Friday, June 27, 2008

Beware pig farmers.

'Lo readers.

Woke up, went down the street, didn't do much.

Ryan has updated his blog, which is good. I've also considered trying WoW, never really appealed to me.

I snatched Snatch, and watched it, and it was good.

Snatch - ****
Good, it reminded me of Fight Club and Ocean's 11. Might be because of Brad Pitt and the soundtrack.

Then I indulged my innerchild and built an iPod stand out of Lego. It was fun trying to get it to work in a way that held the weight, yet allowed me to see all of the screen, use the buttons, and not collapse. I think I should try and find another practical application, like phone holder. Hmm. Something to do tomorrow, I suppose.

Tomorrow, I might watch Black Books while building stuff with Lego and enjoying coffee. Sounds like a pretty fun afternoon, actually. I need some black spraypaint before I can start work on Pat's beasties.



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