Saturday, June 28, 2008


'Lo all.

Today was the first day I actually had to check to see what day it is. Holidays are getting to me.

This morning, during my breakfast, Sam appeared. We wandered down the street, and didn't do much.

Back home, I fiddled with the iPod stand. Now one can press buttons without the damn thing collapsing.

Then I watched season one of Black Books. Bernard Black is my hero.

Onto the internet. Diablo 3 has been announced, /v/ has been stirred up. Then I installed C&C Generals, and started the China campaign.

Tomorrow, I think I'm going to Tom's house in Lakes Entrance. If I am, that means no blog posts til Tuesday, I'm afraid. If not, it'll be next week.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Beware pig farmers.

'Lo readers.

Woke up, went down the street, didn't do much.

Ryan has updated his blog, which is good. I've also considered trying WoW, never really appealed to me.

I snatched Snatch, and watched it, and it was good.

Snatch - ****
Good, it reminded me of Fight Club and Ocean's 11. Might be because of Brad Pitt and the soundtrack.

Then I indulged my innerchild and built an iPod stand out of Lego. It was fun trying to get it to work in a way that held the weight, yet allowed me to see all of the screen, use the buttons, and not collapse. I think I should try and find another practical application, like phone holder. Hmm. Something to do tomorrow, I suppose.

Tomorrow, I might watch Black Books while building stuff with Lego and enjoying coffee. Sounds like a pretty fun afternoon, actually. I need some black spraypaint before I can start work on Pat's beasties.



Thursday, June 26, 2008

Starship troopers in the hood.

'Lo all.

This morning Pat dropped round, we watched zoids and played San Andreas. Then we went down the street, and I rented Starship Troopers (finally)

Back home, I looted the dvd player. The bloody disc was scratched like hell and kept skipping at major plot points.

alex movie review time - Starship Troopers, ***1/2
Might be from all the 40k stuff, but I liked it. Needed more violence and less focus on silly characters who coincedentally manage to end up as awesome commanders and meet up.

Then msn, Alison has survived England, and Annie's contacts haven't killed her yet. I had a look at some Game sites. There is a huge thing about it, with tshirts and everything. Plus some interesting psychological theories about mental cues. You just lost, by the way.

Tomorrow, sleep, and I might steal Snatch and Swordfish to watch. I dunno.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


'Lo readers.

Got up, went down the street, Sam bought a rubics cube at Toy Kingdom since they were sold out at the puzzle shop and Toyworld. Then we said hi to Bernice and Annie and bought chicken wings.

Sam left, and I went home, and spent the day doing very little. One of Fraser's little friends shredded his face on a jump, and had to go to hospital.

Msning around, Melissa seemed concerned about me not being me at the cinema last night, and Isobelle managed to hax0r the hotel into letting her use the interbutt. Scary in Vietnam, and smoggy, she says.

Tomorrow, I aim to steal the dvd player and rent Starship Troopers and maybe Donnie Darko, and possibly The Life Aquatic. Pat is dropping in in the morning to pick up zoids episodes, and give me more things to paint. Finally, something to do. I will need black spraypaint though, must see to that.



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Please mess with Zohan.

'Lo everyone.

Sam is here, he says hi.

Didn't do much today, mowed lawns and cleaned yard.

Then I went down the street, met up with Sam and Lulu, and we bummed around with the rest. We almost got arrested for playing street hockey in the parking lot.

Before the movie there were sillystring and whipped cream attacks.

Don't Mess With the Zohan - ***
Not too bad, lots of funny bits, but it definitely slowed down. There were jokes involving ...relations with grannies and Hezbollah. I felt ashamed at laughing at some bits, because no one else in the cinema understood.

After the movie we went to Maccas, then Victoria park, then hung out with Lulu til she got picked up. So many half drunk people stumbling around with slabs. Then Sam and I walked home.

Tomorrow, more yard work.



Monday, June 23, 2008


'Lo readers.

Holiday post here. The next three weeks will probably all be like this, I'm afraid.

Today, got up, watched zoids, then basically did nothing.

I got invited to go see Don't mess with the Zohan on Tuesday, and Lulu says I should go. I go out to earn my keep, and it starts pouring rain. Bah.

Then band, I'm getting good at one thing, but Hugh says the band sucks and we have to play something different which sounds awful. Ah well, could be Prevision.

Back home for Skins and Porco Rosso.

Tomorrow, yard work and movies with the horde. Should be fun.



Sunday, June 22, 2008

Schoolies thing to do #76: Go on the Superman Escape 20 times while eating hotdogs and drinking milkshakes.

'Lo all.

Nothing to report here.

Went down the street, bought lots of bread, the bike has been sabotaged. So I fixed it.

Aiden and I watched a lot of old nicktoons on the youtube, then on Rove Hamish and Andy rode the Superman Escape about 20 times while eating hotdogs and drinking milkshakes. They spewed a lot. Aiden and I decided to do this for schoolies. Should be fun.

Tomorrow, sleep. I need to loot the dvd player and go to video ezy, there's a few movies I should be seeing these holidays.


Anyway, the end.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

First day of the glorious holidays.

'Lo everyone.

Ah. Three weeks to sleep and relax.

Pat and I played Mario Kart and Pokemon Stadium. I beat him in a battle, due to Alakazam being virtually invincible and his Pigeot only doing 2 damage per round...

He left, and I went to charge up my iPod, but the thingy screwed up and I spent an hour working out how to fix it. Turns out I only had to hit two buttons.

