Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Through Fire and Flames.

'Lo everyone.

Apologies for yesterday, the internet is truly a wonderous and expensive thing.

Today was slow, but still bloody cold.

First up was maths, suprisingly Aiden and I got straight through the work, then started bugging Tara and Tabby. Amazing.

Then science, we played memory games. Dunno how or why, but Jack is almost cool without his lackeys. Or is he the lackey?

Recess, the usual.

Then the almighty cultural festval. Singers up first, we stuffed around and laughed at the costumes.

Then the jazz, Binks played some random classical crap, we weren't impressed. Following them, Mambo No. 5. Bah.

Finally the rock band section. Two meh bands, then Binks played Sweet Child o' Mine, featuring a reincarnated Slash in Sam Darby. Kickarse guitar solo. Followed by some chick trying to sing a U2 song, Oliver and I were remembering the recent episode of South Park. Hello, hello...lulz.

Lunch, we stuffed around, then soccer. Aiden rolled his ankle, so Gavin and I took him to the sick bay. Bernice's face when we crossed the quadrangle was priceless. We drew a smily face on Aiden's ankle. Then we visited ye olde Gork pitch. Too late for us to join in, but christ, it brings back memories.

The house choir wasn't too bad, Jess and I went towards the back, and there was an enthusiastic sevie standing in front of us to laugh at.

Then the guitar hero. Jason's brother the fat Binks rep got knocked out first round, playing Iron Maiden. The final was between two loser houses nobody likes, but they attempted Through Fire and Flames on expert. My gods. Half the blokes were singing along, the other half wanted to join in, and the girls were bemused and bored. I never thought I'd hear Dragonforce in Garnsey Hall.

Back home, I played on in San Andreas. I'm up to Ryder missions, but I'm taking it slow. Tomorrow I must print maps.

Speaking of tomorrow, I must get Pat's paint for the history thingy, and survive double english. Bah.

Crossposted (for serious reals today).

Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Scientific Playdoh.

'Lo all.

A note. This blog has been posted to my backups first because both spaces and myspace have failed. This post will be crossposted on Thursday. Tomorrows will also be here.


I must say, the shed is great. It hit about 4 degrees last night, and all I had to do was turn on the heater. Excellent.

First up at school, singing. I got put next to Jess, but the arranged seating was ominous. Sure enough, during the hymn we have to do lots of actions we will regret later. I hate this singing crap, I'm glad it'll be done tomorrow.

Then History. I looked for inspiration and ideas from old propaganda posters. Some of them are fascinating, but I won't bore the reader. Emily looked up the pokemon theme song and stuck it in her diary.

English. Jindabyne blah. Gods, why can't it end?

Recess, slow, as usual.

Then Psych, Carl was trying to make conversation. This window into the year 11 social scene is interesting, the hot topic at the moment is the deb party. Christ, I hope I don't have to go. Pay lotsa moneys, dress up and embarrass yourself, then go to a party and watch everyone get wasted. Man, the deb sounds fun. *cough*

Then art. Sally said we should go to the library, and we did, but then she and Sam tried to make me read someones part in their drama play. I reckon it was set up. Bugger it, I said, and they stopped trying. I went back to the computer rooms and helped Bernice with her oil stuff and introduced her to cat macros*.

Lunch, everyone split into cliques. I miss the table. Alison and I are the same height, which scared her. Everyone seemed abnormally happy. Bah humbug.

Then science, we got to play with playdoh. That's about it.

Rave was the usual, half listening to the teacher, half watching the pranks. Will tried to hit on half the girls, and took their pictures. He tries so hard, and fails miserably.

After school Sam, Denny, Julian and I went down the street. Sam seemed impressed by the shed, Denny got his GTA4, and Julian wouldn't share his V. Chips were had, as usual. I don't mind being the butt of all their jokes if I get food. I bought a canvas for history, then followed Denny home. We got lectured about the evils of video game violence (no such thing, people have done research into it, interesting results) then he showed me his sword. Still a bare tang, but if he gets his arse into gear it'll look good.

Home again, started work on the canvas. Then we ran out of downloadiness, so I'm not sure why I'm still allowed to blog. Ah well, I don't get to view the msn and myspace dramas, and I'm out of the news loops for a couple of days. Iron Man finally got reviewed by Harry, if I can get some money I wouldn't mind seeing it. I'll have to talk to the rest about it maybe.

So, with no internet I went back to the painting. I don't think it looks very good, and I need to work on my blending, but it'll do.

Tomorrow, get the english stuff finished before Thursday and watch the guitar hero competition. Aiden had better beat Millsy.



Monday, April 28, 2008

Ice Age 4: The Freezening.

'Lo readers.

It was even bloody colder this morning, if that was possible. More on this later.

Ryan and Denny rocked up, both seemed impressed by the shed. Ryan is working on a pimp outfit, and Denny lent me his ps2. I must work on paying him back and purchasing a memory card.

I got to school, more shouting. Everyone was huddled together, it was freezing.

First up was PE. Lacrosse is the stupidest bloody game I've ever been made to play. We got split into 3 teams. Pat got the dream team, I got put on the popularites team. Dang. At least he didn't waste a choice.

After a quick run around the grounds, we marched to the hockey pitch. A cold wind was howling down. Of course, the other two teams got to play first. So, about 20 minutes of standing around freezing my arse off. Then Walshy rocked up on a bike, and the other two had to throw stuff at him.

After PE, recess. Because it was cold and drizzly outside the lockers, we stayed under the thingy. It smelt of hot food. So, some brave souls decided to go to the tuck. Warm there, but I couldn't afford anything. George lent me Led Zeppelin I, II, III & IV. Woot.

Then Psych, we watched a video about twins and got results back. A's on both assignments, shows my hypothesis (that with subjects you enjoy you tend to do better in) is right.

Music lesson, Mr C. decided he needed coffee, and made Melanie Roach take my lesson. Ah, poor yr12. I hate Calling Cornwall.

Then I caught the last 10 minutes of maths, Isaac was pissing of Agnik and Tara, as usual. It's funny, we get the work done, but most of the time we're just bouncing crap at each other.

Lunch, Sam bought icecreams. There were two groups, one went to the library and played a trivia card game (Isaac shoved the Sting card down his pants, naturally), and the other was clustered around the tables. Aiden and I were told the brass thing wasn't going ahead, so we wandered between the two. I think I've accepted something. They couldn't keep their eyes off each other. He knows I won't argue, and she'll be happy. The funny thing will be the reactions of a couple of other people, should they move.

