local art gallery (kidding) and ice creams. Fraser blew money by getting a chocolate dipped cone with hundreds and thousands. Wise Beard Man seemed set on strolling around the town. Meh. Wasted a bit of time.

Back to HQ, and Fraser says we should go through the caravan park again. He drew stuff on the beach (so many disgusted faces of people coming over the bridge), then we raced home while it started raining. Then I got internet access, and have been checking a few sites. Tara is interested in Tabby's affairs (why would I know anything about that?) and during uno her sister stole the computer. Lulu and I are stuck for Annie's present. Meh, I've got a couple of days yet.

Tomorrow, home after lunch. Cool.



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