Thursday, July 31, 2008


'Lo all.

So a mildly crazy astronaut has said that aliems exist, and now some sort of weird critter rocks up on a beach. Hmm.


Got to school cold, Tom found a diagram of a piece of anatomy in a fire closet, and Meg and I gave him his present. Then we had to watch three actors try and condense Romeo and Juliet for a bemused audience of year 10s, which wasn't too bad. Ryan stole the show though.

Then recess. Meh.

Maths competition was awful. I guessed half the questions because I had no idea how they worked, and those I didn't I probably got wrong. I'm glad I;m not being assessed on it. The playground was slowly being put up though.

Lunch, I had to do some printing, and Emily and I could barely get this fancy new office to work. I hate it, because not only can you not find anything, youcan't work on things at home, since they are now incompatible. Then almost soccer with the tribe, Gavin and I hung back while the girls got up to mischief, which involved skirt flashing each other, skirts up to necks, and skirts made into tails. Pat invented a new game with slightly ambiguous rules which was basically soccer, but with fists instead of feet. We all got punched a few times.

History, we watched a video. I kept on thinking of bloody Catachans, and that the poor diggers would run into an Ork or something. I'd consider a force of Catachans, but the models are butt ugly. Video was interesting though.

Then maths. I asked a question, and get made to explain how it works. If I knew how it worked, I wouldn't be bloody asking about it. Everyone else in the class gets it, except me, and I still didn't get it. Bastards. Got some work done though, and got pumped for tomorrow. Maybe I was misinterpreting Agnik. Maybe she's just playing me. I dunno. Sky is good.

Back home, downloaded a creepily awesome Pumpkins track, and went to band. Wasn't too bad, and I got to drive home the scenic way, past the water tower.

Tomorrow, up early, bus trip, running up and down a hill, then paying for Sam's dinner (if he beats me, he's an invitational runner, so he isn't running for points. If an invitational runner beats one of us, we have to buy their dinner).



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Of running and playgrounds.

'Lo everyone.

Freezing bloody cold again this morning. And the sports uniform, it does nuzzink!

Get to school, maths first up, Agnik mentioned something that made me raaage. Not my business, might have misinterpreted it, but if she has, well...damn, So I kept my head down and got through some of the work. We had time for staring contests though.

Then science, we got to make a plastic out of vinegar and milk. Most of the girls wimped out coz it looked funny. Smelt worse.

Recess, cold. The girls were whinging about something.

Psych in the library. I finished the project and decided to print it in colour and double sided. Then I looked at Dinosaur Comics.Bombshells dropped in art. Turns out Party A was cheating on Party B with Party B's boyfriend, and Party B was not happy about this. Party B held a war council. Looked like the Fuhrer in his bunker. Obviously, when life turns into a bloody soap opera IT'S VERY SRS BZNS! Bernice and I laughed. I just did more work on the dragon, bastard has legs now, and will be big.

Lunch. As we walked to the soccer pitch, a small construction site was busy with people putting in posts... and a flying fox... and a climbing wall. "OMG! GUYS! WE'VE GOT A FETHING PLAYGROUND!"

Then running, which wasn't too bad. Instead of going in a big lap, we did drills involving not moving the upper body, and sprinting 100m seven times. Easy.

Back to school, I thought too much, which isn't good, but hell, we were getting a playground. Lots of people crowding around our windows to watch.Rushed home in case the girl's needed to be looked after, then Denny dropped round. We traded movies, then watched youtubes. The Count's song will never get old.

After that, catching up. I was out of the loop more than I realised, and now I don't know what to think. *snip*. Finished the history essay though.

Then the last episode of the Gruen Transfer. Good series.

Finally, Happy Birthday to Aiden, congrats to Meg, and it seems my worries and fears are nothing compared to the changes going on around me that I've been missing. Ah well. Friendzone, by the looks of things. Stupid karma.

Tomorrow, Romeo and Juliet performance for two periods, then a maths competition, then history.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


'Lo readers.

No Kevin this morning, though after about 9pm there was barely anyone online. Anyway. Neither Denny nor Ryan brought their gloves today, so their hands were frozen to their bikes for once.Get to school, bloody assembly, then history. More work on the essay, and farting, and laughing at Harrison's music.

Rave. After Oliver rebelled, the teacher threatened to not let us watch a movie. Which movie? Spiderman! The superheroic allegory for puberty. Meh. We'd all seen it before, and didn't watch.

Recess. Quiet until the end, when a bag of popcorn was handed around, and was eventually exploded in Isaac's face.

Then psych, just another assessment, then to the library. I saw a very interesting looking book on the shelf (Rise of the Airheads, relevant to my interests?) and did almost all the work.

Art. More clay work. By the end of it, Mrs Atteacherlady was wrapping my work up, so we just buggerised around.

Lunch in the almostrain,with a game of soccer. My knees were killing me. Since my skills aren't improving, and I'm more of a liability anyway, I'm sitting out of tomorrow's game, I need these bloody legs working for Friday.

Science. Homework check, then a video about plastics. Meh. Passed the time.

Finally english, where we counted up the word of the day thingies. I won, and got a kingsize Violet Crumble and embarrassment as a reward. Best way of being conspicuous is winning and being good at something. alex is no good at conspicuousness. Then arguing about Romeo and Juliet. Can't remember much else, apart from Pat calling Jenny something obscene.

Back home, Ryan and I found a double for Brad, then I drove down the street where we picked up Tom's present and cards for a couple of cousins. Home again, I got more work done on the essay, discovered a website had come back from the dead, and printed out some things for the homeroom. I'm starting a new trend. Gentlemen.

Then the bastards all nicked off, so blah.

Tomorrow, more running around in circles for 40 minutes with a couple of hilarious year 12s.



Monday, July 28, 2008

Handball sucks.

'Lo readers.

Interesting story to start with. Nanna K might relate, I dunno. I got up, had a shower, and stepped out. I heard a knock at the door. WTH, I think to myself. I wrap a towel around myself and greet Kevin. At 7 in the bloody morning. I got dressed, quickly put the kettle on (Kevin helped himself) and tried to wake up the Beardman. He didn't look too happy, since he was watching Le Tour all last night.I retreated to the shed after breakfast, and finished homework. Meh.

Got to school, again, everyone was freezing. PE first up, we went on the bus to the gym, then to the pool, then back to the gym. Meh. Then we got put into teams (once again two medium teams and one with the three jocks), and were made to play handball, which is the bastard child of netball and hockey. We lost the first game badly, then after Pat got riled up, we lost the second one. Wasn't as bad ats the first game, the teams were a bit more even.

