Saturday, May 31, 2008


'Lo readers.

It's interesting seeing where a *chan meme (viral idea) comes from. All through Iron Man I was waiting for that line.

Today, slow. I went down the street as soon as I got up, to get certain things. I'm not saying what, though Katie, mission accomplished. After showering, I noticed someone online. Who the hell is online at 9:40am, and why am I on the computer? Weird.

Pat dropped in, we played Yugioh and he ranted about his army. So much promise, but Pat needs some opponents who will force him to play by the actual rules. Wednesday nights at the Phoenix centre.

Then we went down the street, and we met Lulu. I thirdwheeled around, and we visited Bernice at Best & Less, then saw Caz in Target. Then we decided we were hungry, and went to KFC. Pat's dad walked straight past him without either of them noticing.

Back at the cinema, we met Dayne, Sam and Annie, and Sam gave me $5 because he didn't like having scrap. Meg rocked up a bit later.

alex Movie Review time - Iron Man, ****.
Excellent film, Tony Stark is awesome, and I want an Iron Man suit. More of a boys type film, though the girls found it alright. The whole, look a reactor in your heart thing is a bit off, but hey, this is a comicbook film. Special guest appearence by Samuel L Jackson made it even more awesome. Needed more building of suit, and less montage though.

After the movie, Pat said he was hungry, so we trooped off to Maccas, where he announced that he wasn't really, but now he had 10 minutes to catch his train. Bah. We strolled along, not really that worried.

After that, wasting time, while people melted away. We decided to get chips, and out of the five who were at the chicken shop, one left, and one refused to eat, so it was just three of us eating two bags of chips.

Then we met Jess, OtherAiden and Daewoo, and went to visit Jason. We loitered out the front of the cinema, and I climbed a tree. Sam owes me $5 for it. We laughed at the scenefags that went past.

Back home, I wasted time. Turns out Taxi Driver was on ABC2, so I wasted the night drawing pictures with Isobelle and catching up a bit more with Ryan.

Tomorrow, sleep and more yard work, unless the beard man wants to take us to Ocean Grove.



Friday, May 30, 2008

Dangling from trees with saws.

'Lo everyone.

Slow day today, due to no school.

Got up, did nothing.

Computerising, then work outside. Eventually, we got around to tearing down branches that were threatening a powerline. I scrabbled up the tree to tie up some ropes, then wriggled out to saw them off. Very fun.

It seems everyones favourite imageboard has gone back to the #fortune days. Bah. Not cool, just bloody annoying. Isaac got himself b&.

Tomorrow, Iron Man. Isobelle and Tom dropped out, and Caz and Sam invited themselves. Bah, it was a 9/b/ exclusive thing before...

No footy tomorrow either, due to finding out that the game was at Telstra Dome and not the MCG. Bugger it then, no free tickets.



Thursday, May 29, 2008

Denizens of the night.

'Lo everyone.

Today was the last day of the week. Tomorrow is report writing day. I got all but one of my tasks in, and the last one the teacher lost >.<

This morning Denny rocked up, he seems happier than usual. Love hasn't changed him, he's still a bastard though. He has nifty new bike gloves.

First up at school was chapel, listening to people rant about Everest. I think I saw myself on the cross country slideshow, I'm not sure. I hope not.

Homeroom we put up new demotivators. The girls wouldn't let me put up the microwave one. Damn.

English, Mrs Tyndall really liked the blog. I got the reflective thingies done.

Then recess, I remembered where to find study guides for our english test. Cool.

More english, I got some notes down. The exam will be tricky, at least I'm prepared.

Science, Mr Smith left us to revise. He pulled me aside to ask me why I didn't try the science competition, I said I needed more revision for english. He accepted that. I gave Sally and Oliver a crashcourse through the topics we had done. Physics will be tricky, but I'll do more study over the weekend.

Lunch. Uno. My iPod got used a few times, Knights of Cydonia and Do the Evolution live blaring out across the quadrangle. Some year 11s tried to make Julian put on some songs full of swearing to get us in trouble, we just turned down the volume.

History, Pat put on huge eyebrows and Isobelle tried out an accent. Their presentation was better than ours. Tom had the best signoff line so far. Then Ms Henry said she had lost the other task that I did, as I had handed in a different one. Bah. Her dog had eaten someones homework.

Finally maths. I got some revision done, then Aiden, Agnik and I told Tara and Tabby some dead baby jokes. Tara seems to like them, even if they are disgusting. OtherAiden got caught making out with ZombieMolly at lunchtime, Alison seemed so excited about it.

Back home, shouting and disgrace for getting home five minutes late and missing some phonecalls. Then Fraser nicked off and got in trouble. Wise Beard Man is plotting going to the Carlton-Geelong game, which would be cool, but we'd have to bring Fraser with us. Half the fun just drained out.

I walked to games night. It was so quiet. I like walking around in the dark. Then I bought a WD, wandered around the shop a bit, and left. I took the scenic route home, and found an abandoned lot. Scary, but fun. Things are slightly more exciting when the only light source is a from a streetlight a hundred metres ahead.

Back home, discussing the human self with Isobelle and getting invited to see Indiana Jones 4 tomorrow. Meh. I'm seeing Iron Man on Saturday with the old crowd, and apparently Indy 4 isn't that great.

Tomorrow, sleep, then work in the yard.

I dunno why, but I crave gta and for some reason, watching Starship Troopers. Meh. Need to catch up with Ryan too, hear about his adventures in Melbourne.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cross country.

'Lo everyone.

Cross country today, in the mush. Fun, though annoying.

Froze on the way to school, then maths. Slow. We had a sub, and slowly went through revision sheets. We told each other disturbingly funny dead baby jokes.

Then science, more revision. Stupid physics. More maths = not cool. I think we are getting the formulas with the test though, so there is still hope.

Recess, everyone was kind of nervous already. Annie told a spectacular dead baby joke, made us laugh hysterically.

Psych, turns out I got about half of the first practice test right, without revision. So far, so good. Then apparently my ERA made Ms Moy laugh, which is supposedly a good sign. Hmm. In other news, Jesse is dropping out, everyone is relieved. I told Annie's joke to Zack and Carl, they almost got in trouble from laughing.

Then art. Melissa, Caz and I were talking about upbringings, which involved into a large conversation. Then the teacher got butthurt and told us to shut up. I got lots of As and Bs in art, so I'm happy. Funny seeing Melissa try and talk her way out of having to do work. Then I freaked out the girls by laughing about dead baby jokes. The priceless expressions on Wiffy or Sally's face when the get the punchlines..

Lunch, I wolfed down my sammiches, then realised I shouldn't have, as all the pro runners said they would give me stitches. Bah. More dead baby jokes were thrown around.

At the oval, our age group was up first. The start was turbulent, with the popularites wrestling each other. I managed to dodge them. I stayed with the very front until going out the gate, then Walshy mooned us. Bastard.

George caught up with me before the bridge, we were both astounded that we could still see Pat. We stayed near each other til the second river crossing, then George took a wrong turn. Tough luck, dude.

I overtook Pat outside the golf course. I thought he was saving his energy for a big finish. He didn't look happy. I could still see the leaders though. Roaring in through the trees at the end, I stayed in front of Walshy and Jackson in his absurd full length skins, and thought I got fourth.

Pat came in, he was bitterly dissapointed. Everyone else did well, most people were suprised at where they came. When the results came out, I found that I had come third. Cool. It means I cheat Walshy out of a ribbon.

Then I got the feeling that I hadn't been training at all, really. Pat puts in the work, Pat is the one who is good at this. Who am I to get third when he slowed down and got 12th? Was I just lucky? I felt that I didn't deserve to come third, which kind of put a downer on it all. Pat took it in his stride though, he was back to his womanising ways in about half an hour. The looks of suprise on everyones faces when they heard my place compared to Pats's...

The ribbon-handing-out bit was bloody scary. OtherAiden kicked arse, and so did the girls, but I think they were used to it. I was cold, and couldn't see many friendly faces in the crowd. Bugger it. Coming third means I have to do the next couple of levels too, and I don't think I'll be able to do them. Meh. Anyone want to have a go?

