Monday, July 14, 2008

Driving at night.

'Lo readers.

I got almost a full 12 hours of sleep last night. My body clock is going to revolt tomorrow.

Woke up, checked the news, watched a bit of animoot (still undecided on Lucky Star, sorry Cameron and Ziggy), watched the rest of Dexter, and went for a drive. We went to the Phoenix Centre and around that neighbourhood, then out to the RAAF base down a back road, and through Cobains rd back towards Stevens st. We ended up at 545 to pick the girls up. I hit 100km/h, which was pretty cool.

Then msning around and keeping an eye on the interbutt, and then it's band. Fraser had a bit of Imaginitis, and skipped it again. Wasn't too bad though. Then I drove home.

Of course, the main way to get to the place we wanted to go was blocked off. Bah. We went around the IGA carpark like hoons on a Saturday night, and despite having only one headlight, I didn't hit anything. Then I drove home. Not too bad, but I can't go at the actual speed yet. Probably a good thing.

Tomorrow, school. Looking forward to everything except maths, english, and my dear classmates. Most of them are pretty cool, but the bastard year 8s better not start anything.



PS. 101st post. Woah. And that's just for the blogger one. Myspace blog is catching up, it fails miserably every now and then. Livespace blog is way past this.

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