After dropping back to the pool again (something about dropping off the keys), recess. Not much to report, just lots of cold people.

Then psych, more notes on neurowhatsits. Looking forward to dissecting another brain.

Maths. A lesson-long lecture, then a couple of questions, then more problem solving filler that we almost ignored.

Lunch. Aiden, Sam, George and I needed the athletics singlets, so another voyage to the clothing store. Bloody $33 for a scrap of material with some stripes on it. Then soccer, but the popularites showed up and challenged us. It was raining, and they did cheat a lot. They only had three or four meh players, but their meh players were as good as our best. Interesting seeing the usual group uniting, usually we split up. We won, 3-1, despite what they say.

Then history. Tom and I had a farting contest that left Emily in tears, and Mr Stone thought I was talking too loudly. Meh. I had a music lesson halfway through, and I managed to get through half of bloody Calling Cornwall.

Art. Mrs Artteacherlady made Annie and I start working with clay again, and made me change my original plans. Ah well, at least I'm done with the 'abstract' painting for good.

Homeroom, Isobelle and I realised that some of the pictures up on the homeroom might be a bit pg for a classroom, though with spelling that bad, I doubt even the Japanese girls would be able to understand it.

Then band. Pat hid Lulu's saxophone mouthpiece and denied it profusely, eventually blaming it on Watto. It wasn't too bad, though Mr C monologues a lot towards the end.

Back home, msn and checking the news. Meg's aunt helped win $8000 for herself on Deal or No Deal.

More band. I'm getting better at these pieces, though bloody Yarram is coming up, and last year we lost it to a pathetic Yarram school band that had the hometown advantage, even though the bastards broke the rules.

Back home, Skins. Another WTF episode. Cassie had the main story thread though, which was good, if confusing.

Tomorrow, assembly. Probably more, but that's all I can remember.


Anyway, the end.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lazy Sunday.

'Lo all.

I did very little today. And nothing of value was lost.

To start with, last night I stayed up and watched a movie.

Shaun of the Dead, ***1/2Funny film. It was predictable, but hell, it's got Dylan Moran in it. If you watch carefully you see heaps of people that appeared in Black Books too. If ever a zombie plague occurs, remember a cricket bat, which is the best zombie fighting weapon I've seen since that dude who attached a chainsaw to his arm...

Slept, woke up, watched a few episodes of zoids (the characters still rotate. Weird).

Then spent the day chatting to Meg and reading about paint.

After driving around for a while, back to msn, and there was another spat between Ryan and Lulu. Since they both talked to me about it, I indulged in a bit of 'social puppeteering (thanks to Ryan for the phrase). Meh. These two are nuts.

Tomorrow, school. Double PE though. Meh.



Saturday, July 26, 2008

I was saving that bacon.

'Lo readers.

Not much to report today.

Got up, went down the street and didn't destroy the car parking.

Then watched I Am Legend, which was from Ziggy. Still good. I noticed a few things I had missed. Must try this with The Dark Knight when it arrives on dvd//rs/.

Fraser's friends left the gate open, so we had to go look for the dog for half an hour. Bah. We eventually found her though.

Msning around involved Meg trying to guess things and everyone being bored. Another day of lurking, another day of noshow.

Right now I'm still running rings around Meg and waiting for 11, when Shaun of the Dead is on. Simon Pegg FTW.

Tomorrow, sleep. Might download a zoids ep or three.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, July 25, 2008


'Lo readers.

Bloody cold last night. Minus one, apparently. And it showed. Denny rocked up freezing and my bike had ice on it. There was frost everywhere, and in some places it looked almost like snow.

Get to school, I realise I may have misplaced $20. Bugger.

First up was science, which involved finishing a rust activity and taking notes on plastics. Mr Smith is trying to get us through it quickly so we can start on Chemistry.

Then a meeting with careers dude. He wasn't too bad, though he was shocked that I was in Mr Cowling's maths class and didn't enjoy maths. He gave me an Army showbag that had a hat, drink bottle, pen and book inside, and told me that both psychologists and journalists are needed in the defence forces. Hmm.

Then maths. We had some filler problem solving worksheets, and a sub. The girls had another conversation that Aiden and I had to hijack, and Isobelle was bored too. Fun was had by all.

Recess, still cold.

Psych was basically just notes on neurotransmitters, though Carl and Tiffany's dreams were laughed at.

Then art. I got to use a staple gun, then since Mrs Artteacherlady had told me not to start clay work til next week, I went outside and hung with the others. Wasn' too bad, and the sun was good.

Lunch was soccer. Pat put together a dream team, and made them play against the rest of us. We had Hayden though. Meh. Wasn't too bad. Millsy embarrassed himself.

PE. I came second in the run (Pat and Walshy weren't trying, obviously), then a whole lesson on volleyball. Fun once it got going. The teams were so randomly picked, Jack and Walshy got put on the same team. Then a game of head tennis with soccerballs.

Back home, off to the hospital to get head xrays. Very strange experience. There was this machine that orbited around your head, and another one that held onto your ears.

Then msning around. Not much to report. Scared Annie and traded US state names with Meg. Didn't see who I wanted to see, and saw too much of the person I didn't want to see.

Tomorrow, sleep for as long as possible.



Thursday, July 24, 2008

Making neurons from pipecleaners?

'Lo readers.

Today was meh. Not too cold, school wasn't too bad, got some things done afterwards. Karma's going to bite me in the arse soon, probably.

After sleeping through my alarm, I rushed to school and went to chapel. Mrs Jacka was not happy, and Dr Wenn's homeroom had to take the wrath. I think it was because of the usual unenthusiam, coupled with Dr Wenn's chapel noobiness. Meh. Then extended homeroom, I went around grabbing indemnity forms and getting an appointment with Mr McAnulty the careers dude. Then Lulu was hungry, so we had to find some food.

English was just a test on the prologue from Romeo and Juliet. I got almost everything, except for the Iambic Pentametre definition. Seriously, what the hell is that.

Recess, just the bench in the sun. Some sneaky year 11s stole our other one while we weren't looking.

Double history. I got an introduction and some quotes down. Tom was stressing over finishing some Health and Human homework, and Bree was bitching to Clare about her friends. Not too bad.

Lunch. Soccer. Relatively even teams, too. It was a good game, wasn't one sided. Everyone had their moments. We were in at the basketball courts, too, and no year 8 bastards jeering at us.