I did nothing for a while, then I discovered a website that streams videos. It's like a tv, you can't change what's streaming, and it has channels. This channel had tv shows and movies from the 90's. Plus it had live commentary from channers. We watched Jurassic Park, which was awesome, and I started watching AARGH! Real Monsters, then it buggered up.

Tomorrow, sleep. That should be about it.



Friday, June 20, 2008

The Pat and Alex show, featuring George the Rockhead.

'Lo readers.

Little bit to get through, Pat is here too.

Ryan dropped in by himself this morning, since he slept in. I had left the lid of one lunch box and the box of another at schoo, so I got a paper bag.

Got to school, lotsa nerves. Popularites challenging us and all. Meh. Plus it was the last day.

First up was science, we did a bit more geology stuff. People kept stealing my sheet for answers, so I didn't get it all done.

Then maths, a very easy test on statistics. I think I got one question wrong, but then, so did Sarah.

Recess. Isaac was gathering the troops. It was cold.

Psych was easy, I got the work done, and had time to trade some dead baby jokes with Zack and Carl.

Art in the computer rooms, I got the work done once again, then talked to Tom. Most of the girls behind us were stirred up, and then we had to ignore what they were talking about, which was feminine bodily functions.

Lunch. Oh boy. Isaac and Sam were rousing everyone, and we decided to play soccer. The year 8s rocked up and were hanging around behind us with some of the popularites. They kept stealing the ball, kicking it over the fence, and laughing at us for letting girls play. Nothing really happened til the bell went. Basically, the bastards stole the ball, we decided to leave them, but George tried to get it back to the pitch. Alex Rowles got him. I missed it, and when I turned around he was on the ground bleeding from the head. He had a rock stuck in it.

Massive controversy. Most of year 10 were gathered around the sick bay. We stuck around for as long as we could. He seemed fine though.

Then PE. Pat, Dayne, Hayden, Will, Jack, Tom J and I played jailball with Mr Gaskill. Too much fouling from Tom, though Jack was hilarious.

Assembly was bloody slow, George had a large bandage around his head.

Homeroom we compared results. I didn't do very well in maths, but I was expecting that. Everything else was average at least.

Back home, Ryan gave us some more zoids episodes, and we watched the first 5. Then onto the nintendo, lotsa shouting at the computer players. Then abusing people over msn, and playing the bastard child of poker and tictac with Meg.

Tomorrow, after Pat leaves to wherever, probably yard work. Meh.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mrs Moy doesn't like dead baby jokes.

'Lo everyone.

Today was good.

Got to school, started handing out some invitations. I stayed away from the maelstrom.

Chapel was boring, extended homeroom featured careers information, and I took a journalism pamphlet, since you lot seem to like what I'm writing.

Then english. New teacher. Standard FEAR ME speech, then we had to write a letter to her and introduce ourselves. I hate doing this, it just seems pointless.

Recess. More handing out invitations.

Then double history. We had to do an activity about referencing, Sam and Pat are good at it. Then taking notes about ANZUS and the failSEATO.
Lunch I had to go do some work for psych, and talked to Bree. There was a game of soccer going, and it was good, though the little bastard year 8's kept stealing the ball. They used to be friendly. The second time they did it, about 10 of us ran out, glared at them, and took the ball. Sarah Heath and co. were sitting there flirting. Then they stole it again. I was in goals at the other end at the time, and when almost everyone rampaged out and crashtackled them, it was pretty spectacular. Then Isaac rolled away, kicked in the balls, and Pat had three of them on him. Hayden was locked in. We got the ball back, but both sides were suspicious.

Double psych. I was ahead of everyone else, which was scary. I don't think all the year 11's like me that much, I'm doing too well. I got the thing nearly finished, and traded more dead baby jokes with Carl and Zack. I don't think Tiffany understands them, and Mrs Moy really didn't like them.

After homeroom Aiden reported that the popularites were massing, and were going to start a fight tomorrow. Figured. We aren't fussed, they are going to make it look like we started it, apparently, but there are a lot more of us. Interesting timing too, lunchtime or after school means no real consequences for three weeks.

Back home, to the dentists. Dr Malouf is a pretty cool guy, he make Charlotte cry and doesn't afraid of anything. He said I was fine, though he told me to floss, and he explained that I will need braces and extractions. Meh. I shall think about them when we can afford them.

I went to games night tonight, though I only stayed to write an army list, with thoughts of maybe going to the apocolypse game on Saturday. I've got 4031 points of untraited 4th marines, so it'll be interesting to see what changed in October.

Then Pat said he wanted to stay over tomorrow night, so no apocolypse. Saved me $5 and a load of boredom. I shall need to get the other two episodes of zoids so we can watch them.

Tomorrow, assembly and maybe an epic battle between us lovable proletariat rogues and the loose bourgeoisie bastards. Maybe. I doubt it. They are all talk. But, if there is, we're ready. Then the holidays.



Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Keys Please: Or how I learnt to stop worrying and love the green plate.

'Lo everyone.

I really, really hate the sports uniform. With George's spare pants, things are a bit better, but the uniform needs to be fixed in two major ways. The first is to give us thicker (actual thicker, not jackets) jumpers and pants, and the second is to install small dwarves in the back of the jumpers equipped with personal heaters to warm you the hell up. It is rare to see someone not shivering before recess on a Wednesday. We tried wearing tshirts underneath, but the problem is the day gets hotter and you have to take them off too, and bah. Too much thinking about such an inane thing. Moving on.

This morning Denny and Ryan showed me some new music. Denny stole the clip to Californication, but it was out of sync.

First up was psych. We are starting the first assessment task, I needed two more people to survey, but ran out of time. I shall do it in extended homeroom tomorrow.

