Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back from Lakes Entrance...with a vengeance.

'Lo readers.

Back. I enjoyed my holiday.

Sunday, I basically got up, showered, and got in a car. Two and a bit hours later, Tom and his dad were inviting me to go deliver firewood. Not bad, and it involved throwing stuff around.

Then to Lakes Entrance itself. Tom and I pulled out ye olde Red Faction, which he is proficient at. Like, scary good. I know where the guns are, he knows how to get one shot kills with every gun. Bah. We visited a "jumping pillow" (think about 20m jumping castle without walls) at a rival caravan park, and had a nerfgun war with his sister.

So, lotsa gaming, then we watched Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

MOVIE REVIEW TIME! Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - ***1/2.
Good film, the last 20 minutes or so is awesome. However, half the actors are carbon copies of their characters in Snatch, though this film came first. Rather confusing. Though, I suppose if one was making a film about gangsters in London, you'd use these guys because they fit the job so well.

Then we tried to hax our way through mountains in gta3.

Next day, more gaming, and then we went to Magnum movies to rent a game. Epic, epic fail. Conversation between Tom and lady -
"So how much?"
"$2, it's Monday."
"Cool, how much for two?"
"It's $11 for 4"
"How about two?"
"You can get 4 for $11."
"...ok then, we'll take this one."
"Do you have a card?"
"...no, how much are they?"
"How old are you?"
"You need a parent here, bye"

So we played minigolf and went on massive trampolines. That night, after more Red Faction, I introduced Tom to Skins. Thankfully, the episode had a single thread, and lots of exposition. Lots of character development too.

Today, we played a bit more Red Faction ("I"ve discovered Impossible difficulty!") and I went home. On the bus to Bairnsdale a group of emos sat near me. 3 of them were butt ugly, and none of them would stop talking. I was glad to get off the bus. Train trip was slow, though at Stratford I saw Bernice and her brother, and we discussed football.

Back home, checked the news and picked up a WD. Not much new, especially not the WD, which was from April. I'm catching up though.

Tomorrow, we're going to Ocean Grove for at least one night. Sorry, dear readers, but looks like another break. Read the archives, or a book or something, I dunno. Other than that, I must work on finding a gift for Annie (Bernice shot down all my ideas) and finding a pirate eyepatch.



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