Then double psych. Mrs Moy said after the theory, we would have some fun activities. She delivered. I was suprised that the chemicals that make the synapses fire was sodium, as we had just exploded a sample of that the other day. Tiffany and Zack joined Carl and I, and they goofed off. First we had to demonstrate a neuron working, using a tennis ball, party poppers, and a cardboard tube. I got to be the synapse, and I rigged three party poppers to a pipecleaner and fired them all at once. Very cool. There should be more explosions indoors. Then we had to draw a person and label the nervous system. Meh. Next, making a neuron out of pipecleaners. For some reasons there was a packet of balloons, so Zack and Carl decided to blow some up. Zack and I popped one, with bits flying into his eye, and terrifying Tiffany. When Mrs Moy left, Zack started throwing a waterbomb around, which scared all of us. He eventually had to pop it with a spoon in the sink.

Homeroom we met the Japanese girls. I was the only one who could still remember how to introduce themselves in Japanese.

Back home, I sprinted to the Phoenix Centre and, after Ken rocked up, I picked up a pair of WDs. Now I'm up to date. Next the bank, and on the way I saw three magpies; one standing, one crouching, and one upside down. All were alive. Scary, man. The bank shut just as I arrived, but I saw a couple of boardos. After picking up cheap bread, I met Aiden on a drug run to the Greyhounds and back. Wouldn't mind being the pharmacy courier, but I think they've all got some.

Home again, there's a bloody dog. Meh. I read the paper and my new WDs. Then band, which wasn't too bad.

Just then, I discovered I had been sent two free coffee samples, Chocolate Mocha and Latte. Cool.

Tomorrow, PE and maths, off the top of my head. Meh.



Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Careers expo.

'Lo all.

Bloody hell. Fething exhausted.

Got to school frozen, with skin slowly turning purple. Freaky. Bloody sports uniforms.

First up was Psych, we're starting the nervous system, with the promise of dissections. Should be fun.

Maths, not too bad. I've found something to keep me occupied, though roles were reversed when Aiden and I started clocking the questions. New record, maybe.

Recess, we decided to capture a table in the sun. Marginally warmer. Everyone who was good at things nicked off to GIS.So, english with a distinct lack of popularites and a more relaxed attitude. I won the word of the day game thingy again, by a big margin. Getting annoying now. Plurals are your friends. The some Romeo and Juliet worksheets.

Finally science, just going over what we did yesterday. Not too bad. I dunno how, but the questions we were made to do, I had already done them. Meh.

Then the Long Lunch. GIS times makes lunchtime go for an hour and a half, which is awesome. We spent it playing soccer and variations on Gork. Amanda is a traitor.

George, Pat and I got on the bus for Longford, and Pat decided to run with the little kids so he wouldn't risk his legs since he had an event coming up. George and I went with the three year 12s, who spent the first half calling each other names and discussing erotica involving 80 year olds. Then George dropped out, and I tried to keep up with them. I didn't do too bad a job, it seems, until we got to the bastard hill near the end. THey took another turn and went for another ten minute circuit up to the highway, so I walked a bit when George caught up, and sprinted the end. Meh.

Back to school, Lulu and Gavin were giggling about hockey, even though they lost. Then Wise Beard Man and I did some errands involving Centrelink, the bank and the electronics shop, where I got a Telstra sim card for my phone. Hooray for 1 cent texts.

We then spent an hour trying to get it to work, and I nipped down to the Phoenix centre to pick up a couple of WDs, but Ken shuts early now >.<

After pizza (woot), the careers expo. Barely anyone there when we arrived, though people slowly trickled in while we sorted out an awesome couch that moves. The thing itself wasn't too bad, buggerising around with acronyms that all start with V. The careers expo itself was alright, due to free coffee and Mrs Tyndall running a camera that projected onto the stage. Beardman and I strolled around and got some questions answered. As expected, I was hinted to go to the deb with someone (don't really want to do the deb at all), made to feel guilty by a teacher (bloody maths teacher of course) and got a vague answer ("All the englishes are good!"). Meh. Still wondering about whether I should follow Psych or journalism. If I go the psych route, I might need to do maths, which I don't really like. If I got the journalism route, I've been recommended to do two englishes. Hmm. Still looking at english, psych 3/4, biology, media, and history, and depending on which way Mr McAnulty says, either maths or english language.

Driving home, via the Safeway carpark. Gotta work on parking.Tomorrow, chapel, english, history, and psych. Almost the exact opposite of today. Meh, cool. I don't really mind them.Crossposted.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Three-legged soccer.

'Lo readers.

Slow day today, but not as cold as yesterday.

Sprinted to school, delivered a letter, and met up with the rest. Brad Newkid was still hovering around. I think he'll follow us.After assembly, where we were made to sing, and Will's enthusiasm for dressage was revealed to the rest of year 10, double maths. Wasn't too bad, trick is to do as much work as you can, think positive,and don't take it super seriously, like some people. Coz when they do, Isaac pounces. Agnik will probably have nightmares tonight, due to Isaac wondering what would happen if one puts an engorged phallus in a microwave. He then realised he couldn't put his own in, or anyone else's, he'd need to use a sheep's.

Recess, cold. Little bit of sun though.

English, all out of seats, so I went into the middle with Brad and the popularites. Kept my head down, though I won the bloody word thingy. It's funny watching the kids all fight for the chocolate bar.

Then history, more stuff on the essay. I need to get that started by the end of the week.

Lunch was soccer, since most of the girls were training for GIS. We started off trying three legged soccer, everyone paired up except the goalies, and Dayne and Gavin refused to go together. Kelly wanted to try it, and since I was the closest to her height, they made me go with her. She wasn't too bad, though no one actually fell over. Then when we started the actual game, the rest of the horde rocked up. Good game, Peter joined in and stole the show, as usual, and Hayden even passed a couple of times.

Art was bloody boring, I did the work, and buggered around. Tom and Meg are still slowly making progress on their sculptures, and I'm now one full thingy in front of them. Next lesson, clay again.

Finally science, with a demonstration involving metals and water. So, sodium popping in water, and almost everything else bubbling in liquids for our amusement.

After school, Sam and Ryan followed me home where Mrs Ryansmum picked up his bike and gave Fraser and I chocolate. Then Sam and I went down the street, I found Skins for relatively cheap (rated R though, bloody hell. MA each episode, but all together they're R. Stupid.), then put my name down for a cheap, used ps2. As long as it plays dvds. Finally I tested out my new bank card, and it works, thank the gods.

Back home, checking the news and illegally downloaded Pearl Jam songs. Eddie Vedder FTW. Also found some scarily realistic Pokemon with Lulu.

Tomorrow, more crosscountry running. Meh.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Windy as hell, roaring at the goals.