Then maths. Aiden ran with anything that the girls said, and I surveyed people. We did some revision, and Mr Bacon was back. All was well.

Recess. Meg and Wiffy freaked me out, and they told me to post this.

Then we had this Keys Please thingy. It was all about learning to drive. You could see that the people who already have their learners permits were bored as hell. I thought it was interesting, though most of it was a retread of stuff we had done before. Sarah Heath embarrassed herself, and the entire year level was laughing at her.

Lunch. Inglefest. Needless to say, it was pretty awful. The first game was tug of war, which Binks came third in. Then some gladiators ripoff involving pool noodles. The female teachers didn't aim anywhere important, and the dude teachers went for the legs. Then an eating competition, and a year 9 air guitar competition, and a shouting competition. I sat on the balcony with Julian and Ryan, and we shook our heads in disgust. More viral advertising than Cloverfield, for this?

We played soccer, and it was pretty crappy. Just shooting for goals. Some of the girls were bored, and everytime the ball went over the fence they would steal it and try to gork so Leighton would get them pregnant. Isaac finally finished things by crash tackling Leighton. I laughed.

Pat, George and I were supposed to go to running training, but we forgot what time the bus left, so we went to soccer. I didn't play, as I'm not good enough. Some scandal where the coach picked an injured striker to be a nearly static defender instead of Isaac (who has a good kick), George (who is bloody quick), or Dayne (who is one of our better defenders). Millsy talked about machinima, which is meh, in my book.

Denny was late to his bike, so Jake stole it, and Ryan and I went home. I jumped on the computer and started the slow march towards finishing some history homework. Everyone's favourite random imageboard is going through chemotherapy at the moment, and Isaac was afraid it was really dying. Turns out there was a javascript related storm on the weekend, which got rid of a lot of newfags. Good. Then Lulu and I sorted out a guestlist for my shed shindig. I dunno about some of the people, but it's their choice whether they go or not. No alcohol, and 9/b/ gift regulations apply*.

Tomorrow, double electives, I think, and a dentist appointment. I'm betting on a warning about not brushing your teeth, a developing cavity, wisdom teeth out by the end of the year, and braces we won't be able to afford. Should be interesting though, haven't seen Jake's dad in a professional way in 4 years apparently.


Anyway, the end.

*9/b/ gifts are an idea Tom and I had. Basically, you get as much stuff for $10 as possible, our examples being bargain stuff from sparties, Mi Goreng noodle packets and Ghost Drops. Thoughts?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Because when the excrement hits the ceiling mounted air conditioner...

'Lo everyone.

Bah. Mondays. Too cold today anyway, my new heater isn't as good as the old one.

Got to school, slightly late, Lulu was shouting at Ryan and Tom and the rest were impressed with the Longcat badge.

Science, I gave George the badge, and suffered through a very boring, unpractical prac about commodities and coin weights or somesuch.

Then psych. More research method crap. I must be patient, soon we move on to stuff like personality and intelligence. Zac and Carl were chattering about the footy, and some of the girls were going to Echuca to go paintballing. Mrs Moy was horrified when Carl started talking about his lack of kittens though.

Recess. Ryan stole a hug from Lulu, which made her mad. Aiden had no words about the footy, and Bernice wouldn't shut up.

History is only warming up. We were given another assessment task, and we had to read through the work sheet. The bit about the siege of Dien Bien Phu had to read out by the French exchange student, which would have been mortifying. His english was better than Harrison's french and Zombiemolly's english...

Then art, the last lesson in the computer rooms. Everyone was sick of it, though there were only three left. Bernice was ranting about the footy. Annie asked me something that made me think, and she was the second one in two days. Must be a phase. I'd give them a sure answer, but I really don't know at the moment. Thing is, if they feed what I'm saying around, then it probably won't bode well for alex in the end anyway. Bah. Why don't they go bug Dayne, the story would be so much more interesting.

Lunch. Pat decided to play soccer, and avoid the crowds, though the crowds followed. The game wasn't too bad, I did nothing. Lulu was crying when the bell went, Meg and I were late to maths.

Maths. We had a sub. One Dr Wenn. Isobelle and I traipsed through to the other door, and he started shouting at us for being a coupla minutes late. Then the popularites ran in, and he went off. Then during a simple median/mean/mode exercise, he caused the entire class to start arguing.

I ducked out, because of a music lesson. Mr C discovered the test piece we were playing for the Ballarat Championships was actually one of his favourite brass pieces. Then we discussed pinching people from other bands.

I came to english late, in the last few minutes of Romeo and Juliet. Christ this movie sucks. I ignored everyone around me. Bastards. I shall let them be. Damned happy people.

Band. For once, it was rather fun. Aiden, Pat, Dayne and I hit the whiteboard before Mr C rocked up. It started with a cat. It ended obscenely. Aiden got a picture. Then we had to play with the Junior band, which was suprisingly easy. Hannah still hates Alison, she cheered up when I told her she was on holiday. Crazy year 9s. Afterwards, Pat pulled out a thing of pringles, which he dropped, so about half a dozen blokes were screabbling on the ground eating broken pringles. The girls gave us funny looks, but it still tasted good. Aiden and I stole some coffee from the chapel, then showed Tara the Sale college kid's graffiti on the walls. Grammer fagits. If the idiots could spell, we might do something about it.

Back home, more sorting music out. Then more band, Tom and Louise were insulting each other.

Back home once again, caught up with Ryan. See title. Isaac is implicated as well. Meh, staying out of this one, I think.