History, I wasn't happy, so I just work. Ryan and Sam delighted in teasing Shona about star wars.

Art, Bernice and I had a chat. Melissa and I played footy with a huge ball of paper, and the popularites painted each others faces. We were all hoping it was lead based paint...

Band, nothing to report home about, Mr C. is a comic genius sometimes.

Then home. Set up the ps2 and discovered that there were no save files left. Bugger. Cue flying around on GTA and killing bots in Red Faction.

Then more band, boring.

Tomorrow, more cold, more fun for alex. Bah. Let the happy people be happy. I shall keep being patient.



Sunday, April 27, 2008

Siberia called, they want their climate back.

'Lo everyone.

Bloody cold today. I'm glad the shed has a heater.

Today's events; Pat dropped in, I think he likes the shed; I put more stuff from one room into the shed, I should be done with that by Wednesday; I got bread, and froze; and I went on msn. I wanted to talk to someone, but I couldn't think of anything to say.

And thats about it. Early post because Rove is about to start.

Tomorrow, school. Bah. Is this week the week? Need money first. Need job for that. Need motivation for that. Vicious, vicious circle.

Ah well.



Saturday, April 26, 2008

Shed finally finished.

'Lo readers.

Interesting today. I won't bore you with the details.

When I finally got up, we were filling gaps. Then painting.

Once that was done, we started moving stuff around.

When that was done, I started putting stuff in my shed.

I must say, it looks awesome. You walk in, rugs underfoot. On your left is a couch, and a pinup board. On your right is a chair and footrest. You walk forward, there is a bookshelf on your left, a desk in front of you, and a huge bed to your right. Then you turn right, there is a medium sized TV, a chest of drawers, and a pair of stately wardrobes. On the walls there is a poster, a pair of stolen numberplates and the mask, so far.

And thats my shed. Next up, a smoke detector, a desk lamp, a shelf, a door runner, and a ps2. Must talk to Denny about the last one.

Tomorrow Pat's coming round, and we must paint the chest of drawers. Might be fun.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Anzac Day, or how I learnt to stop worrying and love the paintbrush.

'Lo everyone.

First up, bloody Fraser wanted to take us to the Stratford skatepark. Everyone is ready to go, then we realise that neihter Fraser nor his little friend are ready. Bastards...

We get to the skatepark. I watch Superbad. It's 8am @_@

Then we went to a playground, then we went back to Fraser. I wonder where his helmet went.

The march was pretty damn fast. The service dragged on. Stratford needs a new mc. I didn't faint, which is a plus.

Then Fraser whinged about wanting another go at the skatepark. We went home instead.

After a quick coffee, off to Sale march. I saw so many school friends. James Broughton looks the same, sounds much different. He still pursues his dream of becoming a killing machine. Good for him.

The march was boring, we sounded awful going around the corner. Bah.

During the service, a cadet fainted, cracked his head on the concrete and knocked out two teeth.

Then Scott Bennet won the citizenship award. The grammar grots in the band thought they said Scott Dennis, and nearly laughed.

Back home, in the shed we started painting. I pulled out a cd player, so a fun time was had by all. This might have been due to the fact that the rest of the siblings were out.

I got three walls undercoated, the biggest of which was done by brush, the other two by roller. Wise Beard Man varnished the fourth wall. (Any media students in the house?)

Then slowness. I was bored up until now, as the game Dayne picked was incredibly slow.

Ah well. Tomorrow, we finish painting. It'll be done by lunchtime, depending on when I get up, then we can't really do much else until the paint is dry.

I plan on prepping my stuff for the exodus tomorrow, and moving out Sunday. No doubt I've just jinxed it though.



Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bogan dress codes.

'Lo readers.

It was bloody cold then it was all bright and smoky. I wonder where they are burning.

Casual days are interesting. On the one hand you have the unwashed masses (read:unpopular kids, poor kids, me) wearing trackie dacks and a hoody. On the other hand you get the nobility wearing brand name, one use clothes that look silly. On both sides, though, the girls have a tendency towards ugly shoes. I believe one was wearing gumboots. Brand name gumboots.

George lent me some cds, with some pretty good music on them. One more week and I can download stuff again!

First up was chapel, Neville Gibbons dropped in to give his annual chat. That dude is awesome. Eh kills army dudes and doesn't afraid of ANYTHING!

Then extended homeroom. Meh.

English, I had the work done, so more Jindabyne fun. I love that movie. /sarcasm.

Recess, nothing to write home about.

Then double history. The first lesson we all hovered around, the second lesson we had a class discussion. Suprisingly fun. If I can get the money for a canvas, I'll do a painting as my task.

Lunch, soccer. Pat got angry again, people are getting sick of it. It wasn't Hayden's day, even alex got the ball from him. He might have been distracted by OtherMeg taking off her shirt though. Tom has a forcefield, which allowed Isobelle to sleep even though there was a stampede around her.

Double Psych, we had computers. Very quiet. I got the work done, then found the EFG page on wikipedia. Wonders will never cease. I like psych.

In homeroom the Annabelles scrapped over a school photo.

Back home, Fraser was picking fights with yr 6 kids. I watched Fight Club.

alex Movie Review -Fight Club, ***1/2
Takes a while for things to get going, then its an awesome film. Never saw *SPOILER* bit coming. Marla reminded me of Isobelle if we got her really drunk and gave her a proper fatalistic attitude. A good film, brutal violence is refreshing at times.

Then msn, then shed work. The wall is done, but now that we have paint, we are going to paint it. Still guessing Sunday though, depending on how much work is done tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I need sleep, but Fraser's making us get up extra early so he can ride his bike. Bah. I want to boycott it. Then marches, then painting.



Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dissction. Lulz.

'Lo all.

I hate my sports uniform. The shirt and shorts are alright, but my pants and jumper are too small. Bah.

First up, maths. Slow. Aiden and I discussed sheds.

Then psych. More on the developmental stuff, then we watched a video. The swimming bit reminded me of Nevermind.

Recess, slow.

Then double science. Everyone was nervous and pale. We had to watch a powerpoint, then we got started. It was suprisingly fun, and funnily enough Tom J got kicked out after 5 minutes. The sheep brain was pitifully small, and there was no blood. We had to stop our giggling as bits of the brain looked like other bits of anatomy. Scalpels are fun.

Then boring notes on memory. I hate memory games.

