Thursday, July 31, 2008


'Lo all.

So a mildly crazy astronaut has said that aliems exist, and now some sort of weird critter rocks up on a beach. Hmm.


Got to school cold, Tom found a diagram of a piece of anatomy in a fire closet, and Meg and I gave him his present. Then we had to watch three actors try and condense Romeo and Juliet for a bemused audience of year 10s, which wasn't too bad. Ryan stole the show though.

Then recess. Meh.

Maths competition was awful. I guessed half the questions because I had no idea how they worked, and those I didn't I probably got wrong. I'm glad I;m not being assessed on it. The playground was slowly being put up though.

Lunch, I had to do some printing, and Emily and I could barely get this fancy new office to work. I hate it, because not only can you not find anything, youcan't work on things at home, since they are now incompatible. Then almost soccer with the tribe, Gavin and I hung back while the girls got up to mischief, which involved skirt flashing each other, skirts up to necks, and skirts made into tails. Pat invented a new game with slightly ambiguous rules which was basically soccer, but with fists instead of feet. We all got punched a few times.

History, we watched a video. I kept on thinking of bloody Catachans, and that the poor diggers would run into an Ork or something. I'd consider a force of Catachans, but the models are butt ugly. Video was interesting though.

Then maths. I asked a question, and get made to explain how it works. If I knew how it worked, I wouldn't be bloody asking about it. Everyone else in the class gets it, except me, and I still didn't get it. Bastards. Got some work done though, and got pumped for tomorrow. Maybe I was misinterpreting Agnik. Maybe she's just playing me. I dunno. Sky is good.

Back home, downloaded a creepily awesome Pumpkins track, and went to band. Wasn't too bad, and I got to drive home the scenic way, past the water tower.

Tomorrow, up early, bus trip, running up and down a hill, then paying for Sam's dinner (if he beats me, he's an invitational runner, so he isn't running for points. If an invitational runner beats one of us, we have to buy their dinner).



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