Tomorrow, hopefully no double maths, because like english, we'll have another sub, and it's not fun. Apparently we have a test this Friday, which should be fun.



Sunday, June 15, 2008

Backed up back ups of back ups.

'Lo readers.

Didn't really do much today.

I backed up a lot of stuff onto the new hard drive, took me a few hours.

Then I msned around, and discussed politics with Isobelle, before she got depressed from going for a shower and finding her mum in the bath.

After I'm done posting this, I'm going to clear out my hard drive, coz it's getting too clogged up. Should be fun reinstalling stuff, seeyas on the other side.

Tomorrow is Monday. 'nuff said, really.



Saturday, June 14, 2008

Zombie Pirate Masked Train.

'Lo all.

Once again, I got up early, and didn't have enough time for coffee.

I ran to the train station, and arrived early enough to freeze.

Then we met Isaac, and Ryan realised he had left his mask at home.

The train trip was slow, we discussed Pokemon.

We got to Melbourne, Ryan picked up a new mask, with plans of selling it to Denny, and we decided to go to Game On.

Game On is an exhibition at Fed Square about the history of video gaming. Basically everything from Pong to Motorstorm was there, with everything in between, from Dreamcasts and Galaga to Guitar Hero and Halo 3 (with 4 way multiplayer). We spent ages going from booth to booth, trying out almost everything.

We had lunch at McDonalds, and decided to go meet the anons. About 100 masked internet superheroes had massed. We went around to the Queen st Bridge, where a parade of zombies went past. Half were drama students, and half were bored goths. There were a lot of them, including a Jesus and a guy from year 12 a few years ago. They made us look crap. Then across the big bridge to Flinders st station, and then through Fed Square to the cult's hq. We trolled the security guards, and marched to the Bourke st Mall. Isaac and I tagteamed holding up a sign and handing out flyers, and did a pretty good job. Meanwhile, it was raining, and there weren't as many of us. Catgirl showed up, which was cool, though she was covered in blood from the zombie parade.

Anon decided to go on a pub crawl, we stuck with them to the Elephant and Castle. Lotsa fun games, Dave Mudkips adopted us all, and some of the braver personalities on another table played a game where one passess a lolly to people using their mouths. Lots of same sex making out, and a fat chick took her bra off. Not cool. We got chips, then ditched them and went back to Game On. I had another go at Guitar Hero, trying Smoke on the Water on medium, and didn't do too badly, considering it was only my third time.

Back on the train, things were slow. Isaac talked about his many conquests, while Julian and I threw paper planes at each other. Then Isaac decided to get high by hyperventilating, and we scared Emily Renalson.

Back home, I jumped on msn. Aiden has discovered some mischief at the school, I hope his sea monkeys are ok. I must hand out a few invitations this week. Bah.

Tomorrow, sleep in then yard work. Meh, I have to pay back another $40. Not fussed.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Napoleon III: Revenge of the Sith.

'Lo readers.

Ah, Fridays. The greatest day of the week. My opinion may be changing next term, due to double english after lunch >.<

All day, it was cold, and sometimes it was pouring rain. Not good, since everyone had colds.

Tom, George and I managed to be ready for school relatively early, and got a ride to school. Wise Beard Man was in a rush, because he wanted to go windsufing down at Sandy Point.

First up was history. I think I will enjoy this, we are going to do the Vietnam war, which I find interesting (psychological warfare, indoctrination on both sides and Agent Orange). Today though, just watching a video about the Korean war. Still good, though we had to take notes.

Then rave. Mrs Fatlady told me to do my values thingy again, since my first one got lost. This time I wrote an even longer rant on creationists and how they are destroying the world. Then we had to write reflections about yesterday, we all wrote about finding a pigeon quietly walking around in the Sikh gurudwara.

Recess, a bitter conflict. Plus bitter cold. Pat showed off his manly skills by shooting snot out his nose when the girls weren't looking, and a skeleton crossed the quadrangle.

Then double art, which was not good. Two lessons sitting quietly in the library watching other people's presentations and pretending to be interested. Sally and I did ours, Sally was worried because we forgot to edit out bits about buying paint from Target. Tom and Isobelle got each other in headlocks, and Will drew genitals on the whiteboard. Napoleon 3 got a mention, so we made up taglines for him.

At lunchtime Isaac and I visited Aiden, who had just started purifying his Seamonkey tank. Then we got a crowd, and George climbed on top of his locker. It started pouring rain, and everyone was inside, so we decided to Gork. About 8 of us grabbed a ball and rampaged out towards the hockey pitch, but when the girls left, and Pat, we decided to go for a run. OtherAiden slipped over so many times, Oliver was using his hair as closerange missiles, hairy bastard. Eventually we said bugger it, it's too cold, and we ran back. Isaac and I dried our hair on some girls grouped around a heater, and then we visited Tom and Isobelle. They seemed worried because we were shivering, then Isobelle made Isaac go hunting for Isaac's friend. I went back to my locker where the Maelstrom was throwing Kelly and Molly into puddles and gossipping*. I was cold and lonely, then Isaac's friend arrived, and we all gathered around to scare her. Sarah Ryan walked up to see what was going on, and walked away muttering. Isaac had to introduce us all, and we kept staring. The girl must have been terrified.

Then double english, we had subs, and we had to watch Romeo and Juliet. It was a modernized version with Leonardo Dicaprio and some hawt chick whose career has probably gone down the drain, but they were using the actual script. So, gun battles with Sword brand 9mms ("Draw your sword!" *they all pull out guns.* Hurf durf) and gang wars in Verona Beach. So far, it's pretty awful, but the girls love it. Wishful thinkers. They will be lucky to find someone who will have a shitty car, a gun in the pocket and an open Hawaiian shirt. We haven't finished watching it, but Pat has given it 5 on his Shitometer, or -5 stars.

