Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back at school.

'Lo readers.

End of the no-content holiday posts. In return, school. Meh. These have more meat to them, I suppose.

Got up, grabbed clothes, walked through the fog to the door, and realised I had forgotten the bloody key. Bah.

Ryan rocked up, since Denny is too busy womanising to drop in anymore.

Got to school, everyone screaming and hugging. Tom rocked up with a large pink package, and gave it to me. Inside was a garden gnome in a bikini, a Tyrannosaurus, and peashooter. We all lol'd.

First up was assembly, I fell asleep.

History wasn't too bad, just going over things from the end of last term. Not much to report, yet, though Ms Henry warned of an essay.

Then rave. Oliver had his usual shtick, though we were both mildy irritated by the topics we would be covering this term.

Recess, the usual. More laughing and screaming. Meh. I missed being asleep 24 hours ago.

Psych was more maths and research methods. I can't wait to finish this.

Art, I finished a sketch, though Mrs Artteacherlady said I now have to trace it. Meh.

Lunch. School was wearing thin. We didn't do anything, really. Due to the advent of msn and mobile communications the first day back has lost one of the main reasons of being bearable, which was catching up with people.

Science we watched a video and took notes. Who would have thought they'd be able to take a subject that involved millions of dollars, thousands of degrees and huge machinery, and make it boring?

English. Funny how people just coincidentally manage to get good seats next to people. I think my mind has been made up, I help one when she drops her books, she frowns at me like I'm a serial killer, and the other one smiles at me and actually talks. So f**k you, sorry. Stupid Romeo and Juliet. Depending on what we're doing next term, I think I might do that for the essay at the end of the year. Damn Shakespeare.

Homeroom, too much thinking and noise. George lent me Frogstomp, and as soon as I got back I ripped it onto the computer.

Then I finished watching some dvds.

Movie review time, omg - The Bourne Supremacy, ***
Not bad, it was engaging and rarely boring, though most of the technospybabble went right over the head. A good action flick, but Ludlum purists like Wise Beard Man and Tom would get more of a kick out of it, I think.

After that, internet wasn't working, so I watched a few more episodes of 2nd GIG. Excellent series so far, even if the plot jumps around a bit. Frogstomp is an excellent album.

Then conversations about Eevee with Lulu and the Westnet logo with Ryan. Those two are nuts.

Tomorrow, no sport, but glorious crosscountry training, and I've been told we go to Longford for it. Bah, means I have to keep an eye on the time.



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