Lunch, we sat around the table as usual. Then the girls got a ball. Isaac called BS and told us not to go. We went for a walk, then played soccer. Funny that.

The girls vs boys fad has finished, I got put on a meh team and went in the goals. Tom is a star defender when he tries. I'll add him to the Sarah C roster of people who can play better than they think. Gavin concussed Sam.

Then more soccer, I did nothing but interrupt the flow of the game, and knock over Pat Au. Once 45ishkg gets moving, it knocks over even the best year 12s... Then I flew. Very fun. Aiden stole the show with his magic goalie gloves, and Jason got pwnt by Will.

Back home, I finished homework. How boring.

I talked to a few people I don't usually talk to this evening, while putting off history homework. It seems Ryan is in more trouble.

Tomorrow, casual day. Hmm...


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shed nearly finished.

'Lo everyone.

How strange Victorian weather is. Today, it was cold, warm, cold again, it looked like it might rain, then it was too bright... bah.

Homeroom we got our school photos back. I am very happy with my picture, for once. I find it honest. The group picture is set up. I swear the photographer positions the camera to trap unsuspecting girls.

First up was assembly. More singing, and a casual day on Thursday. I wonder if Tom is plotting something. I should just wear my EFG mask.

Then double maths. Isaac and I did very little, and it turns out Tara has had acupuncture, which rules out their theory. Ah well.

We went to the computer room second, and Aiden showed off his magic sketchprogramthingy skillz. I went on warseer.

Recess, nothing.

Science, more brain stuff. Pat entertained the girls with tales from music camp.

Everyone was pissed off in art, because we were in the computer room. Bernice has to do a project about oil, which seemed more interesting than weird art phases. Since Sally and I were finished, we nicked off to the library and read Clarescos with Emily. Julian and Kyna have not changed since grade 1.

Lunch, soccer. The whole boys vs girls thing is all well and good, but I don't find it as fun. Sam decided he was a girl, and took Jake with him. They had some very good players, and some improving ones. At the end though, even I scored a goal, as Hayden had three women sitting on him. One was in position that made me wonder if she would regret it tomorrow.

Then history, in the ISC. Some lucky people had spares, Agnik was looking up suspicious symbols for his Rave project. Sam was merciless, I was distracted, Jess noticed. Why is it that makes that subject is so damn interesting? Why don't they go ask someone else, anyone who isn't alex would have a much more interesting account. Bah. It just made me more distracted. Got the work started, which is more people could say.

English, more morals and Jindabyne crap. I find it depressing and infuriating, personally.

Back home, I buggerised around for a while, and finished some homework. Bernice caught a lvl.7 wakely, after being reduced to regular pokeballs.

Then to work in the shed. Stuff is coming out, rugs are going in, and I had to scrub the walls. Easy work, but the smell of cloves is terrible.

It seems the only thing we need to do now is sand a wall down, and it's done. I get to move in, which should be easy if I am without mercy. I'll be in by Sunday, I reckon.

I talked to a few people this afternoon, but they seemed distracted. Seems like a theme...

It's funny, on the bloody myspace, when I'm bored I read the mindless bulletin thingies. You learn how narrowminded some people are. Sometimes the bulletins are very depressing, and they make you double guess yourself. I posted my own. Your mum.

Tomorrow, soccer and dissecting. Fun. 10-1 odds that the popularites get booted out for throwing a medulla at Amelia. 2-1 odds that she faints.



Monday, April 21, 2008


'Lo readers.

Aiden was right, today was very interesting. The delicate social scales have been tipped. How fun.

I walked to school, and on the way hoped that I wouldn't get beaten up, and hoped I still had my instrument at school. The second one was more important. Denny had gone to Melbourne camp, Ryan seemed tired.

At school, Sam and I buried a hatchet. Things are shaky.

First up, science. Lots of nifty animations of neurons firing impulses at each other. Turns out we get to dissect our very own sheep's brains on Wednesday. I reckon that raising a sheep would be a very interesting project. You learn about how to raise and take care of a living critter, then you learn how to butcher it (a necessary survival skill!), then you learn how its body works. Plus you get the whole moral implications from killing it. It would be a fascinating project, especially if you don't tell the kids they have to kill their little lamb 6 months later...

Then Psych. I knuckled down and got the work done while the year 11's discussed driving. Bah.

Recess, I kept out of trouble.

History, the first half of the lesson we just talked. I was filled in on what happened at Hayden's after I left. They visited the Fauna Park at 1am, and woke Pat up with a lewd and apparently disgusting Japanese-themed film.

Then we had a practice exam, which I found suspiciously easy.

Then art. Here's another place where things have changed. I was inside playing with the clay and discussing Melbourne with Bernice. She seemed depressed. Outside, more people seemed depressed. I wanted to talk to a couple, but Ruby deserves her depression. She put paint on her blazer. Stupid wench.

Lunch, the Table has changed little. Then I visited Aiden, Bernice and Jordan, because they were away from everyone else. Once people started following, I went back to check my locker. At the Table, someone was sitting there, looking lonely. I wanted to stop and talk, but Bernice was watching, and I had to go to the bloody brass ensemble.

I hung around at the music department, where Mr C was cleaning out a eupho. No brass ensemble today. Bah. Long walk back.

The crowds had gone to the court. A boys vs girls soccer game starting. I hung back, kept my eye on the girl's forwards. Who knew fish could play soccer so well...

I kept my jumper, as I was afraid of the Abnormally-Large-Jumper gnomes.

Maths, Isaac declared Tara a lesbian, as she was afraid of jabs. That's about it.

English, we had to watch Jindabyne again. Bah.

Back home, I basically did nothing. Nutella jar ftw.

I saw someone online, but before I could say hi, someone else came online. Then I had to go to band >.< Sorry Josh.

Band was boring. Fraser decided to be outspoken. The other trombonist is going to kill him soon.

South Park seems pretty cool. Imaginationland ftw.

Ah well. Tomorrow, double maths, then sleep.


Anyway, the end.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


'Lo readers.

Oh boy, I hear you say. What will he say this time? Who will be next? Oh the humanity.

*To start with, I had a wonderful morning where I danced in sun-drenched meadows filled with flowers.

Then I went and had a three course brunch, with extra pancakes. I'm just weird that way.

Then I went to work in the shed, and we almost finished the roof. How delightful.

Next, my good chums Sir Ryan and Denny (Esq.) dropped in. We regaled each other with anecdotes and jokes.