Homeroom Denny called me a douche for whatever reason, so I accidently hit him very hard in the testicles with a pencil case. He wasn't happy, and when I finally got on msn he had a scripted message for me.

I got a ride home, the Beardman enjoyed his sailing, but it was very woolly out there and he had injured his ribs. Ah well. Price you pay to skip across the waves with a giant piece of plastic.

I finished homework, fixed up a heater, and msned around after that, and didn't really do much.

Tomorrow, Melbourne to provide some /b/lackup to the others in Operation Sea-Argh, and maybe got to GameOn, in Fed square. I wouldn't mind just looking around Melbourne, since Sam won't be there we might be able to do stuff instead of hop trams.



*how does one spell that? Is it gossipping or gossiping? Neither look right. Sorry.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Religion excursion day.

'Lo everyone.

Bloody hell, it feels like I've done a lot today, but I haven't really.

George and I got up early, but I didn't get to finish my coffee. We got to the bus in time, but we were still waiting around for half an hour for late people.

The bus trip was interesting. Agnik sat next to me, and I talked to Lulu and Pat behind me. They put on Ocean's 13, and I watched most of it. Not too bad, but the first one was better. All through the trip Nick was psyching himself up for a day of fun. Nick is the most racist, misogynistic bastard in the year, and he's hilarious.

First stop was the mosque. The lady was nice, she explained a lot, then showed us a killer beanbag, plugged Salam Cafe, and then they gave us free cans of drink and delicious bread. Points for the last two.

Then some more bussing around, and we arrived at the Orthodox church. Very pretty inside with lots of paintings and gold leaf, but the dude who was giving the speech didn't rock up, so it was a bit slow. Then in the refreshments Isaac and I talked to Mr Clemens about our favourite cult, and he actually knew a lot about it, and was suprised at how much we knew. We should give him a mask and send him down Saturday.

Bus again, Lulu and I picked out cool looking cars. We saw one of the new Audis that were on Top Gear the other day, with the fairy lights. The synagogue as alright, we got a rabbi with a monobrow to give a speech, he seemed alright. Nick was squirming in his seat, and asked many questions.

Then a long trip to the Sikh temple. Slow. The temple itself was pretty cool, with the gurubook in the middle. Their symbol looks like a stylized 9/b/, which is pretty damn cool. Sikhism was probably the most interesting religion we visited today.

Long trip home. We watched The Devil Wears Prada, or the girls did, and Pat and I commented on it. Outside Nunawading we saw a pair of blokes walking home from school, one was taking a piss behind some bushes, but the girls could see him. Then at Packenham we got KFC, and then people got bored. Ryan and Denny announced they had Zoids, and Pat and Aiden were playing the Zoids video game on the DS. Lulu and Jake squeed when Denny pulled out his iPod.

George, Tom and I got home and played Half Life, then fixed up the N64 and played pokemon stadium minigames. Fun.

Tomorrow, double art, and double english. Bah.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The George and Alex Show.

'Lo all.

Slow day today, pretty cold, though it got warmer. George is here, he says hi.

First up was Maths, everyone was nervous because Mr Bacon had left the room, and we were getting tests back. Mr Smith rocked up, he's alright, though I failed one half of the tests. Not bothered though, I tried my best, and even Agnik was angry about some bits.

Then science, we watched a movie which involved a bad actor talking about different metals, while in character. We lost interest. Apart from the Fall of Berlin Wall, grunge, and the creation of the Class of 9/b/, the early 90's brought us nothing.

Recess, trading maths results and laughing at people.

Then psych, we got into research methods. Most boring part in the textbook, though soon we move onto things like personality, intelligence, and brain dissection.

Art, in the library, involved everyone rushing around, then listening to speeches. Sally got bored and tried to start passing notes, I avoided awkward questions and wrote bugger a lot. I'll give a straight answer when I'm sure.

Lunch, some of the girls wanted to Gork, but there were no balls, so we tried the old standby of doing nothing. Melissa and Zombiemolly were arguing Leighton and rumour spreading or somesuch. Very anticlimactic. Lulu chased Gavin around.

Then soccer, I did nothing on my team, but Aiden made some good saves and we won 2-nil.

Back home, George was impressed by the shed, then the Beardman made him wear one of my shirts. Ouch.

We went down the street, and met Aiden in Toyworld, who was buying Seamonkeys for his locker. We got chips, and Denny and Erin stole them. Then we fed magpies. We strolled around EB, then back home to listen to Nirvana demos (eye-opening, because they sucked hard in 1985) and watched Cat Face.

Tomorrow, getting up early. Bah. The rest will be interesting, or at least the bus trip will be.



Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Judgement Day.

'Lo everyone.

Bah. I was enjoying my long weekend. Plus we got heaps of exams back. All but the big ones, both of which happen to be maths >.<

Since Denny was in too much of a rush to see Erin this morning, I was almost late to school.

Got to school, everyone was a bit crazy. Which is good. New timetables were handed out, turns out it's mostly the same.

First up was history, we spent the lesson going through the exam. I got 85.5% on mine, and I'm rather pleased with it.

Then Rave, I suprised myself with my indoctrinated knowledge of the bible, and went straight through a quiz and earned myself a bribe of a lolly. Rave excursion Thursday, teacher seemed uppity about it. More on this later.