'Lo everyone.Bloody Mondays. When they are good, they are good, when they are bad, they are awful. Today was good.

Woke up, stumbled out of the shower functioning slightly below adequacy. Monday mornings are bad.

I watched the last three episodes of 2nd gig, threats of nuclear war and a link to the Major's past makes for a good finale. I cut time fine though, finished with 5 minutes to school. Then, of course, we had to drop ONE of the girls off.

After the bloody screaming, it was freezing cold at school. I'm glad I got a lift this morning. First up was science, we had a new kid, by the name of Brad. He's from Maffra, and seems pretty cool. Dayne did a dismal job of looking after him, and he's rather proud of the fact.

Then psych, since I missed Friday's lesson due to being a year 10, I missed so much complicated bloody statistics crap. Bah. Can't wait til we're finished with this.

Recess was too cold, girls huddling up and shivering around everywhere. Dunno why they don't grab a jumper or something instead of whinge to each other. Maybe it keeps them warm.

History was slow, just more stuff for the essay. Meh. I missed half due to a music lesson. Mr C made me do scales, then we had a go at Kirkby bloody Lonsdale. This bitch will sound good when we finally perform it at three competitions...

I went to the last 20 minutes of art, where Mrs Artteacherlady said I had done the thing wrong and had to do it again. Bah. So I wandered around. I'll finish it next lesson.

Lunch was too cold, so we decided to go exploring at the new clothing shop, which is across the road. If you look over the fence, you can see The Horse. The we went to play soccer. Hayden went to find the new kid and Dayne, and I visited the quad to see if anyone else wanted in. There wasn't enough of us to have a proper game, so we just tried shootouts. It devolved to playing with hands in pockets and screaming at each other instead of talking. Then we tried sprinting like this.

Bell went, we retreated to maths. Wasn't too bad. Mr Cowling says I need to put more effort in, and I am. Meh. Maths is slowly getting better, though I wouldn't be suprised if the girls snap and kill Aiden and Isaac.

Then english, more bloody Romeo and Juliet. Brad commented that he had been studying Summer Heights High at his old school. Lucky bastard.

Band was slow, but my chest was killing me. I think it was because I hit a high C on the baritone. Not good for either of us. Michael was impressed. Aiden and I then ramaged around discussing the merits of breeding Flanagan and GirlFlanagan together to get pure distilled uber concentrated Flanagans. Heart was literally breaking at this point, bloody sherbet bombs must have been getting in there.

I drove around and fed it some petrol, then back home. I got out of band due to sore chest, and Fraser had to go due to waaay too many skipped sessions. I spent the time talking to people on msn and catching up on the news. As predicted, the internet is all batman, all the time now.Right now I'm watching Skins, and I'm waiting around for the plotpoint I know is coming.Tomorrow, double maths. And it'll be bloody cold. Bah.



Sunday, July 20, 2008


'Lo readers.

Still buzzing from seeing a proper sadistic psychopath go fething nuts. *spoiler* Heath Ledger dies (before the movie).

Woke up, Tom and I played pokemon stadium, then watched youtubes. Lotsa 4chon .gif clips.

We dropped him off at the train station, and I drove in the rain around the cemetary (literally, took the Back-Maffra road), and then attempted parking and reversing.

Back home, watched the second last 2nd gig dvd. Things are getting exciting.

Then internetting. School of Rock 2 has been announced, and Inglorious Bastards and Iron Man 2 have found homes. Next year should be good for movies. Talked to people on msn, then read a massive 1000+ post thread about The Dark Knight on /tv/. These people like arguing, though they raise some good points.

Tomorrow, school, band, more band, Skins. Meh.

Speaking of which, currently hunting the first season of Skins. Not really interested in downloading them. Any help would be good.


Anyway, the end.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why so serious?

'Lo all.
Tom is here, we are both giggling at the 4chan /lj/.

Not much to report today. Got up, ate, then I tried watching Pulp Fiction. Bloody dvd got halfway through and died. Bastard.

Then we went to Longford, and played music for an hour. We got paid like $200, so not too bad.

Before I could have a shower, Tom and Isobelle rocked up. Then I showered and discovered they had not burned the shed, which was good.

We met up with Annie, then Ryan, then the rest of the horde, and Tom bought 3 chicken shnitzels while we went to Maccas. Then everyone was there. Good crowd, Tom, Isobelle, Annie, Ryan, Melissa, Naomi, Meg, Pat, Aiden, Bernice, Isaac, Sally, Agnik, and eventually Denny, when he realised he had nothing better to do. The people weren't too bad, despite my ideas.

We got in line, but the actual line formed around us. Bastards. Then a drunk guy came up and struck up a conversation with Sally, Denny and I. We got seats in the middle, the cinema was packed.

Movie review time - The Dark Knight, ****1/2.Excellent film, story was good, actors was good, hell, even the score was good. The Joker was awesome, the vehicles were awesome, the action was awesome, right down to the RPG's taking out cars and semitrailers flipping over. The Joker's pencil trick is awesome.

Then we walked home in the rain, and Tom and I watched movie trailers.

Tomorrow, once Tom takes the bus, probably more 2nd gig and maybe maths homework.



Friday, July 18, 2008

Last day of the week, finally.

'Lo everyone.

Bloody week felt like a fortnight after the holidays. And it was only a short one, since we had Monday off. Damn.Woke up, wandered around, watched an episode of 2nd gig, then struggled through some maths homework. I noticed my phone had text messages. Interesting. One was an invitation to go see The Dark Knight tomorrow. It sounds good. Epic oscar quality superhero movie, focussing on the drama and intrigue as well as the action, with one of the greatest bad guys ever. But. It's Batman.

Get to school by myself, since Ryan's axle has broken on his bike. Nice clean break too. He should make Sam pay for it, as it was his bunnyhopping around that might have broken it.

First up was History, which wasn't too bad, just essay preparation. The topic was easier than I thought.

Rave in the library, some clever person had put a link to Space Invaders in the links we had to explore. So the whole class was playing Space Invaders until the teacher realised. Then I went to The Game website and read an ERA about people losing it, writing it down, and hypothesises (?) about intentional forgetting, which I found fascinating.

Recess was slow.

Double art I got all my painting done, while Melissa tried to get me to go to the movies with the horde tomorrow. Meh. Most of the people going are tricky to watch movies with. Then I hung side with Tom and Meg untirs Artteacherladyt me.

Lunch was fun, soccer on the end pitch. Bree picked a team with three really good players and Alex, and a bunch of girls who we knew would bugger off halfway through, and they did. Aiden swapped teams, and Will joined, and we had ourselves a game. It was fun, even if we lost badly.

