Thursday, June 26, 2008

Starship troopers in the hood.

'Lo all.

This morning Pat dropped round, we watched zoids and played San Andreas. Then we went down the street, and I rented Starship Troopers (finally)

Back home, I looted the dvd player. The bloody disc was scratched like hell and kept skipping at major plot points.

alex movie review time - Starship Troopers, ***1/2
Might be from all the 40k stuff, but I liked it. Needed more violence and less focus on silly characters who coincedentally manage to end up as awesome commanders and meet up.

Then msn, Alison has survived England, and Annie's contacts haven't killed her yet. I had a look at some Game sites. There is a huge thing about it, with tshirts and everything. Plus some interesting psychological theories about mental cues. You just lost, by the way.

Tomorrow, sleep, and I might steal Snatch and Swordfish to watch. I dunno.


Anyway, the end.

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