Recess, everyone was comparing marks and looking disappointed. Disadvatage number 5467 of being slightly smarter than someone else: the look of bitter defeat on people's faces when you tell them your mark. If you start celebrating, they look sad, and you feel guilty. Interesting.

Then psych. We got ERAs and exams handed back, I got an A average on my ERAs, and a B+ on my exam. After going through some of the questions, everyone seemed pretty relieved. Unfortunately, first bit is all research techniques, which is just a fancy word for maths. Tiffany and Georgie said I got second in the class to Emily, which scared me, and them, though we only have 7 in the class now.

Art, in the library. Again, we got exams back, and everyone wanted to compare marks. I got 61% in my art exam, due to not filling in all the answer lines, and not having good enough art skill. Time for some grinding. Of course, Will, Erin and Isobelle kicked arse with their drawings, and some of the girls managed to write smaller than me, but still fill up all the lines. Scary, but I'm not fussed. A pass is a pass, and I'm only in art for the lulz, really.

Lunch. Bah. Lots of walking around in circles. Nothing to report here really, as I'm not being bothered by things anymore. Bugger them. After the holidays, we'll see the state of things. Annie handed out invitations for her party, which is the weekend before mine. 60s/70s/80s dressup. I plan on hippy, as it means I just need to get shirt, pants and sunglasses. Bong probably not necessary.

Then science. Again, we got exams back, and everyone wanted to compare marks. I got like 61 out of 77 on mine, and it still had the kickarse drawing. Then we had to start chemistry. I'm not that good at it. Disadvantage 7894 of being slightly smarter than someone else: people saying "Zuh?" when you get an obscure question like who created the periodic table not only correct, but spelt the right way. Mendeleyev: The original beardman. Twice the drunk, twice the beard, twice the science!

Finally english. Again, we got exams back, and everyone wanted to compare marks. We also got the assessment back. I got an A on my exam essay, a C on my part of the podcast, and an A on the blog post. The teacher was impressed with all the responses, so many, many, many thanks to those who responded. Then we went over more paperwork, and Mrs Tyndall introduced us to a new teacher. No one seemed to like her. Should make for an interesting term though.

Homeroom, Lulu and Mrs Ripon raced up the stairs. See how cool our homeroom teacher is? Tom asked if he could stay Thursday night.

Back home, Tom and George made arrangements to stay over on Wednesday and Thursday nights, because of the silly rave thing. It should be cool, first sleepover in the shed. Then I spent the evening wasting time reading Warseer plogs.
Tomorrow, soccer, and thats about it. Tis a shame I've got my music all safely locked away, I should be loading South Park episodes onto it and charging it up for Melbourne. Meh. I'll mooch off Aiden's or something.



Monday, June 9, 2008

Lazy Monday.

'Lo all.

The best kind of Mondays are public holidays.

So, I got up around 1230, watched Zoids, then Ryan came over and discussed the party he went to last night, which seemed boring.

Then lazing around. I did some more work on Pat's thingy, testing out colours. I have noticed that my non-Citadel paint tends to go bad when you try and apply a wash over it. Interesting.

George gave me a link on how to transfer music to fresh computers. I spent the evening moving music around, and going to band.

Tomorrow, school. Blargh. As long as we don't have double maths, it should be ok.



Sunday, June 8, 2008

...and the legend, of the rent, was WAY HARDCORE!

'Lo everyone.

Another boring post today, I'm afraid.
Last night I stayed up and downloaded the first episode of Zoids. For any diehards out there, I think it's New Century Zero. For those that aren't, it's Transformers for kids in the 2000's, in the Pokemon style.

Needless to say, brought back memories of cold mornings watching Cheez TV. The main protagonist is still bloody annoying, and the music...apart from the rock bit over the end credits, I'd listen to it on mute. Still, giant robots shooting each other!

Then I didn't do much. I went down the street to pick a pastry brush, and of course the cheap ones were sold out. I said hi to Melissa in the deli. Funny how she works both as a meat preparer, and as an animal carer at the RSPCA. I guess it would explain why animals go missing. On the way home a group of kids that looked like Fraser but more rich shouted abuse at me, for wearing a helmet and riding a non-expensive bike. Enjoy your AIDS, little punks.

Then I climbed a tree, hit the top twig, shouted at Fraser, and admired the view. One of the dead branches had fallen, so I decided to break it up a bit. It shall provide extra fuel for a bonfire.

Speaking of bonfires, I notice today on the spaces startup page that my birthday has popped up. That means it only like a month away. Cool. I plan on keeping the party small, less than 20, and with a bonfire. Must have a bonfire, coz we've got nothing else to do here if I shut the house.

Tonight Rove was on, excellent episodes. Jack Black is awesome, and the Buble guy seems pretty cool. The singing match was good, and I must try ghosting on Tuesday.

Tomorrow, I dunno. Maybe more work on painting Pat's howdah, and more watching Zoids episodes. If I can stay awake, I might grab two tonight.



Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bored, lonely and sick.

'Lo all.

Nothing to report here, spent the day finding songs I downloaded ages ago (and managed to find Go, which was a bonus), and flicking through the leaked copy of 5th ed (no real changes, the Run bit will be interesting).

Apart from Aiden, Ryan and George, barely anyone has been online today. Maybe they all went to the airport, maybe they all went to Isaac's party at Seaspray... I dunno.

If Pat is still reading this, your howdah is coming along well, I put a basecoat on the frame, next is the canvas. Skinks will be last, I need your paint for them, if that's ok.

If Denny is reading this, can I have your ps2 back? Please? Pretty please?

