Friday, July 11, 2008


'Lo readers.

Funny. Today is the 11th of the 7th. In America, there is a promotion at 7/11 stores for free Squishees. Lucky so and sos...

Not much to report today. I got calls and texts from Gavin and Tom saying they couldn't go tomorrow, and then another phonecall from Sally saying she could go, then she spent half an hour talking about holidays and drama class sas Mrs Cribbes. I was raaaging at the internet, lots of bad things. DOW2 seems to be getting worse, and fresh pictures for that and other things were torturing me.

After shopping for more party supplies, we visited the orthdontist who agreed that braces would be helpful, but not necessary. He also said two extraction, which is twice what the other dude said. Bah.

Then I took the car for a spin, and had my first go in traffic. Fun. Then some laps of suburbia, which wasn't too bad.

We spent the evening at Harry and Marilyn's, who are still cool, though Fraser was trying his hardest to show that he was some kind of bodybuilder. Interesting discussion with Wise Beard Man and Harry about America.

Back home, people asking where my house is. I see my scheme has come to fruition, people need to call to ask where I live.

Tomorrow, picking up my 5th book, then maybe partying hard, depending on the weather. Knowing alex's luck, there'll be rain, hail, hurricanes, volcanoes, tornadoes, houses falling on witches, more rain... Meh. As long as the wood burns.



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