Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Careers expo.

'Lo all.

Bloody hell. Fething exhausted.

Got to school frozen, with skin slowly turning purple. Freaky. Bloody sports uniforms.

First up was Psych, we're starting the nervous system, with the promise of dissections. Should be fun.

Maths, not too bad. I've found something to keep me occupied, though roles were reversed when Aiden and I started clocking the questions. New record, maybe.

Recess, we decided to capture a table in the sun. Marginally warmer. Everyone who was good at things nicked off to GIS.So, english with a distinct lack of popularites and a more relaxed attitude. I won the word of the day game thingy again, by a big margin. Getting annoying now. Plurals are your friends. The some Romeo and Juliet worksheets.

Finally science, just going over what we did yesterday. Not too bad. I dunno how, but the questions we were made to do, I had already done them. Meh.

Then the Long Lunch. GIS times makes lunchtime go for an hour and a half, which is awesome. We spent it playing soccer and variations on Gork. Amanda is a traitor.

George, Pat and I got on the bus for Longford, and Pat decided to run with the little kids so he wouldn't risk his legs since he had an event coming up. George and I went with the three year 12s, who spent the first half calling each other names and discussing erotica involving 80 year olds. Then George dropped out, and I tried to keep up with them. I didn't do too bad a job, it seems, until we got to the bastard hill near the end. THey took another turn and went for another ten minute circuit up to the highway, so I walked a bit when George caught up, and sprinted the end. Meh.

Back to school, Lulu and Gavin were giggling about hockey, even though they lost. Then Wise Beard Man and I did some errands involving Centrelink, the bank and the electronics shop, where I got a Telstra sim card for my phone. Hooray for 1 cent texts.

We then spent an hour trying to get it to work, and I nipped down to the Phoenix centre to pick up a couple of WDs, but Ken shuts early now >.<

After pizza (woot), the careers expo. Barely anyone there when we arrived, though people slowly trickled in while we sorted out an awesome couch that moves. The thing itself wasn't too bad, buggerising around with acronyms that all start with V. The careers expo itself was alright, due to free coffee and Mrs Tyndall running a camera that projected onto the stage. Beardman and I strolled around and got some questions answered. As expected, I was hinted to go to the deb with someone (don't really want to do the deb at all), made to feel guilty by a teacher (bloody maths teacher of course) and got a vague answer ("All the englishes are good!"). Meh. Still wondering about whether I should follow Psych or journalism. If I go the psych route, I might need to do maths, which I don't really like. If I got the journalism route, I've been recommended to do two englishes. Hmm. Still looking at english, psych 3/4, biology, media, and history, and depending on which way Mr McAnulty says, either maths or english language.

Driving home, via the Safeway carpark. Gotta work on parking.Tomorrow, chapel, english, history, and psych. Almost the exact opposite of today. Meh, cool. I don't really mind them.Crossposted.


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