The double english. We watched the first half of the '68 version of Romeo and Juliet (so many tights... And Zac Efron can time travel, plus they could make computer generated eyes in the sixties, trust me), then into the other room where I made 43 words out of the words Shakespearean sonnets, and got a bribe for it. Rest of the lesson involved Pat and Oliver using spitballs against Jenny and Naomi, and Will and Dayne testing out paper planes. I went to sleep, in the work was sparse.

Back home, watched some more 2nd gig, and went driving in the rain. I scared the Beardman when I accidently hit the accelerator reversing out of parking spot. Need to work on my parking.

Then catching up on the news, more bloody reviews of Batman coming in at AICN. Bah. Now I know it ends, though I don't know what the Joker's pencil trick is. Minesweeper vs Annie was tricky, and Pat and I went through a range of topics.

Tomorrow, I suppose I should go see this Batman film. Sure, the people will be meh, it'll cost as much as a WD, if not more, and no one else might like the movie (lookin' at you, Cloverfield), but meh, it's something to do. Also going to start stripping the paint off a bike and spraypainting it black, and watching Pulp Fiction.



Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bonus band on a Thursday night.

'Lo readers.

Sick of this school thing. When are the next lot of holidays?

Got to school, caught up with Meg and the rest for chapel. Mrs Jacka must have been butthurt about the pope and didn't mention him at all. Silly denominational faiths. Same god, right?

Extended homeroom Aiden and I made up an excuse to go visit Dr Wenn's homeroom, where we caught up with Gavin, Dayne and the rest. Then I dropped George's cds off in the library, where Pat was ranting about a magazine and Aiden was not taking a serious discussion about subjects with Bernice seriously.

Then english. I re-did the bloody Shakespeare webquest. Boring.

Recess was cold. I did the science homework through Millsy's bloody commentary. I snapped when he badmouthed dinosaurs. *RRRAAAAAAAAGGGEEE!!!*

Double science we tried froth floatation and electrolysis methods of extracting minerals. Tom, Jack and Walshy were arguing about Rock Band. And they call us nerds.

Lunch we played soccer. I tried going forwards a few times, but I got distracted by people walking around. Then they put me in goals, and Kelly tried to put me off. Bah.

History was interesting. We had a class discussion about whether each of us would follow Australia into a war on foreign soil, which ended up with everyone putting their names on a line that either agreed or disagreed. There were a couple of closet pacifists, but Oliver was a fence sitter, and Tom and I were halfway up the "INVADE" end with Zombiemolly, which suprised us. My excuse was to stop the genocides and stuff before it spreads. 5 years of 40k themes running through my head, I suppose.

Then Maths. I had passed my statistics test, and got a fair bit of work done. Mr Cowling spent the first half of the lesson ranting about the different types of VCE classes, and how we all have to take two to be awesome. Pish. He also flipped a table over. Isaac's bag of nuts was thrown around at our end, and I found out what happens if something clashes with a crosscountry. You get a private car trip home, maybe with Mr Gaskill >.<

Home again, some homework and some more 2nd gig. An episode about Pazu, an awesome episode about Saito joining the unit that Tom would enjoy, an episode about tachikoma (squee!) philosophy, and an episode where the cast basically sat on couches and provided exposition. Still pretty cool though.

Then more bloody bad. Not even ten people rocked up, and once Mossy left it was a section rehearsal. Fraser managed to find an excuse again, of course.

When we got back home, I find out my internet has buggered up ("Fraser has a virus! CLEANSE AND PURIFY!") and there has been goings-on in my absence. Looks like things will be interesting. Proves something I've been thinking for a while though. Ah well, moving on, got an idea, trick is implenting it.

Tomorrow is double art (PAINTPAINTPAINTPAINTPAINTPAINT) and double english (*groan*), Ah well. Take the good with the bad. The can't make us do Shakespeare all semester.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Too tired to think of a witty title, come back later.

'Lo everyone.

Title says it all, really.

Got to school after some minor difficulties involving a digger doing a three point turn right in front of us. Word had spread. We had maths next. With Mr Cowling. We were terrified.

Turns out he wasn't too bad. He must have been in good spirits since he had been on holiday. I managed to get through most of the work. Things are good so far.

Then science, and half the class left for Claresco photos. Some of us were happy that we had graduated from the bottom bench, but it was still bloody close. I wasn't happy about where I was in the cross country team photo. You could cut the tension with a knife. She wasn't happy.

Recess, talk of Rubic's cubes. These are the current fad, Isaac and Hayden can do the in a couple of minutes, and people all over the place are struggling with them. Isaac once brought out a 5x5 cube, we oohed and aahed. I have tried them, failed at them, and can't be stuffed learning the algorithms to get the finished.

Psych wasn't too bad. Mrs Moy had broken her arm (I was thinking the same thing), so Mr Bacon took us. We shared a joke at the start about Mr Cowling. Mr Bacon is a pretty cool guy, eh buys liquor from Coles and doesn't afraid of anything. Work was suprisingly easy, more stuff on data. Not looking forward to having to do any of it in an exam, but we'll see how things go. Carl and I finished early and discussed the cross country, while Tiffany and Zack gabbled on about the year 11 social scene. It seems so much more complicated than ours, though I suppose the popularite's view is much the same. Ours is too simple, which is good.

Bloody art was too slow. I finished the work, and hung outside with Tom and Meg while year 9s paraded past. One was looking slutty while wearing a tutu and glared at us when Tom pointed it out.

Lunch was more Rubic's cubes, but then Pat, George, OtherAiden and I had to go to running training. It wasn't too bad, running for about 40 minutes through the hills at the Pines outside Longford. We ran about 7km, and I managed to run 98% if the way. The last hill killed me.

Back to school, my legs were killing me, then I followed Annie on the way to the Phoenix Centre, where Ken and I had a chat and I picked up a WD. He recommended that I saved my money, and not buy a blister to paint, and wait for AoBR in September and the fresh marines in October. Only really need the codex, though the new LR is tempting.

Home, I finished some maths homework (shockhorror) and watched some more 2nd GIG. The episode about the Major's past is suprisingly good.

Tomorrow, Thursday. Meh. Bonus band afterwards, that's all I can remember.



Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back at school.

'Lo readers.

End of the no-content holiday posts. In return, school. Meh. These have more meat to them, I suppose.

Got up, grabbed clothes, walked through the fog to the door, and realised I had forgotten the bloody key. Bah.

Ryan rocked up, since Denny is too busy womanising to drop in anymore.