After that, we went shopping and bought lots of delicious food. Nutella and Mars Bars are the food of the gods, in my opinion.

We watched Children of Men, a talkie from the future.

alex movie review- Children of Men, ***1/2
Slow at times, and it took a while for the plot to get going. Reminded me of V for Vendetta, and the ending is abrupt.

Then I took the evening autogyro home, where I caught up with some friends on the internet. Gosh, isn't the internet a fun place to be?

Rove had Iron Man, and a singer what looked like a man was late. Still a good episode.

Tomorrow, extra fun day at school, I reckon. Hopefully there will be lots of maths to do. I do so love maths!*



*See if you can guess which bits are blatant lies. Want the full story? Email.
** "don't look down, lol

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Party Hard...not.

'Lo all.

Christ. At time of writing, I am tired, pissed off, worried, pissed off again, slightly jealous, a bit more pissed off, and sympathetic. Sometimes, more emotions than the average teaspoon.

Slow day today. I basically did nothing until 4, then I cleared out a shelf. The exodus has begun.

Then shower. I actually washed my hair *gasp*.

I walked to the party with a sense of foreboding. I knew something would happen, and it wouldn't be good.

When I got there, Hayden wasn't there. Jason predicted there would be arguing. How right he was.

4 major scandals. The first was Sally asking if she could come. The girls all rolled their eyes and pretended to be happy.

We started slow, with dancing and acrobatics. It helps to stay in the shadows.

Then we started playing that damn wardrobe game. Funnily enough, I didn't get picked, but Aiden was. More on this later.

Then they started playing spin the bottle. Some of us started nicking off. The group spilled outside.

Back in the shed, they had started playing strip spin the bottle. Aiden and I reasoned that if we went for a walk, by the time we came back they'd all be nekkid.

They weren't.

Meg caught up with us, and we found another party down the road. When we came back, 2 guys just in their underwear, and 2 girls in bras. Epic win.

The rest is a blur, but soon after that, things started going to hell. We lost George, so Pat and I went for a walk. We found George. He wasn't happy.

Walking back towards the party, we found Aiden and Naomi sitting by a car. Aiden was in tears. It seemed that Bernice had not taken kindly to Aiden doing nothing in the wardrobe with Naomi. Then we realised Meg and Sam had buggered off.

Cue search party. We looked everywhere. Then Naomi got a text from Leighton. **** didn't get a **** invite **** **** etc. Turns out he was sober too.

He had texted the rest of the girls, so none of them were happy with him. We found George again, and he was mighty pissed off. Then Isobelle rocked up, made Naomi slightly more sad, and was blissfully ignorant of the drama. Naomi and I went hunting for Sam and Meg, and ended up talking to Jess and Jason. They weren't happy either.

Meg and Sam were found. Sam disappeared inside. Naomi, Aiden and I delivered some hard truths to Meg. Instead of talking to George like we hoped, she went straight to Sam. Hmmm.

The party wound down a fair bit after that. Most of us stayed out of the inside, as the music was too loud. I went in, and George and I walked around the tennis court. That's right, Hayden has a pool and a tennis court in his backyard. Ah, poor George. Stupid teenagers.

Back in the shed, the party had split into two groups. One stayed with George, and the other with Sam. I was mildly pissed at some people. George sang some Nirvana songs.

I decided to go home, partly because I was getting sick of some people, partly because I'll be asked awkward questions, and partly because I thought George would kill Sam in his sleep. Too much paperwork from the Fuzz if I was there.

TL;DR, for the lazy. Sally annoyed some of the girls. Bernice was pissed at Aiden. George is going to kill Sam. Leighton is pissed at the girls. And Naomi was too busy for some people. I'm on Aiden's side in his conflict, George's side in his, and the girl's side in theirs.

Monday will be very interesting. The party was meh. Ah well.

Tomorrow, sleep, then Children of Men, hopefully


Anyway, the end.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Autumn Concert and lulz in D major.

'Lo everyone.

Thank the gods its Friday.

First up, History and English. History we watched a video. English I worked on the editorial.

Recess, everyone was kinda pissed off, as the popularites had stolen our tables.

Then studything. We got moved to the front. Once again, I learnt little, as the popularites were trying to impress the queen, who had skipped her last session.

Lunch, I went to english again, as I needed help with something (read; it needed to be finished in peace)

Just as I was finishing, a flash of pretty red hair went past the door. Then a couple more girls. Then Sam poked his head around the door,and took a photo of me. Wut wut.

Then back to the table. We had our tables back. Pat wanted to play a game of soccer, I wanted to relax. However, he seemed pretty frustrated, and one does not argue with a frustrated Pat, lest they end up getting punched in the face.

So, crappy soccer game. I had to go over the fence a couple of times, bloody Pat shouting at the whole time. Then I went in goals and watched the girls practice their ballroom dancing.

The bell went, and I looked for my jumper. There were three jumpers lying on the ground when we started, and when we left there were two. One seemed waaay too big, and the other one smelt of girl deoderant. WTF!

So, I spent the next two lessons jumper-less. My untucked shirt was there for the world andteachers to see. Christ, I look scrawny without the jumper.

Rave was slow, Sally and I finished the Scientology thing, then mucked around on the internet.

Then science, we had to do a close. Funny, we're doing the aspect of psychology I don't start studying til next term. Cool.

After school, Ryan, Oliver and I went down the street. So many sion kids.

Then Oliver came round to my place, we played goldeneye and ate chicken.

The concert was very slow. We escaped at the start and listened to the motorbikes at the church. Then Pat found us and made us warm up. Not bloody likely, we weren't on for half an hour. So we went to the year 9 place, walked the circle (brings back memories...) and discussed the Simpsons at the table.

Then we performed, we didn't do too badly. Michael and I stuffed up a crucial part of Bohemian Rhapsody.

After that, more stuffing around. Sally sat next to me while the jazz band was up, and I had to endure her questions and Oliver's teasing. Bah. So she didn't get an invite to the party. She can buy mine!

Then more stuffing around. Aiden and I ditched Oliver and Sally, then went and sang the bloody operas from music camp.

Finally home, were Jess and I discussed photography. Christ I'm tired. I need more sleep, but I think my rhythms are all screwed up still.

Tomorrow, sleep, then free food and free embarrassment. *Facepalm*



Thursday, April 17, 2008

Damn that english teacher!

'Lo readers.

Rollercoaster of a day, in truth.