School again, George gave me some pants from his brothers, which fit better than the other pair I've got. Many thanks George. Then I watched the human zoo.

Home, I did some revision, and showed Bob around the shed. He's doing ok, considering.

Nice to finally see some pics from AoBR, even if they are less blurry deffkoptas and the warboss. I want to see these damn marines, if the have the UM symbols or not.

But ignore the last bit, just noting some thoughts.

Tomorrow, double english. I shall show the teacher yesterday's post, and see what else I need to do. Only problem is, I can't remember if I can log into blogger at school...

Crossposted. (Apologies to myspacefags, myspace was down. suckas!)


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ceiling leaks *SPECIAL EDITION!*

*A note before we begin.

This is getting submitted with the comments. I think I need to do some more on it, not sure. Either way, here goes.

‘Lo readers, and Mrs Tyndall.

Interesting post today.

First a bit of background. This blog has been going continuously since the end of February. I tend to write about what I get up to during the day. It is my thoughts and opinions, written off the top of my head, using my kind of language. This post will be edited for a formal audience, so fear not.

This is the first time I’ve ever done a draft post. Different bits of the blog interest different people. Some people read it because they are in America and like keeping up, some people read it for the relationship tidbits I’m stupid enough to drop. The blog has caused mild controversy, though nothing as bad as the first one I tried. But let’s not go into that.

This is a sock puppet blog, as in it has been created to support my main one. The actual one probably can’t be accessed at school. My main blog is posted at 3 different places, and gets anywhere between 5 and 20 readers daily. Meh. Better than none, I suppose.

Anyway, to the posting.

I woke up this morning, opened the door, and it started pouring rain. Not a good omen.

I got to school, OtherMeg needed to borrow my phone. Bah.

Then assembly. Inglefest is given some more light.

First up was history, Ms Henry said our group was first, of course. So, off we go, I think it went well, only one hitch when we couldn't get the tv working.

Then english, Pat and I worked on our script and watched the other presentations. Hayden, Dayne and Gavin's movie will win an Oscar.

Recess, I had delicious gingerbread.

Psych we had a practice test. I know most of it, but some of it is just scary, because its not in the textbook. What if that sort of thing is in the actual test?

Then art. No computer rooms, so we had to make a human chain and carry loads of clay in from a pallet. Most of the girls were complaining. "BAAW! I PAY A BAZILLION DOLLARS TO LEARN HOW TO PAINT, AND I GET MANUAL LABOUR INSTEAD BAAAAW!"

Spoilt princesses. Will and I had to stay in for some earlier misdemeanors, and Will cheated his way out of doing a sculpture. Bah.

Lunch, more uno. I ran in when All Along the Watchtower was blaring. Very cool. Then Pat and I visited Mr Bennett and recorded our podcast.

Science, since I had forgotten to finish the revision sheet I paid extra attention. Then psych revision. Meh.

Rave. Oh boy. Pat lead his little harem, and Sally's little pink rubber of doom went around. Tom annoyed our sub.

Back home, homework and msning around. Then, while watching NCIS, I realised I have a leak in my ceiling, directly above my bed. Damn. Wise Beard Man says we're going to have to work on the whole thing.

Tomorrow, crosscountry in the wet. It'll be fun.

Time for some bonus features! I didn’t enjoy the film Jindabyne, but I knew we had to study it. This is going to hopefully be the last task in the thingy we have to do. Since Pat has decided to do a reflective style for our podcast, I’m left with imaginative or persuasive. Sitting here in English on a Friday morning, I believe I shall do persuasive. The topic will be that grief, if not resolved, corrodes relationships. So, now for the formulating of a question. Dear readers, it is up to you whether I pass or fail this. In your opinion, does grief, if not resolved, corrode relationships?

Now for a coupla arguments. I can tell you from personal experience that without proper support, grief will get to you. It crashes the world down around your ears. Things are different, and you start losing track of what’s what. But if you get help, it makes things easier. Grief will destroy relationships, if you don’t resolve it. People talk about the stages of grief, and they have the right idea. Like Piaget’s theory, it’s very close, and nobody goes through them at the same rate. But it is a natural part of life. In Jindabyne, Cailan-Calandria’s grief wasn’t resolved, because neither was her grandparents. She fell into a morbid fascination with death. Zombies and deadly rituals saturated her life. The killing of the hamster is an example of this. She knew that she had to anesthetize it first. She knew where to cut. And she knew how to rope in an innocent assistant. This is because she had no way of resolving her grief. Carl and Jude, her grandparents, can’t seem to get through it either. Their daughter was taken away early.

The Vietnam veterans are a slightly different case. The Vietnam conflict was different to all the other world wars. Troops were psychologically indoctrinated. And instead of spending months with your unit on the troop ships, you were flown in and inserted. There wasn’t much getting to know the rest of the men. And when someone died, they sent in another man. This was the new guy, and it took time to accept him. Then when the unit was extracted, they weren’t given a month on the troop ship to talk about it all and resolve grief. You were given a couple of hours on a plane or chopper. That is the reason why there are less cases of PTSD in WW2 vets. There is no time to recover. There was a strong sense of not wanting to be left behind, and the men trying to find the missing remains have realised this. It's a reciprocal thing. However, going back to the question, it seems that the relationship between the vets and the missing soldier was not a big one. I suppose this makes it less of a relationship to corrode, as they are doing this mainly for the family of the missing man.

Anyway, enough ranting. Below are some replies from readers. I won't post who they are from, but they are from readers with stories to tell that relate to the question. Many, many thanks to those who replied. Above are structured, predrafted thoughts, and the regular post, take them or leave them.



Monday, May 26, 2008


'Lo all.

Mondays. Love 'em or hate 'em. Either way, they tend to be crappy.

First up this morning, after the reports on music camp from Lulu, was PE. Since 9 people were in the badminton side, and there weren't enough people for lacrosse, they put me in soccer. Meh. Soccer wasn't too bad. They put m in goals again, because our team only really had Hayden.

Recess, George seemed to like Kill Bill. Then Annie said we had a maths test. Bugger.

Psych, I finished the ERA, scribbled out a maths cheat sheet, and got some marks back. Turns out I got a B+ overall on all my psych tests, on average.

Then maths, we all struggled. I tried my best, even if I fail. Stupid surds.

Lunch, Denny brought out a pack of uno cards, and Julian pulled out a set of iPod speakers. We sat around playing uno listening to Rick Astley and Aqualung. Only 10 people are allowed in at once, not including Will's current scratching post. Very, very fun.

Then history, I spent half the time in the ISC, getting a dvd made, then it turns out it cut half of the first bit out. Meh

Art, I did more work on the drawing, while Bernice discussed the footy. Then, while Mrs Artteacherlady went Melissa-hunting, Will started chucking stuff at the fans. Moment I stand up, I get blamed, and a lunchtime bloody dentention. Ah well.

Back home, did some homework, caught up with Isobelle, and browsed epic threads on everyone's favourite imageboard.

Tomorrow's post will be very different, because I'll be putting in the english thing. It will the be copied into a sock puppet blog. Please, if you are reading this, answer this question: Does grief, if left unresolved, corrode relationships? So far I've got one really good one (props to my dear auntie in LA), but I could use some from other teenagers, or patriarchs...

Also Tuesday. Meh.


Anyway, the end.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bloody cold.

'Lo readers.

It was cold today.

Ryan dropped in to pick up his ps2, we talked about homework and laughed about Denny.

Then wasting time. Denny's date went well, even if there was a 5th wheel. Hate to be Matt.

Tomorrow, another bloody Monday. Joyous joy, I can't wait. No band though, due to Mt Gambier people being Mt Gambier people.

Please consider helping in the english assignment thingy, comment or email, I'll change names if necessary. Thanks.



Saturday, May 24, 2008


'Lo all.

Good, slow Saturday today.

Of note, getting a meh review of Indy 4 from Ryan, finally getting the February WD, getting all the horseshoes in Las Venturas, and sleeping.

That's it.

Still pondering vague mysteries, which is fun, if not mildly troubling.

Finally, with the english thing, please email or comment the answers, coz I'm going to copy them all into a sockpuppet blog so the teachers don't get butthurt. Thanks.



Friday, May 23, 2008

OMG Bismuth!