Got to school, everyone screaming and hugging. Tom rocked up with a large pink package, and gave it to me. Inside was a garden gnome in a bikini, a Tyrannosaurus, and peashooter. We all lol'd.

First up was assembly, I fell asleep.

History wasn't too bad, just going over things from the end of last term. Not much to report, yet, though Ms Henry warned of an essay.

Then rave. Oliver had his usual shtick, though we were both mildy irritated by the topics we would be covering this term.

Recess, the usual. More laughing and screaming. Meh. I missed being asleep 24 hours ago.

Psych was more maths and research methods. I can't wait to finish this.

Art, I finished a sketch, though Mrs Artteacherlady said I now have to trace it. Meh.

Lunch. School was wearing thin. We didn't do anything, really. Due to the advent of msn and mobile communications the first day back has lost one of the main reasons of being bearable, which was catching up with people.

Science we watched a video and took notes. Who would have thought they'd be able to take a subject that involved millions of dollars, thousands of degrees and huge machinery, and make it boring?

English. Funny how people just coincidentally manage to get good seats next to people. I think my mind has been made up, I help one when she drops her books, she frowns at me like I'm a serial killer, and the other one smiles at me and actually talks. So f**k you, sorry. Stupid Romeo and Juliet. Depending on what we're doing next term, I think I might do that for the essay at the end of the year. Damn Shakespeare.

Homeroom, too much thinking and noise. George lent me Frogstomp, and as soon as I got back I ripped it onto the computer.

Then I finished watching some dvds.

Movie review time, omg - The Bourne Supremacy, ***
Not bad, it was engaging and rarely boring, though most of the technospybabble went right over the head. A good action flick, but Ludlum purists like Wise Beard Man and Tom would get more of a kick out of it, I think.

After that, internet wasn't working, so I watched a few more episodes of 2nd GIG. Excellent series so far, even if the plot jumps around a bit. Frogstomp is an excellent album.

Then conversations about Eevee with Lulu and the Westnet logo with Ryan. Those two are nuts.

Tomorrow, no sport, but glorious crosscountry training, and I've been told we go to Longford for it. Bah, means I have to keep an eye on the time.



Monday, July 14, 2008

Driving at night.

'Lo readers.

I got almost a full 12 hours of sleep last night. My body clock is going to revolt tomorrow.

Woke up, checked the news, watched a bit of animoot (still undecided on Lucky Star, sorry Cameron and Ziggy), watched the rest of Dexter, and went for a drive. We went to the Phoenix Centre and around that neighbourhood, then out to the RAAF base down a back road, and through Cobains rd back towards Stevens st. We ended up at 545 to pick the girls up. I hit 100km/h, which was pretty cool.

Then msning around and keeping an eye on the interbutt, and then it's band. Fraser had a bit of Imaginitis, and skipped it again. Wasn't too bad though. Then I drove home.

Of course, the main way to get to the place we wanted to go was blocked off. Bah. We went around the IGA carpark like hoons on a Saturday night, and despite having only one headlight, I didn't hit anything. Then I drove home. Not too bad, but I can't go at the actual speed yet. Probably a good thing.

Tomorrow, school. Looking forward to everything except maths, english, and my dear classmates. Most of them are pretty cool, but the bastard year 8s better not start anything.



PS. 101st post. Woah. And that's just for the blogger one. Myspace blog is catching up, it fails miserably every now and then. Livespace blog is way past this.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My birthday, pt3. (aka WHY ARE WE STILL UP AT 5AM?!?)

'Lo all.

Right now I'm down to the emergency reserves. I've slept no more than an hour since this time yesterday. Not cool.

I suppose we'd better start from where we left off last night. Back out to the fire, then we lost Isaac and Isobelle for half an hour. They had gone for a walk, without telling anyone.

Then we slowly watched the fire die. Eventually it got too cold, and we retreated to the shed. I hooked up ye olde N64, and the guys challenged each other. Sam introduced me to a card game called Bullshit. Excellent game.

By this time it was freezing outside, and everyone was comfortable, so they crashed in my shed. 9 kids, with room for maybe 6 or 7. I grabbed the rocking chair, Pat, Sam and Denny jumped on the bed, and Aiden challenged Sam to a pokemon-off.

Skip forwards to about 5am, they were still going. They had won a battle each, so they had to have a round of minigames.

6:30. Six. Thirty. AM. "SHUDDUP!"

Isaac had put his sleeping bag next to Isobelle, and since he sleeps nekkid, he freaked everyone out. They were talking about spatulas when I seemed to have nodded off, then when I woke up Aiden was on the other side of the room and Isobelle was pulling out Isaac's hair. Hmm.

By the time things started working (sleeping with your spine at a 90degree angle to the rest of you isn't good either), we cleared up outside and said bye to Katie. People slowly drifted away, though there was still time for more games of pokemon and for Isobelle and her mum to realise they knew the old owners of the house.

When everyone had finally gone, I caught up on the news. Hellboy 2 has the critics raving, I need to watch the first one. Then I started watching the dvds Ryan gave me, the second series ("gig") of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. So far so good, though they got rid of the old credits. I liked them. Then I counted all the sherbet bombs I had left, and found I had 141. Damn.

Tonight, reading early reviews of Tropic Thunder, and playing the self help guru, Elmo was on Rove. Hell yes. I might watch The Bourne ....thingy...the second one... soon, because I have to give it back to Tom tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I look forward to catching up on as much sleep as possible before I have to face Mr Cowling again. If we have double bloody maths first thing Tuesday, school's got a rebellion on it's hands...



Saturday, July 12, 2008

My birthday pt2.

'Lo everyone.

Aiden and Hayden are watching over the shoulder, they say hi.

Slow day today.

Went down the street, picked up the 5th book from the Phoenix Centre.

Then work around the house, we had about 5 tubs full of wood.

About 3:30ish, Isobelle rocked up. She had lost Isaac. She is behind me now, she says she's extremely awesome.

Then Isaac and Katie rocked up. About 5 the rest showed up, and we poured some petrol into the small pile of wood. Fwoosh.

The presents were varied. I got three cards designed for 6 year old girls, 3kg of sherbet bombs, 3L of chocolate topping, sparkley fake Nikes from 'Nam, about $40 in small change, a grab bag with things including sparklers and a dvd of Zoids.

The party started out pretty good, all were impressed with the shed, and after a waterbombing incident, the fire refused to go out. Katie gave us a dartboard, which got a lot of use. Aiden and Agnikgot bullseyes, and so far we've lost one dart and had to fix one. After the mob found the trampoline and threatened to break it, the party slowed down. The last half hour consisted of Sam, Denny, Pat and Isaac (and sometimes Hayden) captured the shed, took their shirts off, turned the lights out and rocked out. The rest of us (Aiden, Isobelle, Annie, and Hayden) jumped on the computers and laughed at Fraser's music.

