Wednesday, July 9, 2008


'Lo all.

Didn't really do much today.

Woke up, went to Danielle's and put old doors on a trailer. After looting the valuable ones, we went to the tip and chucked the rest into a large metal pit. Fun. I recommend it to everyone.

Back home, I started on some english homework. I hate Romeo and Juliet. Damn heavy purple language. And this comprehension stuff is tricky.

Then Wise Beard Man invited me to go driving. We went to a patch of gravel near the stockyards. Lots of backwards and forwardsing, then loops, then figure 8s. The bloody magnetic L plates kept falling off. Bah, we need sticky ones. Then we went to one of those empty gated communities that are all road and house, and went around in that for half an hour. Driving is fun, though I need to work on my grip on the steering wheel and checking the mirrors.

Back home, msning around, and watching tv. The Gruen Transfer had the Powerthirst ad at the end, and theres almost a dozen of us going to the movies tomorrow. I was tempted by some myspace updates. Not falling for that again (literally).

Tomorrow, Kung Fu Panda. So far, that's it. I should probably finish this english homework too, but it's bloody annoying.


Anyway, the end.

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