Got to school, everyone has haircuts. Why is it that when girls get haircuts they end up looking better, and when dudes get haircuts, they look like 'tards? Mystery of life, I swear.

Then singing, Mr C embarrassed himself.

English, the teacher was forcing the morals thing on us. Then she said something which offended me. Very muchly. Felt like shouting and storming out of the classroom. But then, I'm alex, right? So I sat and fumed. George picked up on my sudden depression at recess. Everyone else was throwing food at each other, I didn't feel like joining in.

More english, englishteacherlady gave us more work to do. Grr. alex not happy.

Then science, we're starting psychology. It should be ever so much fun. I think I should keep my head down for this one. Mr Smith's reaction when I mentioned I was studying psychology wasn't positive.

Lunch, soccer. Pat was getting sick of Sam's harem blocking the goals, so devised a plan where we ran around in circles. It wasn't too bad a game. The girls did end up dancing in front of the goals though.

History, Sam persuaded me to go to the library with him. Bah. At least I got the work done. The powerpoint needs colour though.

Finally maths, Isaac and I discussed Hayden et. al.'s party. We figured that we should hide in his pantry and eat his breakfast cereal while the rest are all making out, or whatever they are planning.

Homeroom I got there early. Strangely enough, I was happy. But, yet again concerned classmates thought I was dying. Very strange.

Back home, gave Denny some movies, then basically did nothing. Slow news day for the internet.

Then games night. It isn't as fun anymore. There's no older crowd to talk to, there's just Gollywog and the rest playing 1v1v1v1 kill em all type missions. I want to play a game like I read about on Warseer. Ah well. I read a couple of old Chapter Approved books, and admired the ancient history.

Tomorrow, not a good day for alex. History and english, then study thing, then science and rave. Why couldn't it be study thing, double art, then science and rave? That would be awesome! But the failfags got to it. Grr. Then Autumn concert, then sleep, then the bloody party. Bah. I need more sleep, 6.5 hours a night can't be healthy rhubarb.



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A winnar is Binks! ...and Blundell too...

'Lo everyone.

Suprisingly fun today.

First up, maths and science. Woo.

Nothing special about maths.

Science, as I had already done the work, and everyone else was behind, I drew a picture. Excellent science lesson, in my opinion.

Recess, boring.

Psych, we had to start the ERA about leadership trends. It's fun trying to pick who did what in the experiment.

Art, I drew a bit more, laughed with Tom, as he had screwed up his sculpture, and washed my sculpture, which was weird.

Lunc we sat around the table. I sat in the tree, but then the evil English teacher told me never to touch the tree ever again. Grrr.

Then soccer. They split us up, seniors and juniors. Binks got teamed up with Blundell. Not too bad. Harrison scored two goals and Millsy whinged. I went on and off, as I'm not exactly an essential player. Basically, everyone kicked arse. We won 3-1.

Homeroom again. Kinda boring.

Back home, scared Fraser's little friends. Turns out he got punched after his needle, and threw up, then cried. Shane was paticularly gleeful about that bit.

I basically did nothing, until now. I hid from people, I talked to others, who revealed things, and raised other questions, and offered to lend me Children of Men. Many thanks.

Turns out Friday I miss double art due to study skills thing. Damn it, I was looking forward to that. No clay dragons for alex til next week. Bah.

Tomorrow is Thursday. If we don't have art, alex is a dull boy.



Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The song remains the same...

'Lo all.

Mildly interesting day to start with, then it just got depressing.

Finished Area 7, it's still alright. Started Scarecrow, which I think is awesome.

Turns out we had the study thing first up today. Meh. George lent me the Song Remains the Same dvd. Awesome.

House choir is awful. Why do we have to sing bloody chapel hymns? How about something good? Inna gadda da Vida counts as a hymn, right?

The study thing is still pretty boring. Cameron was picked on by the teacher. The reading machines are pointless.

Recess, again nothing to write home about.

Psych was interesting, more stuff about leadership and group roles. I dunno, I think it's all fascinating.

Art, back to the bloody computer rooms. Sally and I finished the stupid powerpoint. I want to start the dragon thing.

Lunch, everyone was milling around, then we got a soccerball. I got put on an alright team, but they were balanced. Some people started pissing me off, I'm glad I have better friends to stick up for me. I think most of us are getting sick of him anyway. After the third time I had to retrieve the ball from over the fence, I felt really pissed off and exhausted for some reason. Meh. Let the happy people frolic. I need something good to paint, like a new tactical squad or a tank. Something to take my eyes and mind off things.

Science I put my head down, tried not to listen to the girls talk about the year 9s, and finished the questions. All 30 of them >.<

Rave, we finished the slideshow, then browsed ED. I think Sally has been traumatised for life. Hayden seems to like it though, I dunno why.

Homeroom, OtherMeg seemed high, and was shouting at Scott more than usual. Meg, Aiden and I just shrugged. Very funny seeing the gears in Scott's head telling him to a) not beat Meg up because she's a girl and b) not beat Meg up because she knows how to box properly.

Back home, picked up a TV from Denny's house. Then watched The Song Remains the Same.

Movie review - The Song Remains the Same. ****.
Basically a Led Zeppelin concert in New York, but with some trippy fantasy scenes and effects mixed in. Jimmy Page is amazing, and half an hour of Dazed and Confused is awesome. A must watch for Zoso Zealots, but you might like the music even if you aren't. Thanks George!

Simon dropped around. We had a look at the shed. The gap filling is almost done, I might skip painting just to move in earlier. Then we discussed Matthew Reilly novels.

Tomorrow, soccer. For serious reals. I need some shinpads.

Sorry if I pissed you off Meg, but this is my opinion, and I think we differ there.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, April 14, 2008


'Lo everyone.

It seems once again the blog has caused irritation. I state once again, THIS IS MY OPINION. You don't have to follow it or anything. Don't take it seriously.

I believe, in my own way, that when one has a good morning, one has a bad afternoon, and vice versa. I've believed this for a while now, because it tends to be true.

So, slow morning. Literally, as I had to walk to school.

Double PE, I came 4th in the 1600m, then Pat threw up. I listened to the girls talk about coffee during lacrosse, as Michael Walsh was too busy being famous to guard the goals.

Recess, nothing to report.

Study skills seminar thingy would probably have more impact if we didn't have to have the bloody jocks and popularite blokes in our group. So much for lessons on concentration...

