Friday, July 25, 2008


'Lo readers.

Bloody cold last night. Minus one, apparently. And it showed. Denny rocked up freezing and my bike had ice on it. There was frost everywhere, and in some places it looked almost like snow.

Get to school, I realise I may have misplaced $20. Bugger.

First up was science, which involved finishing a rust activity and taking notes on plastics. Mr Smith is trying to get us through it quickly so we can start on Chemistry.

Then a meeting with careers dude. He wasn't too bad, though he was shocked that I was in Mr Cowling's maths class and didn't enjoy maths. He gave me an Army showbag that had a hat, drink bottle, pen and book inside, and told me that both psychologists and journalists are needed in the defence forces. Hmm.

Then maths. We had some filler problem solving worksheets, and a sub. The girls had another conversation that Aiden and I had to hijack, and Isobelle was bored too. Fun was had by all.

Recess, still cold.

Psych was basically just notes on neurotransmitters, though Carl and Tiffany's dreams were laughed at.

Then art. I got to use a staple gun, then since Mrs Artteacherlady had told me not to start clay work til next week, I went outside and hung with the others. Wasn' too bad, and the sun was good.

Lunch was soccer. Pat put together a dream team, and made them play against the rest of us. We had Hayden though. Meh. Wasn't too bad. Millsy embarrassed himself.

PE. I came second in the run (Pat and Walshy weren't trying, obviously), then a whole lesson on volleyball. Fun once it got going. The teams were so randomly picked, Jack and Walshy got put on the same team. Then a game of head tennis with soccerballs.

Back home, off to the hospital to get head xrays. Very strange experience. There was this machine that orbited around your head, and another one that held onto your ears.

Then msning around. Not much to report. Scared Annie and traded US state names with Meg. Didn't see who I wanted to see, and saw too much of the person I didn't want to see.

Tomorrow, sleep for as long as possible.



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