'Lo all.

Today was interesting, if nothing else.

I finished the airbase missions this morning, yay for jetpacks. Then Denny and Ryan came round and tried motorbike missions.

School. Cold trip. I need a pair of hobogloves.

First up was english, I had fun drafting a post for this very blog. Yes, dear readers, tomorrow or Monday will be a different kind of post. More on this later.

Then maths. Percentile blah. The girls all had their cancerfighting needles, so Aiden was teasing Tara, of course.

Recess, I visited all sorts of places. Then things went slowly.

Psych, in the computer rooms. I typed up the ERA report while Carl wasted time. I'm finding the work easy, suprisingly. I thought I lost my phone. Funny story, actually.

Then art. I did more work on the line drawing, and listened to the girls ramble.

Lunch. We decided to practice our parkour. Lotsa jumping around over the little pile of bricks, wowing crowds. I was suprised I could jump that bloody high. George busied himself introducing people to The Game. While I just lost it, and you did too, the rules are simple. You are now playing The Game. You don't stop playing The Game. Whenever you think about The Game, you lose The Game. Then you get half an hour respite. Very fun walking into a crowd and shouting "I JUST LOST THE GAME" and laughing at the groans and death threats. We plan to try it at chapel and assembly.

Then PE. Mr Gaskill said we should just go nuts. After a brief run where I came third, we grabbed some dodgeballs and started running around hurling them at each other. Then there was the great idea that we should get the ropes down. I climbed to the top, and burned my bare feets. I like the ropes. Lotsa swinging around and flipping upside down.

Back home, I found my phone sitting next to the clock. Lucky, I guess, though I don't use it enough.

So, science homework and gta.

Then msning around and boredom. Bismuth is legendary. Learn some geology, fool.

Now to business. Within the next coupla days, I need your help. Yes, help. For the english thingy, I need your thoughts on morals. The question is, Does grief, if left unresolved, corrode relationships? I shall give you the weekend to consider this, then I'm going to need your answers, otherwise I fail english. Please post them as comments, I have to reply to them and persuade you, or somesuch. Need to talk to the teacher. This is SRSBZNS, ok. Thanks.

Tomorrow, sleep, mooch, gta and maybe WD, laughing at Denny and sleep.




Thursday, May 22, 2008

Do a Barrel Roll.

'Lo everyone.

Yes, it's from a furfag game. Yes, I own the game. Yes, it's a crappy game. But damn, that quote gets used often on the wild world of the interbutt.

Fun day today. Gotta love Thursdays.

I got to school, suffered chapel, then homeroom where I hid in the fire hydrant cupboard and scared people.

Then English, Pat showed up and we finished the script.

Recess, the usual.

Then double history. Sian made us do research, and we did. Then we got a camera and recorded each other. Zombiemolly and I suck at this sorta thing, and Sian is overly enthusiastic. I got to wear a cool jacket though.

Lunch, bloody slow. The musos nicked off to Mt Gambier, good luck to them. They probably haven't even arrived as of now. Then basic timewasting, with us remnants splitting into two groups. I wandered between the two.

Then double psych. Since I didn't have a blazer on me, Mrs Moy let me steal one from her homeroom. Then the 9 of us got on a huge bus, and it was good. The kinder kids are awesome, and most of them did some of the tests. Then we visited the grade 5 kids in the band hall. Bernice, Pat and Walshy's little brothers were all in there, the first two were alright, but Walshy's little brother is a genital wart. Plus they all seemed to hate Carl. Meh, we got through 4 of the 5 tests with them.

Back at school, I disappeared before anything. Then I had to change something with Mrs Carteledge. Scary how close exams are, but I'm not worried yet. Then I had to go to 545 to get the girls home. Of course, Emerald's chain came off. Bah.

Back home, working my way through the airbase missions and finished vigilante in a tank. Since I ended up in Los Santos, I decided to drive around the entire map, blowing up FBI 4WDs on the way. Very fun.

Then games night. First we visited the RAAF base to see a plane almost land, but not quite. Fun. But the actual game was a waste of time. We wasted 10 minutes arguing over who played who, then James wasted more time arguing about which army he was going to use. When we finally got a game going, he insisted that we
"stuff the missions". Bah. He got first turn and slaughtered me. FatChannerNerd said we should all do barrel rolls. ...about that...

Back home, msning and youtubery. SA .gif clips are hilarious.

Tomorrow, PE then the glorious weekend, which should involve sleep and laughing at Denny. Don't screw up, dude.



Wednesday, May 21, 2008


'Lo all.

So slow today. Barely any highlights.

This morning I tried the valet missions, for the extra cash. Then Denny and Ryan arrived, so I failed miserably. Meh.

School, first up was psych. I finished the test, and I think I did alright. Then we had to do a scientifically validated self esteem test to compare to the little one we did last week. I failed that one. Meh. Self esteem is for girls.

Then maths, I got the work out of the way quickly. Then Aiden and I talked to Tara and Tabby. Business as usual. I'm glad we are done with surds.

Recess. Slow.

Then double science. We all just sat there and watched the parade of powerpoints. No real interesting ones, until the space myths one. Made people think of aliems and shadows from the moon landing.

Lunch, we watched Tom and Isaac's science clip. Very funny, yet mildly educational, especially if you ever wondered what happens if you mix zippo flames with ballpoint pens. Of note was the opening sequence (Tom bouncing and then shouting HI DEREK!), testing vacuums on people, (GRAB HER! I GOT HER, I GOT HER, GET THE VACUUM!), mainly Isaac's unsuspecting sister, and the subliminal V masks.

Then we wandered around. I was bored. The group splits into the cliques and I don't know which way to go. Then we all rushed to the library to watch the film again, and the girls were all giggling about something totally unrelated. Better luck next time Annie.

Soccer. Lots of poking fun at Millsy, then a crappy game. We allied with the blues, and they are alright, but we still lost. I got put off for most of it, and managed to balance on a ball for a minute and a half. Amusing scenes featuring Aiden, Hayden and Millsy, in a game of catch. "Aiden! Heada!" *more throwing* "Fine, I -" *BAM* "GOD DAMN YOU AIDEN!"

Then Millsy tried to get him back, and Aiden took offense. Funny.

Back to school, some vicious looking clipper dropped out of the sky. Turns out they were Scott's nail cutters. We laughed too until we realised they were for metal nails. Homeroom we had lots of visitors.

Back home, gta. Finally enough moneys for Verdant Meadows. Then msning around. Boring.

Tomorrow though, english, with no Pat, and double electives. Zombiemolly had better rock up, otherwise we're boned. Then we get to do experiments on small children.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Battle Without Honour or Humanity.

'Lo everyone.

I wonder if my aunt in Ocean Grove recognises the title. Kickarse track.

I'm on a roll, two mildly positive days in a row.

Ryan and Denny rocked up, and we watched the new Tropic Thunder trailer. This movie will asplode in August.

Then assembly, Ryan looked very bored and lost, and the jazz bands played. They sound good, they'd better do well this weekend.

Double maths. First lesson I tried the problems, then discussed them with Tara and Tabby. Aiden got them all done, of course. Turns out Agnik visited Hong Kong, and that's why nobody could find him yesterday.

Second lesson in the computer rooms. Again, got the graph done, and read the latest reports about the new SM codex. Yay for techies getting a buff, and the new scout speeder.

Recess, some more urban rodeo.

Science, in the library. I got the work done. New blocker on the system, I wonder how long it will be for Isaac to crack it.

Then art, in the computer rooms. Tom and I did nothing, coz I was finished, and Tom's work was on Isobelle's file. Sally played with a laser while we read EFG threads.

Lunch. Lotsa urban rodeo-ing. Then Pat said we should go spying. Meh, I was bored. Off we went, then our subjects caught us, and were not happy. Meh. Denny's hat was passed around, damn thing is like a rainbow bloody teacosy. Bizarre relationship jumped up, with Lulu kicking Gavin a lot while Dayne laughed, then hugging Ryan. Aaw. Isaac then screwed with Denny. Little Denny's growing up. He asked out Erin the next period.

History, Sian and I did little work due to lack of computers. We started a script though, and Tom made a huge ball of paper out of loose sheets.