Tomorrow, sleep, hopefully wellness, and probably working in the yard. I've been saying it for ages, but I should be doing it tomorrow.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Exams: Electric Boogaloo.

'Lo, dear readers.

My gods. We have finally finished exams. Woo!

Got up this morning, stumbled into the house, and Fraser was sitting on the heater watching that damn vampire show.

What the hell are you doing up so early? I croaked.
Turn the tv off, at least. I have a headache already.

Little bastard.

Managed to catch a ride to school, as the Beardman was worried about my condition. Stupid head is all clogged up, and being split in two by sticks when I stand up.

First up at school was a study session, and we formed a small group and discussed music and drunken parents. Lulu has some terrible music on her iPod, and Isobelle has very interesting aunts. Then we cut Ryan's hair and laughed because the popularites got kicked from the system for playing Halo. I wonder what Millsy would do if they let him play...

Then recess. Cold.

The art exam was interesting, in that half the marks were in about a dozen questions, and the other half were in designing a tile for a bathroom using natural motifs. Meh. I breezed through the questions, and probably didn't put enough depth in (question on a dog sculpture made out of trees: "How does this make you feel?" it's made out of flowers...and is big...). Then I drew squiggles around a leaf, which looked effective. Finally I sketched out a techmarine because I got bored at the end, and the teachers gave me funny looks. They must enjoy the art exams, being able to breathe down the kid's necks and put them off.

Lunch, everyone was relieved. One more exam to go. So, they went nuts. Pat lead the troops back into the year 8 area, and we laughed. Hayden and Lulu got Gavin, so he was chasing them around, and Lulu got caught squirting water at Gavin. Mr Smith delivered a flawless victory, "He's only chasing you because it's his way of saying he likes you."

We laughed, Gavin didn't.

The maths exam was too tricky for its own good, and there was one section that I didn't get, and the surds at the start were needlessly complicated. I think I passed, though narrowly. I took a guess on one question, and it seemed to work, and Agnik said he got the same answer,

Back home, slow. I msned around, Denny was excited, everyone else seemed bored.

Tomorrow, I look forward to sleeping in, and if I'm well enough, finishing the yard. I need another $20 for WDs, and maybe $30 for next weekend, due to an invitation to go down to Melbourne on the Saturday and muck around, and the footy game on Sunday. We shall see.



Thursday, June 5, 2008

Exams, day 3.

'Lo all.

I have a cold, its not good. Especially through exams.

Denny, Ryan and I got frost forming on our clothes while we rode to school this morning. Winter has arrived >.<

Got to school, rushed into the hall, psych exam time! I think I did alright, though I skipped a question about a box and whisker thingy. We didn't cover that, so I didn't know what to do. It started pouring rain, which was pretty cool. Everybody told me that they ran out of time on the history exam, and that I should rush through it.

Then recess, everyone was shivering.

Study session, we played uno, then printed out some notes and stuck them on the walls in the homeroom. Lucas doesn't get most of the jokes, in his words, they are "the type of thing Tom Sellings laughs at." Isobelle and I laughed. Stupid fatty. The gibbering hordes played some celebrity trivia game, Mrs Moy was getting sick of OtherMeg screaming.

Then lunch. We stood around and tried to stay in the sun. Denny and Isaac attempted to destroy a digimon, and Jake and Aiden threatened Georgia. I sat back and watched, I wasn't feeling well.

Then the history exam. After finally finding where I was supposed to sit, I rushed through the multiple choice bit, which was easy, and slowly went through the long answer. I got them all done, then went back to the visual analysis thingy, and got the entire exam done with 15 minutes to spare.

Back home, I felt pretty crappy, and went to sleep til about 5. Moped around for a bit, then slept some more, til the siblings marched into the shed one by one to shout at me to get up and eat dinner. Bah.

When I finally got on the computer, Ryan was excited about WAR, and the first previews of the new Marine codex were released. I look forward to September/October, first AoBR box, then new SM codex and awesome vets. Squee!

Tomorrow, art exam and advanced maths. Joy. I can't wait. But then, after that, a long weekend!



Exams, day 2.

'Lo readers.

My alarm failed to wake me this morning. So, Wise Beard Man got me up at 8, then 10 past. Rushed in for a shower once I realised it wasn't Saturday, wolfed down some breakfast, watched Ryan and Denny roll lazily past, and couldn't find my shorts. But. I got to school on time, even though someone almost got me with their car...

First up at school, science exam. It was slightly warmer inside today, and I was feeling confident. They even had formulas on the test. I got most of it, took some stabs at those that I didn't, and had enough time to spare to work a detailed sketch beside a brain. Little marines the size of your thumbnail, and titans duking it out. Damn, I want this test back...

Recess, again, some relief.

Then some more revision. Aiden and I discussed Megaupload, and I studied for art by drawing a picture. I thought it made sense. Then I walked around, and eventually got into a discussion about movies and mammaries with Wiffy, Isobelle and OtherMeg.

Lunch. I dunno how, but Bree managed to procure a ball that was really springy. One of those ones you can get for a dollar at Toyworld. So, we gorked a bit, and played keepings off. The girls decided to be bogans, for some reason.

Then soccer, Mr Dude split us into the A Team and the B Team. I got put in the B team, of course. George was picked for the A team, but when Mr Dude was informed he wasn't related to Pat, he kicked them off. Poor George. I guess you have to be related to Pat to be good at soccer.

Our game wasn't too bad, Will Mcmahon went homicidal, and the year 9s thought we were useless, so they were just abusing each other. Dayne got three goals, Gavin got my ankle, and George made some spectacular saves. Then we got bored and played markers up. It was fun.