Lunch, everyone sat around the table. I was bored and lonely, so Aiden and I went to the brass ensemble. We had to play some jazz thingy which had a dubious name.

Turns out, in our absence, an illegal fight club has started up. Christ. We're down to that. No doubt I'll be forced to take on someone twice my size, if I follow the rest. I liked playing soccer...

History was slow, I found a good website which shut everyone up.

Finally art. See where the good afternoon bit kicks in? After sanding down my sculpture bit, and declaring it finished for good, Mrs Artteacherlady said our next assignment was to draw a dragon, then make it out of clay. AWESOME!

Band was slow, but it was over quickly.

After school, the girls broke my sunnies, and I was pissed off. Then more band. I hung out with the adults and listened to them discuss brands of beer.

Back home, watched South Park, and read some comments on myspace, which depressed me, and on the blog. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Bah. Maybe I should keep to commenting on what we did at school today, instead of my opinions, just to keep the public happy. Do not want, thankyou very much.

Tomorrow, more study skills stuff, and hopefully Art. I can't wait for these couple of weeks to be over, I'm getting sick of it.



Sunday, April 13, 2008

Music camp aftermath.

'Lo readers.

Long time no see.

Let's start with Friday. We got to school, got jabbed, sat around for a while and watched the little sevies screw up their faces in pain, then jumped on the bus. I started reading Area 7, which I found the weakest of the Scarecrow trilogy. Ah well. Uneventful trip, but we stopped in Foster and picked up some last minute supplies. Namely Doritos and cheap soft drink. I'm glad I brought my wallet, even if I didn't have much money.

When we finally arrived, and lost a game of beach soccer, the white-haired opera bloke who was on Spicks and Specks appeared. We exchanged dark looks. I had a feeling we would be singing.

Funnily enough, the dude made a whole lot of blokes get up in front of everyone, and made them sing. Thankfully not me. "Hugo" and "Seymour" did though. Then about 100 bored, slightly bemused teenagers were made to sing 2 bits from operas. The bloody singing session lasted a couple of hours, most of us were getting really sick of it.

Then we found the pool table. 'nuff said.

Rehearsals are pretty slow. I hate Calling Cornwall, because there is a eupho solo at the start, then in the middle, and then an insanely complicated solo further on.

The year 10's captured table 5 that night. Food wasn't too bad, suprisingly. Later we had a trivia competition. Table 5 FTW. If we didn't know an answer to a question, we complimented the year 12s who were running the show. Then we had to write something nice to one of them, and we were assigned Monique. Pat and Aiden stole the pencil. Every sentence ended in sexy. "You play trumpet SEXY!" I wonder how she took it.

After a game of poker, Dayne stole a DS and the year 9s in our room started watching Kenny. Every 5 seconds, Pat would pop up around my bunk and shout "BOWEL CANCER!" at the top of his lungs. Funny the first few times, then I lost my sleeping bag. I reckon I got about 2 hours sleep that night.

The next day, more of the same. We visited the beach, and played soccer, then drew pictures in the sand. When we got back, I went into our room. Oliver and Aiden are leaning against the bathroom door grinning like chesire cats.

What's up?"We locked Pat inside with Claire and Jenny."
Wait, wait, wait...what?

Turns out Jake let them use our shower. Then Pat walks in to take a dump, and discovers them getting dressed. Screams all round. Then Aiden and Oliver locked them in. Apparently, if Pat arrived 2 minutes earlier, they would have been nekkid. It added a bit of excitement to a boring afternoon.

Later Pat mentioned something to me, and it made me confused and slightly angry, as I know what's happening in that situation. Selfish teenagers, sometimes these blondes can't see what's in front of them. Yes Meg, exactly.

Mr C pulled out Bohemian Rhapsody that day. Not too bad an arrangement either. Fun to play.

That night, after damnable singing, we played poker. There were about a dozen people crammed around one table, and we got steadily louder and slightly crazier, as the coffee was flowing. By the end, it was literally flowing, as Aiden knocked over Oliver's cup. Then we called it quits. Isobelle is cautious with her chips, Claire is lucky, Aiden, Oliver and Dayne are bloody stupid with their chips, and Pat likes arguing.

Then we swapped stories of misdemeanours til about 12, as we were fuelled by coffee and lollies. Good times. "Wise Beard Man gets 'punished' by drunken Pa", "Pat's mum sees a snake age 5", "Emo getting beaten up and losing his noodles", and "Beating up Scott Dennis so the guy could go to the social with a girl" were favourites.

Today, yet more of the same. Lots of volleyball. On the way home, Aiden and I watched Eurotrip, then listened to Gnarls Barkely and music from Guitar Hero as we went past Longford. Pretty cool.

Closing notes from Zoo Observations. Lulu and Robbie lol. Year 10 girls and Tom Cousins lol. Year 9 girls and Robbie lol. Mrs Candy still likes African music. Music camp achieved a bit while still being sort of fun.

Tomorrow is more school, more band, more boring, probably. Too many people had birthdays this weekend. Happy birthday to them, if they are reading this.

Ah well. It could be worse.

*SHED UPDATE!* Came home, new wall panels, and edging in progress. All is well. Many thanks to Wise Beard Man.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ceiling finished.

'Lo everyone.

Extremely bloody tired this morning, I figured it wouldn't be a good day. Persistence is the key here, friends.

Denny rocked up, Ryan was sick. Denny was impressed with the way the ceiling was going.

Chapel was boring, just more stuff about Youth (brainwashing) week. The Jackameister wouldn't listen to our ideas about what makes being a youth good. Something about the internet and mudkipz.

Extended homeroom we sat around doing nothing. Meg, I heard u liek icecreamz lol.

Then english, we got our marks back. I got 21 out of 30 or something for the essay, which I'm happy with because it was a pass.

Recess was slow. George looked depressed, and I can't blame him. Turns out even us musos get the jabs tomorrow. See that, skipped an inference.

Double history was slow, we got an assessment to start on. Pat is planning a Super Sayajin Mao picture.

Lunch, more sitting around the table, as we didn't have enough people wanting to play soccer. Someone found Isobelle's biology textbook so of course we all had a look at the reproduction section. We saw a terrble picture that made us feel sorry for Agnik's mum, then the girls stole it. They were giggling at the diagrams. Bit of role reversal. Then Leighton used my arm to explain about blood circulation. Sometimes not having enough body fat for the winter is educational.

Double psych was interesting, we're moving on to obedience and compliance. Funny how I see the same thing at lunchtime, really.