Tomorrow, if we all survive, maybe more sleep once the horde has left, I dunno.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, July 11, 2008


'Lo readers.

Funny. Today is the 11th of the 7th. In America, there is a promotion at 7/11 stores for free Squishees. Lucky so and sos...

Not much to report today. I got calls and texts from Gavin and Tom saying they couldn't go tomorrow, and then another phonecall from Sally saying she could go, then she spent half an hour talking about holidays and drama class sas Mrs Cribbes. I was raaaging at the internet, lots of bad things. DOW2 seems to be getting worse, and fresh pictures for that and other things were torturing me.

After shopping for more party supplies, we visited the orthdontist who agreed that braces would be helpful, but not necessary. He also said two extraction, which is twice what the other dude said. Bah.

Then I took the car for a spin, and had my first go in traffic. Fun. Then some laps of suburbia, which wasn't too bad.

We spent the evening at Harry and Marilyn's, who are still cool, though Fraser was trying his hardest to show that he was some kind of bodybuilder. Interesting discussion with Wise Beard Man and Harry about America.

Back home, people asking where my house is. I see my scheme has come to fruition, people need to call to ask where I live.

Tomorrow, picking up my 5th book, then maybe partying hard, depending on the weather. Knowing alex's luck, there'll be rain, hail, hurricanes, volcanoes, tornadoes, houses falling on witches, more rain... Meh. As long as the wood burns.



Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pandas are still cool.

'Lo everyone.

Slightly busy day today, bloody exhausted now.

Woke up, after some furious texting to Annie and Melissa, ran off to meet the others at the chicken shop. Then we got some chips, and wandered around the centre, then went to the cinema and had a go at the skill tester. We had a good crowd, Lulu, Meg, Aiden, Annie, Hayden, Melissa, Pat, Denny and Agnik rocked up.
MOVIE REVIEW TIME! (without glorious quicktime) Kung Fu Panda - ****
Fun movie. Predictable plot, but then it is a kids movie. The 6 year olds sitting around us loved it. Excellent action sequences, and some clever cameos ("That was Jackie Chan?!? That was Seth Rogen?!?"). Good trailer for WALL-E, which I'm looking forward to, and the introduction of Madagascar 2. No way in hell, man.

After the movie, we visited Maccas, and wandered around in circles for a while. Eventually people started leaving, and the group split up, after a fail game of hide and seek in Coles that ended up with Pat and Denny looking at Star Wars action figures.

We saw Caz in Target, then Pat and I left. Back home (at 5 bloody pm), I caught up on the news. Nothing new on the 40k rumour front, really. Looking forward to picking up my 5th book on Saturday morning, before I spend all the money. Then I must look for the sequel to Horus Rising. Anyone got an eBay or Amazon account?

Tomorrow, dentists. Meh. We can't afford the bloody braces, even though I know they'll be good for me.



Wednesday, July 9, 2008


'Lo all.

Didn't really do much today.

Woke up, went to Danielle's and put old doors on a trailer. After looting the valuable ones, we went to the tip and chucked the rest into a large metal pit. Fun. I recommend it to everyone.

Back home, I started on some english homework. I hate Romeo and Juliet. Damn heavy purple language. And this comprehension stuff is tricky.

Then Wise Beard Man invited me to go driving. We went to a patch of gravel near the stockyards. Lots of backwards and forwardsing, then loops, then figure 8s. The bloody magnetic L plates kept falling off. Bah, we need sticky ones. Then we went to one of those empty gated communities that are all road and house, and went around in that for half an hour. Driving is fun, though I need to work on my grip on the steering wheel and checking the mirrors.

Back home, msning around, and watching tv. The Gruen Transfer had the Powerthirst ad at the end, and theres almost a dozen of us going to the movies tomorrow. I was tempted by some myspace updates. Not falling for that again (literally).

Tomorrow, Kung Fu Panda. So far, that's it. I should probably finish this english homework too, but it's bloody annoying.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My birthday, pt1.

'Lo all.

Interesting today.

Got up, unwrapped presents (clothes and $80 in a card), and watched zoids.

People started dropping in and phonecalls coming through afterwards, then we went to Vicroads.

The test itself was pretty easy, I'd seen most of the questions before, and those that I hadn't needed logic. There was one question I didn't get. How far apart should you be from a bicycle in your lane? It's either 1m or 3m. Meh. The picture on the licence itself wasn't too bad. Better than Sam's.

Then back home, I went down the street and visited the Phoenix centre. Ken said that he had one 5th ed. book left, and I could pick it up on Saturday. Then to Target, where I saw Cameron Lucas (Glarey McGlareglare) and picked up a Phillips iPod stereo thingummy.

Once I got it working, grandparents and cookies dropped round. Pop's new fiancee likes to talk, and has seen everything, usually twice.

For tea we went to the Chinese restaurant. The food was good.

Back home, I finished painting Pat's skinks, and they look suprisingly good. Apart from his Stegadon, I don't know what to do next. I've got a couple of LotR models, but then since the iPod stereo was on special, I could pick up a blister on Saturday...or I could wait til September... I dunno.

Tomorrow, cleaning up at Danielle's and if it isn't raining, maybe driving. My main concern with this learning to drive venture is that during this week of the holidays, I'd like to go out at least once and actually learn to control the car. The problem is that the girls wouldn't be able to come, and because Fraser is off at the skatepark, there'll be no one to look after them. Ah well. Maybe next week.

By the way, the part one is for the actual birthday. The party is Saturday, that should be part 2, if I can blog sanely then.



Monday, July 7, 2008

The Temple of Centerlink.

'Lo everyone.

Slow day today.

Got up, filled out the youth allowance forms from Centerlink. Slow.

Then we visited Centerlink itself. I saw three single mothers with more than three children under 12.

We zipped back home to pick up some proof of ID, and then to Vicroads. I have an appointment for a driving test tomorrow morning. Should be fun.

Then to the police station to get a StatDec, and the cops were pretty cool.

Back home, I went back down the street, dropped off some forms at Centerlink and looked at iPod stereo thingies. They're all $80 at least. Bah. As long as it has a remote.

Then home again. I finished a game of C&C, then went on the msn.

One of Fraser's fat little friends is staying over. Do not want. They'd better nick off early tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's my birthday, I think. Meh. Hoping I get an iPod stereo and some cash for the 5th ed. rulebook (YOU HAVE YOUR HOBBIES AND I'LL HAVE MINE!).