Then english. Pat got down his thoughts, I'll have to extend them by a coupla minutes, and we should be good to record them next week. Then he started flirting with the girls on the other side, and we decided to pull a Tara and Tabby and write gossip in circles. Meh.

Homeroom again, I was in a good mood. And I shut down Sally again, that's two in a row.

Back home, psych revision and gta. I'm one mission away from Las Venturas, though I have to finish snapshots and courier missions.

Then msning. Isobelle and I were bored, so we booted up a group conversation with dozens of people. Isaac even invited bots. Then I found and downloaded music from Kill Bill. Scratch two more from the hunting roster, still looking for Go, by Pearl Jam though.

Lotsa stuffing around, but I'm happy. Karma is going to bite me in the arse hard though.

Tomorrow, psych test, science presentation, maths revision. Then the last soccer game, where we ally with the blues. Should be fun if the weather is good, it was pouring before.



Monday, May 19, 2008


'Lo readers.

It's not often that I say I'm happy on a Monday. For most of today though, I was, but I couldn't pick why.

First up, I wtfpwned a few missions in gta, Ryan and Denny dropped around. Both were still buzzing from the weekend.

School. Melissa runs past looking angry and sad at the same time. So Alison asks me whats going on. Sorry, just got to school, no idea yet, sucka.

Most of the other people were concerned with the washup. Some were mildly shocked at what their friends got up to.

First up was Science, Pat and I discussed lizzies in February, and then he dumped the contents of Dayne's holepunch down the back of my chair, and got made to clean it up.

Then history, Sian was too busy teasing Ruby and April to help in the work much. I can tell she wasn't the only one doing this though.

Recess. A bit of storytelling, lots of nothing.

Psych, revision for suprise test. Stupid Fridays. It seems I have to do rave instead of psych Friday afternoons, so I'm almost always a lesson behind at the start of the week.

Then art. I started the drawing, and I'll refine it later. The girls were all discussing the party, of course. Then the conversation turned to dragons and genitals, so I decided to make a quick exit and talk to Tom and the rest. Then I got caught between a rock and a hard place when as I tried to go back inside, Mrs Heilbuth materialised out of nothing. Scary.

Lunch, slow. Aiden said no brass ensemble. I was in a good mood. I had rearviewmirror stuck in my head, people were giving out free food, and I had delicious caek. We sat around for a while, and discussed movies. Then we had the great idea of moving the table like a Flintstones car. Someone had the genius idea of playing urban rodeo. Urban rodeo is a game which involves jumping on people's backs and holding on for as long as possible. Eventually, we were all afraid of turning around.

Then maths. OtherAiden and I tried to read Tara and Tabby's upside down writing, then I had a music lesson.

Music lesson was slow.

Then english. Pat stuffed around, I let my absent mind work the keyboard. Came up with something about pokemon. A ball of used tissue paper appeared. We didn't know what to do with it, so we chucked it at the girls. This distracted them enough to attract Ms Tyndall. "BLAH BLAH WHERE DOES THIS COME FROM? MUST HAVE BEEN FROM BOYS! BLAH!" Pat implied that it had come from behind us. So, Ms Tyndall marches up, and brandishes it in Thea and Walshy's faces. "BLAH THIS COMEFROMYOURDIRECTION?" Showing off his massive intellect, Walshy replies with "Cameron has an erection?"

We laughed. Then marching back to homeroom, Pat says that there's no band tonight. Yay.

Back in homeroom, Sally looked depressed. I tried the Reverse SallyAnnie Technique.
"I'm tired."
"So am I, everyone is. Half of everyone got up to something on the weekend."
"Yeah, the good half."
"*snigger* The GOODY half?"
"DAMN IT, HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THAT!" *whack whack whack*

Then home, and down the street again. Sam, Denny and I got donuts, then Aiden, Pat, Dayne and I got chips. We fed the magpies, then seagulls invaded. Bastard seagulls.

Back home, stuffing around on msn. Positive reviews of Indy 4 are hitting AICN, and the drop pod has been spotted on warseer. Squee. An excellent blog post by Ryan too, fills in more details. I laughed

Then more band. We were made to play a piece called The Girl I Left Behind. Crappy music, but I laughed on the inside. According to Tom, Inglefest involves eating competitions and leukemia. Hmm.

Right now, Skins is on. How I missed thee. Should be a good series, according to Ryan.

Tomorrow, history in the library and double maths, I think. Can't remember. I'm probably going to have a bad day because I was happy today, but that's karma.


Anyway, the end.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Musing and EFG.

'Lo all.

Boring day today.

I got my pilot's licence for gta, got firsthand reports from what I missed last night (not much, according to Denny), some views on the other party (Claire is going to regret it, I think) and read archived EFG threads. When he wins, you can still hear the applause.

I think my mind's changed, so FUCK YEAH SEAKING, and FUCK YOU *BALEETED*!

Tomorrow will be sorta interesting. Probably not though. Ah well.



Saturday, May 17, 2008

Party hard PART DEUX!

'Lo all.

Such a slow day today.

Woke up, got coffee, played gta, got my pilots licence then crashed, burnt and died before I could save.

Then lunch and Call of Duty 2, which so far is fun.

Then shower.

Then I went to Sam's.

Slow party. Some making out and no alcohol. Almost everyone hooked up, though some people got close, even Denny and Erin. Sally and Goodison got cozy, and Melissa tried her luck with Hayden again. Molly and Will were together for most of it as well. In between all this, Pat and Naomi were flirting, and the usual couples were scattered around everywhere. I paid as little attention to it as possible, so meh. Some of us just kept wandering around, watching the fire or playing pool. It was funny, they put on a movie, but if you walked in, you'd feel so awkward that you'd turn around. So many couples. I spent most of my time watching the sky, and watching the fire, and not doing much, though I should have tried harder. Eventually I even started replying to Alison's texts. Then it started raining, and most people went in to watch Scary Movie 3. Meh. Pat and I stole some of Sam's leftover cans of drink.

How's that for an impartial sugarcoated review of the party? Suckas. The snipped bits are things that I think are too personal or too controversial to post, so nyah.

Tomorrow, sleep, and the washup. Half the people are staying at Sam's tonight, I made excuses, but I wonder what might happen.



PS, that was the full story. That I can remember. The only other exciting thing we did was draw genitalia in the sand at the golf course...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Photography and Technical Illustrating.

'Lo readers.

Suprisingly positive day today. Of course, this could either be a reward for suffering through a week, or the calm before the storm tomorrow.

Ryan and I tried the Fast and the Furious game this morning. It is so similar stylewise to NFSU2, but sucks compared to it. We shrugged.

School. Bah. Everyone seemed relatively excited. It seems most of year 10 is planning on getting drunk and pregnant this weekend. As Aiden remarked to me this evening, this is the second time the popularites and the rest have had seperate parties on the same day. Funny.

First up was history, Sian persuaded Ms Henry to let us go to the isk, for books. There's an entire section on Menzies, but most of them are autobiographies and biographies. Do not want.

Then english, I typed up the reflective thing. I think I might do a blog post for the third task, I dunno.

Recess. Hayden sat in the tree and teachers walked past. Ah, the injustices of the world.

Then art. Ms Artteacherlady ranted about the lack of clay, so Bernice and I decided to move on to the next task. We visited the library, looked at pictures of cats, then borrowed a camera and took pictures. Then we said hi to Isaac, Hayden, Gavin, OtherMeg and Jess in the graphics room to print stuff out, and they have a scary new teacher. Isaac and Hayden have found a disgusting new picture archive. Then we returned to the art room and watched Melissa chuck stuff at the windows.

Lunch, a maths teacher was getting his head shaved. Alison and I traded double entendres. She's still bitter about the lack of an invite to Sam's party. I probably shouldn't find this so funny. Mr Bennett launched into Whole Lotta Love, and we squeed, but there was no vocalist. Broke George's heart.

Then rave, in the computer rooms. I was spinning around, and slammed into Mr Riley. He wasn't happy, but then he plays the triangle in the band. Careersman dropped in, he seems too enthusiastic. We had to do these quiz thingies about careers. Mine said I would be a technical illustrator, who designs diagrams for textbooks. Major WTF from me. At the moment I'm thinking either psychology, because I find it fascinating, or journalism, because apparently I'm good at it.