Homeroom I watched the people come in from the balcony, then pissed off Sally. Both are fun.

Denny and I visited the other end of the school after that. I needed to pick up a form anyway. Plus it seems the Sale Library is running Guitar Hero on Saturday. Hmm...

Back home, Simon was there, but before we got to work we visited my pops house and picked up a bed and some couches. Woot.

Had a polite conversation with someone I never thought I'd have one with when we got back.

Then we got the ceiling up. Took us a while, but it works, and the lighting is kickarse. Next up, runners, paint and carpet. We're getting to the business end here folks.

After that,went on Ye Olde Myspace-e, which is still confusing. I worked out how to comment on othe peoples myspace thingies, and added someone I never thought I would add. Her comments thing adds another piece of the puzzle of why the girls are pissed off at each other. Also, all girls have really trippy backgrounds. I think I got epilepsy from this one.

New bathroom sink today, which is cool. Tomorrow, injections, then music camp. I must pack my bag.

No blog posts tomorrow or Saturday. Sorry folks. Read the archives instead or make your own blog, it's fun seeing other people's perspective on the day.



Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ceiling Installation is harder than it looks.

'Lo readers.

Abnormally slow day today.

Finished Temple a while ago, I forgot about all the double crossing at the end. Hover Car Racer is over too quickly and extra predictable. So back to Ice Station, I'm going to read the Scarecrow trilogy, then either start on the Cherryh books or see if the Tomorrow series is back in.

Homeroom Jess ushered me aside and gave me a piece of paper. Looks like I did get an invite to their bloody party. Great. I'm so incredibly happy. I get to watch happy people be happy and dance around happily, while playing truth or dare and drinking. Great. /sarcasm.

Meh, see what happens.

First up was Psych, more social psychology stuff. Very interesting. This whole Stanford Prison Experiment has scary parellels to Abu Grahib. Seriously, google it.

Next was maths, with Mr Bacon. Got most of my work done. Circles are needlessly complicated.

Recess, nothing to write home about.

Then double science. It dragged on forever. Not enough pracs, and too much taking notes. Michael, Tom and Jack's conversations are mildly funny, if inane.

Lunch I had to visit Mrs Englishteacher to check something, got it done and out of the way before it got uncomfortable.

Then we basically sat around the table. I think we need to add the third table, but then, where would the popularites sit? They would steal it back.

I kept out of trouble.

Then soccer, Binks had a pretty weak team, but we have Pat, Jason and Aiden with his magic gloves. It's good being in year 10, you can order the sevies around, and they think you know what you're doing.

After school Denny, Ryan, Sam, Pat and I went down the street. Chips were had, and I saw a few I hadn't seen in years. Sam confided in me, which I find disturbing. I'm sorry, I can't help you. Girls are falling over themselves and their boyfriends, and you want something else. Great. I can totally relate to that. *cough*.

EB Games is still overpriced, I shall wait for DoW 2 and Civ 5.

Back home, we got to work on the shed. The ceiling had finally arrived, so up it went. After about 4 hours, we got half of it done, and the lights work. So far so good. Should be done in two weeks, if it doesn't burn down over the weekend. Must get smoke detectors, I think.

Still working on the assasin, the cloak turned out reasonable, in my opinion. Final details now. It's good to have something to paint.

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday I'm going to music camp, so no blog posts Friday or Saturday night, unless someone has internet. Should bring some money just in case, but funds are low, and I need it for other stuff.

Bugger it. One more day of school and then three days of music and poker with most of 9/b/. Should be fun.

Tomorrow, double History, double Psych, among other things. Still sleepy, I haven't readjusted yet.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sparky Acolyte.

'Lo readers.

Starting to get tired of school, too noisy and too many people rushing around hugging and screaming.

It was a slow day today, really.

First up was assembly, nothing to report other than a PE teacher who is going to skydive.

Next was double Maths. Mr Cowling is taking long service leave. EPIC JOY! So instead, we have Mr Bacon, who apart from being a Pom, is actually a good teacher. JOY x2!

First lesson I got most of the work done, Isaac and I thanked the gods for the sub.

Next Mr Bacon said we should go to the computer rooms. See how awesome this bloke is? We put together a sheet on circles, quick and easy.

Reccess the maelstrom was hungry. Stay away from the maelstrom.

Science we got to play with slinkies. Fun.

Art we were in the computer rooms again. I absent mindedly wrote my thoughts on the artists, which made the girls laugh. Shows how bored we all were. I hate art theory.

Lunch, we sat at the table. Then Pat wanted us to play soccer. Meh. I got put on a good team, but I killed my pair of socks, and we were all unfit, except Pat. Lots of blisters and stiches for everyone. We returned to the table, half the girls were screaming, and the other half looked happy for them (read: incredibly disappointed) as Hayden et al. distributed the first invitations for their party. Despite what Meg says, I doubt I'll be getting one. One of the people throwing the party hates me, and I'm not really a party person. You need exciting people for parties, I'm not exciting. Exciting for me is discovering GW's release schedule for the next six months. Exciting for them is a crate of beer in Leightons backpack. Bugger them. Even if I do get an invite, I'll give it a miss probably.

/rant. Sorry.

The China trip looks interesting, but Isaac said it was over $4000 to go. About that...

History Sam whinged about his party. I wanted to get the damn analysis thing finished.

Finally English. I wasn't sure about a couple of the questions, but the teacher took that as not finished. I'll talk to them tomorrow. In other news, the whole, "DEVELOP OUR MORALS OR FAIL ENGLISH!" thing isn't getting through to enough people. It's sort of boring, but it should get more interesting.

Homeroom I felt pissed off, but I didn't know why. Again, concerned classmates wondered if I was dying. Strange. I wonder what they want.

Back home, the ceiling for the shed hadn't arrived. Bugger. I started painting an assasin, because I was bored. Should be a good exercise in direct-lighting black clothing, I suppose. Too subtle and I'll have to put on OVER 9000 layers. Too thick and I have to start again. Interesting.

Then Simon rocked up. Simon is Wise Unbeard Man's brother, aka Wise Stubble Coolguy. He climbed to the top of my tree and agreed about the death of the top branches. Then he got to work in the shed.

Basically, long story short, I might be getting an old laptop, and the shed has power flowing though it. Lotsa power outlets now, which is good. All we need to do now is put in a ceiling, plug some gaps, then give it a coat of paint. Should be done in two weeks, give or take some time for paint/furniture.

