Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bonus band on a Thursday night.

'Lo readers.

Sick of this school thing. When are the next lot of holidays?

Got to school, caught up with Meg and the rest for chapel. Mrs Jacka must have been butthurt about the pope and didn't mention him at all. Silly denominational faiths. Same god, right?

Extended homeroom Aiden and I made up an excuse to go visit Dr Wenn's homeroom, where we caught up with Gavin, Dayne and the rest. Then I dropped George's cds off in the library, where Pat was ranting about a magazine and Aiden was not taking a serious discussion about subjects with Bernice seriously.

Then english. I re-did the bloody Shakespeare webquest. Boring.

Recess was cold. I did the science homework through Millsy's bloody commentary. I snapped when he badmouthed dinosaurs. *RRRAAAAAAAAGGGEEE!!!*

Double science we tried froth floatation and electrolysis methods of extracting minerals. Tom, Jack and Walshy were arguing about Rock Band. And they call us nerds.

Lunch we played soccer. I tried going forwards a few times, but I got distracted by people walking around. Then they put me in goals, and Kelly tried to put me off. Bah.

History was interesting. We had a class discussion about whether each of us would follow Australia into a war on foreign soil, which ended up with everyone putting their names on a line that either agreed or disagreed. There were a couple of closet pacifists, but Oliver was a fence sitter, and Tom and I were halfway up the "INVADE" end with Zombiemolly, which suprised us. My excuse was to stop the genocides and stuff before it spreads. 5 years of 40k themes running through my head, I suppose.

Then Maths. I had passed my statistics test, and got a fair bit of work done. Mr Cowling spent the first half of the lesson ranting about the different types of VCE classes, and how we all have to take two to be awesome. Pish. He also flipped a table over. Isaac's bag of nuts was thrown around at our end, and I found out what happens if something clashes with a crosscountry. You get a private car trip home, maybe with Mr Gaskill >.<

Home again, some homework and some more 2nd gig. An episode about Pazu, an awesome episode about Saito joining the unit that Tom would enjoy, an episode about tachikoma (squee!) philosophy, and an episode where the cast basically sat on couches and provided exposition. Still pretty cool though.

Then more bloody bad. Not even ten people rocked up, and once Mossy left it was a section rehearsal. Fraser managed to find an excuse again, of course.

When we got back home, I find out my internet has buggered up ("Fraser has a virus! CLEANSE AND PURIFY!") and there has been goings-on in my absence. Looks like things will be interesting. Proves something I've been thinking for a while though. Ah well, moving on, got an idea, trick is implenting it.

Tomorrow is double art (PAINTPAINTPAINTPAINTPAINTPAINT) and double english (*groan*), Ah well. Take the good with the bad. The can't make us do Shakespeare all semester.


Anyway, the end.

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