Science, in the library. I started the work while trying not to be distracted by Hayden's disgusting pictures. It's like an archive of 4chan's faeces, some of them are that bad.

Finally back home. I finished Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything, I heartily recommend it to anyone who ever wondered how anything works.

Then everything slowed down. Currently things are speeding up again, people are so bored they are starting conversations with me.

Tomorrow, sleep, then probably embarrassment and boredom. At least some of the people going won't be making out the whole time, and we can go hedgejumping.

Tomorrow night, if you are quick, you might see the blog post. If you do, please call or email me, because I'm not going to be texting you or calling you. I'll be leaving it overnight, seeing if it causes controversy in the morning. Then expect an apology. /sarcasm.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Caught up a tree.

'Lo everyone.

I can't wait to sleep in on the weekend. I am so tired. Need more of teh sleeps.

First up today was chapel, Lulu was pissed because she thought she had a seat, then she didn't, and Oliver had seen Pulp Fiction the night before, so he was quoting Samuel L. Jackson. Bah.

Homeroom, we stuck up some comics, then Craig Battams showed us how to climb up the stairs. Epic win.

English, the SAC. Bah. I got half of it done.

Then recess. They have replaced our tap with a stub. Whut?

More english, I finished the SAC, then Pat and I decided to do a podcast.

Science, the teacher was 20 minutes late, then we worked in the computer rooms. I've got the basics of black holes down, only problem is the presentation. Bordom featured beef flavoured beer for dogs.

Lunch was epically boring. Leighton encouraged us to play keepings off with the girls. Meh. Funny how they'd jump on him, or Sam, but they'd stand their ground if we had the ball. Then a shoe war, which involved me climbing up a tree to retrieve someones shoe, and OtherMeg climbing the fence and the sudden realisation about Isaac and her skirt. Turns out teachers were watching, we were worried.

History. Big assessment task involving a live news report and preloaded groups. I was put in Zombiemolly and Sian's group. Sian was very dramatic about it. I am going to have ever so much fun.

Then maths, we started the work, but then discussed homework with Isobelle. We stole Tara and Tabby's diary, and mused over their scribblings. They have discussions that are written in circles. We had to turn the book around so many times, and the discussions were too disjointed to work much out.

Homeroom we got caught climbing the stairs the Craig way. Damn.

Back home, lazing around, musing, driving around my Bullet in gta. Ryan has finished his pimp outfit, it looks good. The clock is huge. Nice hat though.

We gave the new cat back to its owner, and the girls weren't that happy. I am, means less work in the morning, less hair in my shed, less spitting from the other cat.

Then games night. They made me play against Chris the commie tau player. Bah. I put down some rules, I'm only interested in objective oriented games. I beat him, despite my termies becoming dead against his chooks. Then the fat channer tried to tell Beanie about 4chan, and I had to rescue him. High fives for Rickrolling Scientology though.

Back home, slightly more musing. Fraser was in a huff, little bastard. "Why can't I stay up to 3am on msn talking to my hos?" Why indeed.

I think I'm at a crossroads. I'll know which way to go on Sunday. I'm not sure enough at the moment. It'll be funny if no one brings alcohol, Sam would be so pissed off. Then he'd probably piss the rest of us off though. Speaking of which, Isobelle and Isaac, we need to work something out. Email.

Tomorrow, double art, two lessons on computers and rave. Bah. It'll be Friday though.

Again, taking a readership survey, if you can read this, please post a comment. Or, you know, don't. I can find out anyway.



Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Odd Socks.

'Lo all.

Meh day today. Victorian weather is moodier than a teenager.

Ryan rocked up this morning, and I found the San Fierro multiplayer thingy. So we mucked around on that for a while. Then we were almost late because I couldn't find my other school sock. Odd socks ftw.

Got to school, foggy as hell.

First up was maths. Tara and Tabby kept chucking paper at us. We freaked out Annie and Isobelle. Ms Henry. Lingerie. You do the math. I advise you not to though.

Then science. We're jumping back to space for a forgotten assessment task. Devious bald bastard, we have a test on psych soon.

Recess, more tap fights. I think they've buggered it up too much, as now it's stuck pointing at my locker, and is leaking profusely.

Psych we ran through self esteem. We got to do these little tests, and both say my self esteem is dismally low. Meh. It's for girls anyway.

Then art, more of the same. I slowly worked on the base while the rest went nuts. I threw some clay on top of the fan for safekeeping.

Lunch, crappy soccer game. The girls tried to join in, and Pat made us all have nicknames, so Millsy pissed us all off.

Then more soccer. I did nothing, though I did manage to get Rossi in the nose by accident. Stuck up prick really hates us amateur players, this is the second time in two weeks he's been "injured" by one of us. Then Hayden pissed Millsy off, and George and Harrison got conspiring. They wanted my opinion, but I don't know the full story, only vague mutterings.

Back at school, the homeroom doors were locked, so the girls waited in the hall, and we went outside and chucked my shoes at Dayne. Bastards.

Then home. Wise Beard Man had a magic carpet cleaner thingy. Then Janine dropped round and gave us chocolate.

I finished some homework, then looked up DBZ stuff for Pat. Turns out the Delorian from Back to the Future is the most iconic movie car ever.

Tomorrow, chapel, english SAC, sleep. I hope. The hype for Sam's party is fizzling out on one end, which I think is funny. I need a video camera. Plus I think I've changed my mind on something. Meh. We'll see what happens at the party.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am Jack's smouldering rage.

'Lo readers.

The new AIM tests were rolled out today, much to the butthurt of officials and siblings. Funny, we've got one in year 7 and two in year 3, they have to do the tests every two years, at the same time.

No assembly today, as a consequence. The only other disadvantage to this is that we get regular times today.

So, first up was History, more cold war stuff, then we had a discussion on politcal ideologies. I think I'm a left wing capitalist, like the Beardman.

Then english, we had the evil glasses english teacher as a sub, she made us do work. I think I've got my plan down.

Recess, nothing worth writing home about. Interesting seeing the girls go from one big group into the cliques. Most are still annoyed that they didn't get an invite to Sam's party.

Psych, I got the work done, then we all struggled to come up with activities for 6 year olds in activity books. Bah.

Art we were in the computer rooms, Sally and I visited the library.

Lunch. Slow. We decided to play soccer, and started a juggernaught. Then something interesting happened. The usual manwhores stayed out of the basketball court. Most of the girls who did get an invite stayed with them, while a couple that didn't joined in with us. Of note: Hayden and OtherMeg going at it in full view, and Denny's lunch vs the gate.

Science was psych stuff. I pulled out my psych notes, I had written down everything, word for word, abut a month ago. Bah. I tried not to listen to th love triangle forming behind me between Tabby, Nemo and Pat. A likes B, B likes A and C, and C is like LOLWUT? Bah.

Then rave. Bah. I did the work and went to sleep. Every now and then I was woken up by giggling girls drawing moustaches on Pat. Can you guess which?

Homeroom, everyone seemed pissed off. Not Lulu though.

Back home, not much. Talked to people, and watched *chan youtubery.

Tomorrow, final soccer game. Meh. I want to see where this budding love triangle goes. Part of me wants to kill them, the other part wants to laugh at the other 2 girls competing for Pat. That makes 4, at last count. Kekeke, if only they knew...
We'll see what happens at the party.



Monday, May 12, 2008

Indoor Soccer Collider, opening soon at CERN.

Lo readers.

Suprisingly good Monday.

After walking to school, and discussing Melbourne with Ryan, we jumped on a bus to the stadium for indoor soccer.

Of course, our team was off for the first game. Boring.

Second game I knew I wouldn't do any good scoring wise, so I decided to wreak havoc. I knocked down Hayden Fernando, who is twice my size in height and width. Fun, coz I survived it! Then I kept blocking Pat. Fun. Second game Walshy was out to kick arse, and we couldn't have that. Cameron went goalie for a while, and beat Hayden. It was fun, even if some people were taking it way too seriously.

Recess was the usual.