Myspace is annoying. If you are reading this from myspace, please help! Bernice is confusing me and Jess says OHK LOLOLOL too much.

Tomorrow I want to start the ceiling. That's about it.


And now, something for our readers in LA, as I know she's interested in this, and Wise Beard Man, because Fraser's is going to be a horror story, and he knows this.

Basically. Girls don't like Alex, Alex likes girls. Alex likes girl. Girl finds out. Girl already likes guy in year 9. Girl hates Alex. Alex sad. The end.




Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday bloody Monday

'Lo everyone.

First day back at school. If nothing else, school tends to give interesting blog posts.

Got to school, everyone was screaming. Aiden and I shook our heads. That bastard has avoided the evil haircutter, unlike George, Isaac and I. Bah.

First up was science, and Mr Smith was back. Fixed smiles all round. He basically went through the chapter we did last term and frowned a lot.

Next was Psych, we're getting into status and power within groups. I find this field very interesting, because you can apply it at lunchtime, usually with either very predictable or very suprising results.

Reccess, Sam was enjoying his newfound bachelor-ism by flirting with everything. He was trailed everywhere by at least 5 women. Very amusing, we should be taking bets on the results.

Next was History, more Mao type stuff. We had to do an analysis of a cartoon, Pat wanted to make the horse into a unicorn and give everone moustaches.

Finally Art, where we spent half the lesson outside. Bernice got to go to another footy match, Isobelle, Sally and Tom were deep in serious discussion, and Annie was ranting about horror movies. I flitted in and out of conversations. Then we got ordered to go to the computer room. Bah. I went on bordom and swapped between that and a wikipedia page about post impressionism. Mr Stone is scary, hate to be a rower, regardless of what the brainwashed ones say.

Then lunch, everyone sat at the table, Sam was chasing and being chased, and Aiden had pulled staplers out of where ever. Boring really. Then everyone migrated to the lecture theatre.

Movie review time
Jindabyne - **1/2
Too mature for most of us, very slow, deep story, and very padded, as it was based off a short story that went for 10 pages. Do not watch in a theatre full of bored and restless teenagers.

The teachers let us out early, I dint't feel well. The whole, "OHNOES A MILLON NEEDLES OF FIRE INTO MY DIAPHRAM I CAN'T BREATHE!" type thing. We sat around the table, George told horror stories and Aiden and Emily discussed hent...anime.

Homeroom I sat down and several concerned classmates diagnosed my condition as death. Thanks, but bugger off.

Walking up towards band, I felt like spewing. Wise Unbearded Man was at the clothing store. I got new pants!

Then I apologised to Mr Cruickshank. Better at home than spewing all over the music room.

Back home, watched a documentary on sieges.

Fraser got a mysterious headache ten minutes after I said I was skipping band. One of us has to go, if Fraser is going to cop out and go on msn, I'll go.

Boring band. Nothing to write home about.

Back home, I got a message from myspace. How I hate that website. Jessss is too confusing, I don't want mine to end up like that. However, I've learnt how to make friends, so look out people what don't like me.

Still not feeling the best, but bugger it. Hopefully no double Maths, and the ceiling for the shed is arriving. Everyone wants to know when it'll be done, and they loo very suprised when I tell them a week or so.



Sunday, April 6, 2008

'Lo all.

Final of the boring, "I did nothing today" type post for a while.

Got up, looked around, crashes and whirring in the shed.

Wise Beard Man shaved his beard. For shame.

We finished the floor, then everyone left to go to Bob's for some jazz thingo.

So, no other progress today.

I tamed Fraser with a Simpsons episode that featured Cypress Hill, then switched off the internet and threatened him with castration if any of his friends dropped in and stayed.

Then I went to the top of my Tree and read my book for an hour or two.

Next, back to my room where I dug up a standard bearer and painted it. Ink washes are fun. I think I've got green skin down as well.

Still bored, I found an ancient bilbo model, so I gave that a go as well. It didn't turn out too badly, but the face is driving me nuts. I need more shades, as I keep accidently making it darker because I'm too lazy to change my murky bloody water.

After some fish and chips, jumped on the computer. Played poker against Meg, Uno against Jess, caught up with Aiden before he got kicked off, and traded links and pictures with Ryan. Business as usual.

Tomorrow is school. Do not want. It should be kind of interesting, I suppose. Really not looking forward to maths.

Ah well. At least I'll be seeing people without them just dropping in or forcing me to go to movies....



Saturday, April 5, 2008

Carpentry Acolyte

'Lo readers.

Not much to report today.

Woke up, went outside, a shipment of floor coming in the driveway. Cool.

We cleared out the shed, properly, then vacuumed it.

Boards were put in, but they caused some trouble. We went to Cobb and Co, got some magic and liquid nails.

The magic nails worked perfectly. Straight through the boards, into the concrete, where they vomited sparks and bent when they hit rocks. Little bastards.

For about 30 seconds, the shed looked cool. Nothing in there except a hammer, packet of nails and me.

Then we put in the floor. Bah. Easy once we got going. Note the once we got going.

Finally, we got it done. Shed looks very cool now. Next we have to put in a ceiling. Should be interesting. Then just gap filling and I move in.

Figured I wouldn't be bring much stuff in. Empty the two wardrobes, take out half the shelves and books, and I'm left with chest of drawer, desk, and the other half of bookshelf. The trick will be resisting the temptation to bin everything that might be useful down the track.



Friday, April 4, 2008

How do I shot web?

'Lo all.

Yet another productive day.

We tore down the back wall, all was well til we noticed some of the planks were ruined

Off to Mick and Roys, where we took home a few 5m long pieces of wood, strapped to the top of the car.

Cut them down, nailed them on. Insulation goes in, walls go back, all is well.

After tea we started and finished the fourth wall (lulz). The shed looks good, now for a ceiling (which probably won't get anywhere 'til Tuesday) and a proper floor.

Then the fun part.

Watching Matrix Reloaded at the moment, still ponderous and overly philosophical, but the freeway scene... Also noticed a spiderbite, as the walls were crawling in them. They squish when you hit them with a hammer though, which is fun. I think I;m gonna get superpowers. All the powers of a spider-scaled-up-for-a-human!


Anyway, the end

Thursday, April 3, 2008


'Lo all.

Figured I'd give blogspot another go.

This will have the daily posts, crossposted from the live space.

The live space is the main page, visit that really.

Anyway, see how this goes, eh?