We decided to go down the street after school. Denny, Sam and I tried riding in a trolley holding onto someones bike, and it is very fun. Avoiding cars, steering with your knees, trying not to head over towards the kerb...

We got chips, and Jason rocked up, and we swapped stories. Then we left before Denny could show up again, but he managed to catch us. We left him a note and everything.

On the way home, I didn't feel so good. Back home, joints were killing me, and head was stuffed up. I think I've got the flu.

It was also the Beardman's birthday today, so Happy Birthday to him. Danielle dropped in and we had a bit of a party. I didn't eat much, still felt all screwed up.

George has created a forum, and so far it's pretty damn cool. We need more members though. This blog will be crossposted there every day starting today.

Tomorrow, my two best subjects for exams, and I feel terrible. Should be fun, psych first up, no study time beforehand...


Wish me luck.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Exams, day 1.

'Lo all.

It was cloudy all day til lunchtime, then it got more cloudy. I noticed that it had started raining when I last went out to my shed. Weird day.

School, much the same. We massed outside the hall, all of us nervous. They called us in class by class, and Bree was stressing over her class going in last. 10C went in, and we discovered that the hall was bloody cold inside. We got half an hour of flicking through books, which seemed to drag on for ages.

The essay itself wasn't too bad. I think I rushed a bit towards the end, and maybe screwed up my interpretation of the prompt (read: teachers think something inside the box). Meh, I tried my best and followed the criteria. I'm aiming for a C+, might get higher.

Recess, nervous bouncing around. The graphics lot had to go straight back to the hall.

Lulu and I spent our study time poring over maths notes, and laughing at people. OtherAiden showed AidenAiden his messed up collection of clips. Yes, that was a bull, and yes, that was an orange. I got my cheat sheet done, with enough time to watch Aiden and Bernice play some weird Pokemon Puzzle League ripoff on their phones. It looked better on the N64, coz Bulbasaur shouted at you every time you got a combo.

Lunch, everyone was a bit nuts. We got the table and shouted at each other. Food flew, and people were shoved off the benches. Isaac and I freaked out a year 11 barbarian who tried to sit with us.

Then maths. Our class got put up the far end, and I got a seat near the front, which sucked. The exam itself wasn't too bad, though the surd questions got me. I know what to revise for the advanced skills one on Friday.

Back home, Ryan, Denny and I reviewed the washup. GtaIV seems so cool with its ragdoll physics, and knifekills on COD4 seem so fun. One day...

Then some revision and msning around. They're making a transformers 2. Bah.

Tomorrow, science exam, and then nothing. I'm good for science, except for physics. Ah well, bit of last minute study then.

Interesting, I'm being divided three ways at the moment. One I have no chance in, one I'm not fussed in, and one I can't be stuffed for. We'll look at the situation again in six weeks, I think...


Anyway, the end.

Monday, June 2, 2008


'Lo readers.

Bah. Monday. I woke up at 3, when the cat started screaming. I let her in, and she was filthy. Out she went.

Denny and Ryan dropped round, as icecubes. It was bloody cold outside. Then late to school due to annoying sisters.

First up was science, and Sally, Oliver and Will crowded around again. Bah. They should just go over their notes and textbooks. At least Annie's smart enough to do that. Pat. Dayne and Gavin flipped the textbook pictures upside down and laughed.

Then Psych, no teacher or year 11's, due to exams, so I went to the library and read some notes while the year 8's bullied each other on the computers. We laughed.

Recess, it was cold.

Then history, a bit of revision. Lotsa questions. I got some good marks on my assignments, so I'm happy.

Art in the computer room, and Sally and I talked to Isobelle, because we had finished the assignment.

Then lunch. We milled around laughing at each other til Hayden, Sam and Isaac ran back from the library, handing out invitations for a party. Meh, not really that interested, I'll see who else going. Tom and George looked sad and uninterested, and they're the two saner characters, so we'll see. Out of the last parties I've been to, 2 outta 3 have been either disasters or boring. Meh.

Maths. I got a test back, and the score was pretty bad. More than half the class failed though. Agnik was distressed, we didn't know why. He wouldn't tell us the score though. Exam tomorrow, I'm looking at it optimistically, but I don't think I'll do very well.

Then english. I skipped a music lesson to get more notes down. Should be fun.

Band, slow, but we ended early. Aiden kept flicking his rubber band at the ceiling and Dayne and Pat played rockpaperscissors.

Then home, some english revision and checking of news.

More band, it was the AGM. My uniform doesn't fit that well, but the hat is snazzy. We went through some pieces for our 3 member audience, then voted each other into positions. I'm glad Tom got picked instead of me, I wouldn't do a very good job. However, Wise Beard Man is on the committee. *snerk* Then free food!

Back home, new Top Gear, XKCD with Ryan, and history revision with Isobelle. If you will excuse me, Skins is about to start.

Tomorrow, english essay, maths revision, and maths exam. First two I'll be good on, I'll get back to you on the third...



Sunday, June 1, 2008

First day of June.

'Lo all.

Slow Sunday, which is good.

Ryan dropped in, we discussed exams and zoids.

I am now versed in Megaupload and Rapidshare, so I downloaded some 40k resources. Only problem is, my Eldar .pdf is lacking the modelling section, which is the only reason I got it. Then I got a painting book, that is now woefully out of date, and Fulgrim. I want to print it out, but it has 300 pages and need to read a couple of other books first. Ryan and I want to get episodes of Zoids, and I will, but they can only really be downloaded after midnight. Saturday morning, we shall have them.

Tomorrow, revision. And screaming nervous hordes, probably.