Psych we went over notes, and the year 11's discussed the deb. Seemed like fun *cough*. Turns out about 750 people rocked up to some blokes house, from two different schools. They had their own paramedics, and at least 4 kids got alcohol poisoning.

Maths I did most of the work, then turned around and talked to Tara and Tabby with Aiden. Then we did some real maths! Surds are pointless.

Lunch we stood around, because we flipped a table over and were sitting on it, but a teacher caught us. The girls split into their cliques, Sam and Leighton were busy throwing insecure girls at each other, and most people looked happy. Gavin, Aiden, Pat and I visited the year 8 area, and talked about pranks to use in the toilet, such as gladwrapping the seat. It's floating! Then we attracted Mrs Blandford, who asked Gavin about his sister and asked Pat about his girlfriends. I admire his quick talking powers. Then, a load of girls rocked up to ask Pat about his brothers. Jonti got stuck in a headlock twice in ten minutes, by two different kids. Sucka.

History, Isobelle got into another argument with Ms Henry, and just as we got into the cold war and the moon landing conspiracy theories, I had to go to a music lesson.

More of the usual in the music lesson. Less cameos though.

Art I visited the hall were people were flirting, then floated around, going inside and talking to Bernice and Annie, going outside to talk to Tom, and going around the corner to talk to Melissa. Funny how everyone has adopted the same mindset about Mrs Artteacherlady, and are going outside with Isaac to avoid her. On the way back Isaac and I discussed netball skirts with a shocked looking Melissa. Funny, he suggested that we go out. Probably because he's sick of her. There are reasons against this, first of which is that she still flirts with Isaac and Hayden too much. Bah. I shall continue my cruising, more fun that way.

Band, more Calling Cornwall BS. Georgia and Jake are an item now, and within hours of this, Mr C makes a joke about Georgia and Oliver the chook players. We laughed.

Then home.

Then band. No one to talk to apart from Ben. So enthusiastic. He's going on Buchan camp next week, made me remember mine. Good times, am I right?

Tomorrow, assembly and rave. Pass, plzthnx. Ah well. Not long now, then we hit the revision bit where they make us cram and cram for two weeks.

Funny, someone mentioned to me today that I had better go to Sam's party so that they have someone sane to talk to. Sanity is such an interesting concept. I'll probably be too busy hiding from the gestapo, writing in this diary, before the nazis find me and waste my credit again >.<


Anyway, the end.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunbury and down and back again.

'Lo everyone.

First off, mondo congratulations to Isaac, Ryan and Julian, for not only raiding, but making an epic win and surviving the pub. Yay for anon lesbiwin!

I got up way too early today >.<

Suprisingly, since we didn't have to pack the car, we were out within an hour.

I watched Die Hard 4 on the way up. Pretty crappy compared to the first one, very low violence. The ending was too saccharine. **1/2.

We got to Sunbury, I got assigned cameraman. Meh.

We had to wait about 10 minutes for the mass to finish. A group of teens were talking near us. I find it interesting, out of all the teens I saw in between driving into Sunbury and walking to Stewart's lane, most of them were bogans or scenesters. Some were scary crossbreeds. There was one bloke with a really highpitched voice, an expensive looking hoodie with a (ghey looking) pattern, and an iPod touch. The haircut topped it off. I wanted to punch him, but we were in a church. Funny, they all have the same haircuts, the same clothes, the same shoes, the same attitudes, the same crappy taste in music...Bah. These damn scenester bastards will be voting within a decade. I depair for the future of humanity.

Then the ceremony. Pretty slow, I got most of it on tape. The tape ran out just after the end.

Back to the Sunbury house, lotsa people. Most of them I didn't know. The families separated themselves, and you could see people ushering each other aside, pointing out random people and asking who was who. It was good to catch up with the cousins. I joined my uncles in a discussion on mobile phone pictures (You know the ones, Simon has some funny stories) and teenager development (Follow the conversation. Exactly. These guys are around 30-40 by the way), then most of us had a discussion on Ayrton Senna and the Buggati Veyron.

On the way home, watched Fight Club again. Good film.

Back home, fish and chips and watching the cats fight. Tomorrow, PE and band. Hopefully indoor soccer and no Calling Cornwall. Ah well.

Another week of watching, observing, and keeping an eye on things. I believe Sam's party is this Saturday, I'm still undecided on whether to go or not. If I go, I get to watch the happy people make out, get wasted, dance to crappy music, gossip, and most likely do things they'll regret tomorrow. If I stay home, I spite Sam, and probably miss out on lots of mildly intoxicated fun. *cough*. Anyone else, thoughts?

Finally, hunting for Go, by Pearl Jam, from Rearviewmirror. .mp3 preferred.



Saturday, May 10, 2008


'Lo all.

Posting? On MY Saturday? Turns out we're going to Sunbury tomorrow morning.

In other news, I got invited to go see a movie, but I'm out of funds and I got a text saying that it wasn't on anyway.

So, I spent the day finishing history homework, playing gta, watching movies, and separating the cats. Turns out we might be keeping the stripy newfag.

As far as I know, Operation Battletoads Earth went well, according to the internet. Currently awaiting firsthand reports from the troops. In the mean time, achived epic threads and Independence Day.

Tomorrow, I must get up early, and then go to Sunbury. iPod's all charged up, might watch Fight Club or summat.

Most likely a late post tomorrow, depending on when we get back.



Friday, May 9, 2008

Of Strays and Shuttle runs.

'Lo readers.

Today was a good day. I don't say that very often. Sure, there were high points and low points. Still fun though.

Denny was still sick, so Ryan dropped in. I am glad I have a couch.

We got to school early, then we noticed the near complete lack of year 11s.

First up was english, I got my book back and was punished for not taking the iniative, or something. More stuff on essays, I think I have a plan.

Then maths, Isaac and I didn't really do much. Our favourite lesbians were missing though. It seems Aiden, Agnik and Isaac are all super geniuses, having scored at least 30something on their tests. Bah.

Recess, more tap fights. We have discovered that the tap beside our lockers can be rotated around. So, point the end at the path, you can wet people. Point it at the lockers, mine is directly in front of it. Point it up and you have a stylish and highly wasteful fountain. Then Sam gave out his invitations. There looks of disappointment on some peoples faces, looks of bemusement, looks of hatred, and looks of meh. I'm in the meh catergory. Fucking pissed off at Sam at the moment, but I can tell I'm not the only one.

Then I had a spare. Strange experience. I hung out in the library with Georgia and Molly, who also had spares. We got caught by the other girls for talking too loudly about their party. I believe Godwin's law is going to be carried out at Sam's party, except worse. It seems there is a plot to get at least me and Molly C wasted. Yeah right. Then Bernice dropped in and they scribbled each other as monsters.

Art I sketched, and got reprimanded for not doing clay work. Bah, I'm ahead of most of the class, I should be allowed to take my time. Bernce and Emily's argument/discussion on parties was interesting, if nothing else.

Lunch, I had to go to english, with about 3 quarters of the class. Hayden and I rushed through the 3 questions we had to do, then watched Dayne's speech. Then we looked for the others. We assumed they were gorking, turns out Sam and Leighton had just led the girls behind the scoreboard. Isaac devised a cunning plan for perversion. Sam still seems too enthusiastic about his party. Very narrowly focussed, I suppose.

Then PE. Nothing is more crushing for your self esteem than the beep test. I got 10.4 I think, but it was nothing compared to Pat and Walshy. Pat really wanted to beat him, but eventually failed. A good effort though. Unfortunatley, I thought mine was nothing. Even Oliver was applauded by her more than I was. Ah well. Take that, self esteem! I suppose you can't make a cat bark. Then badmintion. Kate and I won one and lost one. Bah.

When the homeroom bell rang, I couldn't be stuffed trying to act happy and social, so I went to the balcony and watched the human zoo.

Back home, Fraser and one of his whores said that a stray cat had followed them home. Sure enough, a stripy little cat was eating Fluff's food. So, a war between the two cats has broken out, Fluff will watch the new cat (which the girls have named "stripy") and eventually charge it. Much hissing and clawing until one breaks it up, then Fluff will run behind a bush and sulk. Damn teenagers... Then I read a magazine, which happened to be all about China. At the moment I'm suffering from a bit of China saturation. Ah well, it's all very interesting.