Sunday, July 6, 2008

July posting is patchy at best.

'Lo readers.

Apologies for yesterday, I was elsewhere.

Basically, yesterday, didn't do much, then Isaac came round, and we discussed his site getting owned.

Then we took a wrong turn on the way to Annie's, but found the place in the end.

The party wasn't too bad. Aiden had a version of a mask from a famous youtube clip. There was a jukebox, with some good stuff, and lots of bad stuff (lots of Wiggles and no Led Zeppelin?!?).

Highlights included meeting Notisobelle (one of Annie's friends from the south, looked just like Isobelle) and telling her dead baby jokes, Annie's cool broter ranting about 9/11, Scientology, and the benefits of of using a coke bottle and deoderant (BIIIG FIRE!), Weet Bix eating contests (you cheated, you ate it cookie monster style) and bonfire.

Isaac and I stuck around talking to people around the fire, and stayed the night. We watched Shoot 'em Up with Annie, Notisobelle, Meg and Oliver.

Shoot 'em up - **1/2.
Not bad, some good action sequences, but the plot was way too stupid. The main protagonist, while morally grey (god thing!), was a God Mode Stu. Ah well.

Today, got up, we watched Lano and Woodley, and I left. My neck was killing me, must have been from sleeping on the floor. Ah well.

Got onto the computer, caught up on the news. Not much happening, though freaking out people is fun.

Tomorrow, day before my birthday. I hadn't noticed, really. Scary, man.



Friday, July 4, 2008

Jimeoin is a funny bastard.

'Lo readers.

Ah. Tis good to be home. The trick was getting there.

Got up, slowly got going, and had everything packed and ready by 10. After introducing my grandma to the iTunes shop (OMG TOM JONES SQUEE!), we left around 12:30.

We hit Melbourne, and spent about half an hour going around in circles trying to find some bmx shop Fraser was ranting about. Then, when we finally found it, it was a tiny little shop with half a dozen 13 year olds milling around asking for their punctures to get repaired. Pish. I suppose most GWs are like that, except with 30 year old antisocial neckbeards instead.

Traralgon was Aldi time, of course. We picked up cheap cans of drink and chips. Sale better get one soon.

Finally back home, checking the news. I got the first birthday pressies in the mail, a big blue hoodie, stuff for s'mores, and $10 from Jan and Brian. Father says he has a surprise for me. We went to see Jimeoin live.

He was very good. Few hecklers, only a New Zealand person and I think Glen from band. He ended on a musical number.

Back home, Isaac's site has been discovered (LOL CPBOMB!). Sucka. It was only a matter of time, Ryan and I agreed.

Tomorrow, going down the street to find pirateness and Annie's present (I got a good idea, as long as Lulu didn't steal it). Then the party itself. Should be fun.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Greetings from drizzly Ocean Grove!

'Lo everyone.

I didn't think I could, but I am. Currently blogging from Nan and Pa's laptop in Ocean Grove.

Yesterday, slow. We took a detour onto the new freeway, which was boring apart from a giant bird sculpture, then we got to a tunnel. A cement mixer had broken down, so traffic was moving at a crawl. Bah.

Got there, raced Fraser down a hill, and didn't do much.

Today, got up, Fraser says he is bored, so we went to Barwon Heads. No skatepark (thank the gods), so we went around in circles. After coming under attack from a horde of small insects, Fraser visited the Tonic shop. I hate it there. Too many clothes. They have a wall of thongs (the ones for your feet), that are brand name and bloody expensive. Then we visited Pt Lonsdale, to a pier where the seas were huge, and the container ships were bigger, then Queenscliff. Very slow town. Highlights included a local art gallery (kidding) and ice creams. Fraser blew money by getting a chocolate dipped cone with hundreds and thousands. Wise Beard Man seemed set on strolling around the town. Meh. Wasted a bit of time.

Back to HQ, and Fraser says we should go through the caravan park again. He drew stuff on the beach (so many disgusted faces of people coming over the bridge), then we raced home while it started raining. Then I got internet access, and have been checking a few sites. Tara is interested in Tabby's affairs (why would I know anything about that?) and during uno her sister stole the computer. Lulu and I are stuck for Annie's present. Meh, I've got a couple of days yet.

Tomorrow, home after lunch. Cool.



Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back from Lakes Entrance...with a vengeance.

'Lo readers.

Back. I enjoyed my holiday.

Sunday, I basically got up, showered, and got in a car. Two and a bit hours later, Tom and his dad were inviting me to go deliver firewood. Not bad, and it involved throwing stuff around.

Then to Lakes Entrance itself. Tom and I pulled out ye olde Red Faction, which he is proficient at. Like, scary good. I know where the guns are, he knows how to get one shot kills with every gun. Bah. We visited a "jumping pillow" (think about 20m jumping castle without walls) at a rival caravan park, and had a nerfgun war with his sister.

So, lotsa gaming, then we watched Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

MOVIE REVIEW TIME! Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - ***1/2.
Good film, the last 20 minutes or so is awesome. However, half the actors are carbon copies of their characters in Snatch, though this film came first. Rather confusing. Though, I suppose if one was making a film about gangsters in London, you'd use these guys because they fit the job so well.

Then we tried to hax our way through mountains in gta3.

Next day, more gaming, and then we went to Magnum movies to rent a game. Epic, epic fail. Conversation between Tom and lady -
"So how much?"
"$2, it's Monday."
"Cool, how much for two?"
"It's $11 for 4"
"How about two?"
"You can get 4 for $11."
"...ok then, we'll take this one."
"Do you have a card?"
", how much are they?"
"How old are you?"
"You need a parent here, bye"

So we played minigolf and went on massive trampolines. That night, after more Red Faction, I introduced Tom to Skins. Thankfully, the episode had a single thread, and lots of exposition. Lots of character development too.

Today, we played a bit more Red Faction ("I"ve discovered Impossible difficulty!") and I went home. On the bus to Bairnsdale a group of emos sat near me. 3 of them were butt ugly, and none of them would stop talking. I was glad to get off the bus. Train trip was slow, though at Stratford I saw Bernice and her brother, and we discussed football.

Back home, checked the news and picked up a WD. Not much new, especially not the WD, which was from April. I'm catching up though.

Tomorrow, we're going to Ocean Grove for at least one night. Sorry, dear readers, but looks like another break. Read the archives, or a book or something, I dunno. Other than that, I must work on finding a gift for Annie (Bernice shot down all my ideas) and finding a pirate eyepatch.