Then msn. Aiden and I had our usual talks about nothing, Ryan and I traded links, and Annie and I had our usual conversation. What do the dear readers think of a 9/b/ movie Saturday after next? Iron Man? Ladies choice this time. Interested? Email.

Tomorrow, sleep, then I think we're going to Sunbury. Either way, I wish Ryan, Isaac and Julian the best of luck with Operation Battletoads Earth tomorrow. Make us proud. I'll be with y'all in spirit.



*special for blogger readers, of which I'm sure theres only 3. I keep this one full and uncensored.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Come on over, and do the twist.

'Lo everyone.

Not too bad today, it's cash. Of course, tomorrow's going to be terrible because of it.

Denny is sick now, so Ryan rocked up. He's finally got his computer fixed and working, after some battles with foreign computer shop assistants.

First up at school was chapel, of course. We had a replacement chaplain (sans crozius) who read out some fossilized email jokes. From the mouths of babes indeed. I had them hanging on my wall since '03.

Then extended homeroom, people slowly melted away so Tom and I rampaged around.

English we went to the isk and played with the magic whiteboard. I think it'd be fun to desufy, but te thing only recognizes one input, or one person's finger. So when the teachers decide to throw about a dozen excited teenagers at it, who each have their own ideas on what to draw, excrement hits ceiling mounted air conditioners. Then we played with frontpage, and the girls bitched to the multimedia students.

Recess, the usual. We don't really do anything worth noting in that 15 minutes.

Double history. First lesson I listened to stories about abandoned children, then rushed off for a music photo. Second lesson Ms Henry kept provoking Tom into a left/right argument, as Isobelle was playing chess. Interesting.

Lunch, fun. After visiting the troops playing chess, and kicking arse, we went out and looked for the rest. Of course, they were gorking. Sally jumped on Gavin's back on the way there, once again Serg. Thirdwheel was there. But dammit, he does it with style.

The game of gork was excellent, even if I did very little. Leighton decided girls vs boys, and we argued boys vs skins, but the girls were having none of it. Isaac and Hayden turned traitors. It was a good game. Tara is new to it all, but she's quick enough to avoid being tackled. Everyone played a part, even Goody dropped in and kicked some arse and goals. Only problem with that is he might lure the other popularites, and our national sport would turn into a rugby clone and we wouldn't play.

In the mean time though, it's awesome. On the way back we were all pulled up by Ms Henry. Us gorkers were worried she'd shout at us for tackling each other and running around without shoes, but it turns out she just doesn't like us being a coupla minutes late. Major looks of relief on everyone's face, of course.

I ran up to psych, buzzing. I got the work done in the first lesson, then we moved to the computer rooms and I talked to George, who had won a medal in chess.

Back home, homework. Wise Beard Man and I caught up on Anon's latest efforts, which we both laughed at. Silly investigative reporters. The dude broke Rules 1 & 2 though. Then I got Limewire working again, and finally downloaded some Pearl Jam and Nirvana tracks I've been hunting around for.

Games night was interesting. The usual annoying people were there, and once again I had a marine vs marine game (which I won). But there was fresh blood trying 40k, Ken was walking around, Carpo and the bald guy were trying an ancient game, Scott and Josh rocked up (Josh's been working, Scott's been drunk, according to him), and there was a new bloke. Classic nerd stereotype, mildly obese, ponytail, trenchcoat, headphones around the neck, psp in the pocket. Turns out he was a Channer, which shocked both of us. Bastard only really knows a couple of memes, most of them from /tg/.

Speaking of Channers. Seems Isaac is going to Operation Battletoads Earth, with Ryan and Julian. He needs moar /b/lackup. I'd love to go, but I have to go to Ashlea's christening and I'm severly short of funds. I'm four months behind on my WD's and there's two movies I want to see.

Tomorrow, double PE and Mrs Moy says I get a spare, due to deb aids. Cool, only half a days work.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Indiana Jones and the weak bit of the trilogy.

'Lo readers.

Slow day today.

Ryan is still away, so Denny rocked up this morning. We running late due to gta driving school. Halfway to school Denny starts swearing explosively, as his bike is bad. He rolled so slowly across a road because of his pants getting caught in the gears.

First up at school was Psych, once again I quietly did the work while the year 11's ranted about the deb, which is on Friday. Half of them seem to want a day off on Friday, the other half are unfussed but providing discussion. Jesse is annoying.

Then maths. There was only about a dozen kids, so Mr Bacon gave us back our tests and discussed England with us. Very little work done. Turns out I passed the test (yay!) and beat Isobelle (double yay!). I spent most of the lesson talking to some of the girls about future occupations, which is also a popular subject at the moment.

Recess, cold.

Then double science. We watched another Zimbardo video, this time about learning. I thought it was interesting. Then we discussed it, and Dayne got caught throwing a paper shruikan.

Lunch was cold, and since Meg was runnning around wetting people, and Leighton was busy flirting with everything, Aiden decided we should go to the library. There, we cockblocked George and watched a board game get played. We knew that every answer was Sting. The library is warm, though you get funny looks from teachers and chess playing sevies when you start shouting about Sting.

Then soccer, it was social, so random teams. Gavin, Aiden and I got put with Jason and Rossi. We didn't do too badly, and managed to win. It wasn't Aiden's day, but he kept fighting, and I sucked, as usual. It seems most of the people were just playing to win, I was just having a kick around. Millsy was christened as Gherkin by Harrison.

At school, Meg doused her face in spaghetti sauce and was kissing people. Very clever, though it pissed a lot of people off.

Back in homeroom, Lulu looked sad, and got the Annie and Sally (tm) treatment. We have such a caring homeroom, I suppose it's a good thing. Then Isobelle made Tom and I laugh manically, as she mentioned she watched films with public urination. Tom and I, being the filthy bastards that we are, interpreted this way too much.
After school I rode to 545, then Wise Beard Man showed up again. Ah well, good exercise I suppose. Back home I tried playing gta, then went on the computer. More calls to unblock people, though I'd rather not.

At the moment, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is on. I think I've seen it before, as I remember the little cabbie. The chick pisses me off, bring back the old love interest! Looking forward to The Last Crusade next week, and hopefully Kingdom of the Crystal Skull eventually. Two films so far to catch at the cinema, the other one being Iron Man. Bah. Need moneys first.

Tomorrow, survive double history and double psych. Once they're out of the way, all is good.



Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bad omens.

'Lo everyone.

Another gloomy day. Very grey. Funny, things are getting grey at school too.

My alarm failed me this morning. So, if I rush, I can be prepared for school in half an hour. If I rush. I don't like rushing.

First up was assembly. We had to perform, so of course I'm late. I go to the boot of the car to retrieve my instrument and off goes the car. Wise Beard Man is forgetful in the mornings too. Once he stopped, picked up the instrument and rush in for a quick rehearsal. And, lo and behold, Millsy was even later than me. I think he went to homeroom.

The performance wasn't too bad, I think we sounded pretty crappy in the second bit.

Then double maths. First lesson in the computer room, I finished my test, and I'm not sure how I did. I finished about 3 quarters of the questions, and I only knew how to do half of them. Ah well, see how it goes.

Second lesson Aiden talked to Tara and Tabby. Isaac annoyed Agnik. Business as usual.

Recess, more standing around.

Science was more memory games. It seems car accidents are the flavour of the month, I got about a dozen quick glances when suppressed memories were mentioned. Nice to know people care, kinda weird that it's spread around so much.

Then art, we had the computer room again. We stuffed around, coz we're finished.

Lunch was interesting. Firstly, the whole thing about Melissa's self portraits has been blown up, Sam is giggling, Isaac is worried, Melissa seems ashamed and mildly pissed off. It's sorta Isaac's fault for showing people, but it's Melissa's fault for giving him the pictures in the first place. Anyway, opinion stated, lynching to follow, as usual.

Then Caz broke her leg again, and was given a wheelchair.

History was in the library, I was put in Sally and Sam's group, and was the only one who was interested in the topic. So I stopped concentrating, and scraped some answers afterwards.

English, more stuff on essays. I don't know what to do for this one. The idea of a blog as an assessment task was brough up. Again, about a dozen quick glances. Kekeke. Infamy is fun. I could probably use one of these posts, but note that if I did, it'd have a fair bit of boring stuff about morals and landscapes and crap like that. See what happens, I suppose.

Then I had to walk home, due to an xray appointment. Amazing how much more you see, when walking. Driving is all about sleep, riding bike is all about speed. Walking you notice the birds and other people. I saw Chloe Despot, haven't seen her in years. Still as thin as ever. Then there is a huge flock of crows that landed in a tree right next to me. Hmm. Bad omen?

Back home, Denny and I played Mortal Kombat and gta. Meh. I finally unlocked driving school, and had it finished after tea.

Tomorrow, sleep, boredom in double science, then soccer. Up against the yellow pansies and the commies, but it should be a fun game. We have the blues on our team. Meh.



Monday, May 5, 2008

Gloomy Monday.

'Lo everyone.

Ever heard of Gloomy Sunday? Google it, excellent story. I wonder if you can still hear it...

In other news, I woke up with a sense of foreboding. Lotsa assessments due, a test, and some solos in band. Bah, I hate Mondays.
So, off to school, only 10 minutes late due to the resident tweens doing their hair.

First up was Science, more memory games. I still suck at them, but Amelia is plain scary at them.

Then psych, we watched a video about infants doing experiments. Cognitive development is interesting, but too much of it seems like guessing and generalising. I suppose most of psychology is like that though.

Recess, everyone whinged about it being cold. The bell went, and it started raining.

In history, we had show and tell. I wowed the crowd, as did Emily with her shooped mao pictures. April and Ruby are tryhard camwhores, and everyone else basically had excuses. Then we sat back and watched Emily and Isobelle argue with Ms Henry.

Art we had Mrs Moy again, off to the computer rooms. I drew a mechanicus skitarii (kudos if you know what it is), while the fat bloke tried to make us do actual work. He has a funny face and funny accent, it's so hard to take him seriously. Must have had a hellish childhood though.

Lunch, Isaac led the troops through the warmth of the library, and pissed off some year 8 popularites. Then Aiden and I made our weekly pilgramage to the brass ensemble, which was cancelled again. Back to the quadrangle, the first bell went, and remembering that I had a maths test next, I decided to do a bit of last minute revision. Of course, Sally decided to say hi. So, very little revision done, some explanations, and much getting laughed at by Pat. I repeat what I've said before, very little changes, very little will, and more important people have more interesting things to talk about. Why is it that my supposed lack of a love life is so damnably interesting? Go ask someone who does have an interesting one, I want to fade back again. More to the point, we should have played Gork in the rain, but everyone else nicked off.

Walking into maths, I flip through pages in the textbook, then notice I had a music lesson in 20 minutes. Score! I had a look at the test, attempted some questions, and made notes of things to revise. Circles are needlessly complicated.

Then music. First half an hour of boredom while Melanie Roach practised. I went to sleep. I needed it to, I know I'm not getting enough. Then another half hour of trying to play bass clef with Hannahfromyear9whohatesalison.

I staggered back to english, and caught the fact that we had a SAC to do next week. Bugger.

Band we were in the hall, smaller group means more laughs. Lulu and I spent the whole time making fun of Millsy, and Aiden dismembered his french horn enough to make a pipe gun. On the other hand, we have to perform at assembly tomorrow.

Back home, I started on the snapshots.

Then more band. Fraser was the only trombonist. Sucka.

Back home again, bombarded by calls to unblock people. I'd rather not, personally.

Tomorrow, assembly and double maths. Bah. Not looking forward to either.


Anyhoo, the end.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Truth ftw.

'Lo all.

Weekends are great. Sleep half the day, laze around the rest of it.

So, wake up about 1130, play some gta, fix up some shelves, more gta, then mow the lawns, more gta, check the internet, more gta, and homework. That was my day.

Finally up to San Fierro, going to work on snapshots tomorrow, if I have any time.

Also finished my history painting, and I'm happy with it. See if Ms Monolith likes it tomorrow >.<



Saturday, May 3, 2008

Slow News Day.

'Lo readers.

Suprisingly slow today.

Woke up, got coffee, playd gta, got the tags done. Yay for spawning AKs and sawnoffs in your house.

Then had lunch, then more gta. I got my old iPod speakers working too. I'm now up to Angel Pine, with the ambulance missions done.

Then more food. Then msn. I lurked, talked to Aiden, who had also had a slow day, and wanted to talk to other people. Sucks when you want to say something, but you don't know how to put it. Bugger it.

Then Pirates of the Carribean. As Isaac remarked, the bit where Cap'n Jack steps off his sinking ship is the greatest piece of cinema in the history of the world.

Then Wise Beard Man installed a new firewall. Conveniently, it came with parental control. It blocks both spaces. *click to blog* *load* Windows Live Spaces has been denied:Dating. DATING? WTFF? STUPID COMPUTER THINKS THAT BLOG VEHICLE IS FOR DATING? NOW I HAVE TO FACE INTERNET GESTAPO AT HOME, AS WELL AS SCHOOL? AM I NOT TRUSTWORTHY ENOUGH ON THE INTERNET? RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE?

Needless to say, I wasn't happy. Currently checking through favourites to see what else is affected.

Tomorrow, sleep and gta. Hopefully.



Friday, May 2, 2008

GSF, fool!

'Lo everyone.

Slow news day today.

At school, History we spent half the lesson wandering around wondering where we were supposed to be, then in the second half Isobelle and I argued.

English more Seinfeld.

Recess, it looked like rain, but it was damnably bright when the clouds moved.

Then art, Bernice decided to do a dragon after all. It looks like a potato, but it's cool. I got some work done, which I suppose is good.

Lunch, Alison had chips in a box. Lucky. Then we decided to Gork, but nobodies heart's were really in it. Isaac and Hayden humped Will a few times, and we threw a bouncy ball around.

Then Rave, the teacher is trying so hard to seem cool. *Paper plane to girl's face!* "You know, that's not a bad design, but I find this one tends to fly straighter." Bah.

Science we watched a documentary with Phillip Zimbardo. Zimbardo's a pretty cool guy, eh tortures prisoners and doesn't afraid of anything.

Back home, Ryan lent me his ps2 so I played gta. Managed to get through a few missions, once I've finished the tags I'm up to gang wars. Woo.

Tomorrow, sleep. Too cold to go out.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Return of the Gork.

'Lo readers.

Global warming sucks. It's too cold. Where are the raised sea levels that conveniently make Sale into a beachside resort?

Slow day at school. Chapel we had the old Jap teacher from 545 lecture us about human rights. Mildly interesting, but I'm doing my part.

Then extended homeroom, we debated where people would be in 10 years at the reunion. Apparently I'd either be an accountant or a stoner. Sally is going to be a serial killer.

English, we finally finished Jindabyne. Bout bloody time.

Recess, slow. Aiden is still on crutches. Limpy.

Then more english, we watched the final episode of Seinfeld. No soup for you!

Science we played memory games. I was too tired.

Lunch. Leighton wanted to play Gork. So we did. Crappy game, but most of us are rusty. Dayne floored Caz. Man, I wish I was heavy enough to swing people around so they landed on their heads and were dazed...

Then history. I went on the google and looked at more pictures. I reckon I've got a chance with this assignment.

Maths, Isaac pissed off Tara and Tabby. They were passing notes in a diary, and Isaac had to steal it. The looks on their faces when he popped up behind them and stole it...

After school I sprinted to 545, but Wise Beard Man already had the child. One had gone to Healesville for the day. I remember my trip. Denny brought his Pokemon Gold, and named his totodile something rude, which was hilarious at age 10.

Then more old room cleaning. Denny rang up. He broke his ps2 at his house, and needed his spare one back. For four days, I was happy. Ah well.

Eventually, I got on msn, and youtubed around with Aiden. Ryan finally fixed his computer too.

In other news, I have a cold, and snot is asploding out of face. Not cool. I want to go to school tomorrow, just for double art. But then, my throat is killing me.

Tomorrow, if I don't go to school, sniffling around and gta, hopefully. If not, it'll be worth it for double art, I get to play with clay and listen to Bernice whinge about her friends.