Sunday, November 25, 2012


'Lo everyone.

Still alive, barely.

Such adventures in the last week or so. But then, I woke up at 3pm today, haven't left the house. Thrilling stuff!

To be honest, I'm only writing because I saw the Beardman updated (sure the reading glasses aren't on your head?) and I just finished a Daria marathon.

Let's see... most importantly, I think, is the fact that Ness found a pair of relatively cheap Radiohead tickets, and we saw them and they didn't suck. I mean, the setlist wasn't great, the seats we had (SEATS) were relatively far away, and Thom Yorke did not give me a piggyback or anything (nor was he DJing at Pony...) but it was good. There There, Bodysnatchers, Planet Telex (with psychedelic, floating screen backdrop), massive version of True Love Waits that dived into Everything In Its Right Place... Pretty good.

That said, I was recovering from a particularly late night catching Baths and Prefuse 73 at Brown Alley the night before with Bec and Isobelle, before they exiled themselves to Germany. Hurm. Bastards, they didn't put the headliner on til 3am. Excellent show though, Baths really got into it.

Pretty rough weekend, really. Hurm.

Since I'm holidays now (pleasant change), I've been catching up with everyone who I haven't seen in ages, since they're all emerging from exams and such. Highlights included a mini roadtrip with Aiden to see Hayden and Isaac that almost resulted in us getting hit by a train, rushing to get Baz to the airport with Angus and Collo, Brunetti's with Meg and Jess, Skyfall with Gav and Dayne, and a surprisingly drunken evening at Shanghai Dumplings and um, Billboards with Ness and the Room 28ers, then paintballing yesterday.

This was not a wise choice, but then Pat had booked it a month ago. It was thirty degrees, I was coming off five hours sleep after crawling home at 4 with Kaity, Dan and Rosh, and was running on a banana and fumes. Thankfully, everyone at 101 was just as hungover.

The bastards in Oakleigh have a very clever business plan, which basically involves roping in suckers like us at university and such with offers of cheap group paintball deals, then shoving us into a warehouse and charging $5 a paintball slug. So you think you're only paying $30 for a day of fun and bruises, when actually they expect you to pay at minimum $70 to have enough bullets to be actually participating all day. That said, the games they had were pretty good, they weren't all just capture the flag. However, since there were only 8 of us, we got put with a bunch of bogans celebrating a birthday. The only advantage to being put with a bunch of sadistic retards who all pretended to be Scarface was that the birthday boy (and mate) were "run through the gauntlet", and we all got to shoot at them. Good fun, and I know I got at least one guy in the face.

Anyway, once safely back at Unilodge, comparing bruises, we had a bbq on the roof with the departing Yanks (no shrimps) and played a lot of xbox. I still suck at it, and the new Goldeneye sucks too.

So I guess that's about it. Trying to not sit at home all day and brood (like I did today). At least trying to change it up a bit and get some use out of my fancy tv by watching the cricket (4 for how many?!). My plan for this week is to re-tweak the resume and find gainful employment. Which will be fun, but I'm sick of rationing my baked beans for tickets. Which reminds me, Dinosaur Jr at the Espy, blerg...

Just don't know what to do with myself, I guess. Apparently I'm off to see Skyfall again with TGarry and Rosh tomorrow, and I figure why not, if it's cheap. Not sure when I'll be down in Sale again, possibly a week or so. If the damn kids are into vinyl records now, I have to rescue my copy of Lonerism from them.

While I remember.

Skyfall - *****
Better than Casino Royale, so many nods to the older films, and an actually engaging plot, unlike the last one. Anton Chigurh/Julian Assange Javier Bardem makes a good creepy, ambiguously gay villain, the women are attractive (still no Eva Greens though), cars are kickarse, and even if the theme song was pretty lame the credits were pretty good too. There's a couple of problems with it once you start thinking about the ending (TORCHES? REALLY?), and it's eerily similar to The Dark Knight in pacing, but it all works really well, in that you don't notice these things as you go along. Plus, you know, action scenes that are suitably brutal and creative, which is a plus. Worth seeing twice.

Ah well. Time to go watch some Adventure Time.



Thursday, November 1, 2012

Back In Black.


Been a while.

Counting this a procrastination. This is new media enough, right?

So I've had a few adventures. I'm currently stuck in a library cleaning up a 2000 word philosophy report on the impact of television. Yup. Not sure if my approach to it is exactly what the tutor's aiming for, but hey, who cares.

I figured I'd better post again soon, and I kept on putting it off. I've been busy, you see. Far too busy, I guess. So many things. But I'll start afresh. I'm not sure I'll continue updating every day, or week, but I'm sick of this bastard languishing.

Not entirely sure what to write. My current struggles, other than this 2000 word behemoth and the 1500 word one to be squished tomorrow, involve petty first world problems such as acquiring Radiohead tickets for less than $200. Is there anything more middle class white youth than trying to get a Radiohead ticket, honestly?

Still, I missed the bastards while I was overseas, and trends on eBay looking as they are, we might just end up getting lucky. Just a shame there's about four billion other things on that weekend, including another gig that tickets have already been purchased for, people leaving for months, a 21st back in Ye Olde Gippslande... Hurm.

But that's something to worry about in two weeks time. Christ, two weeks. Tilt your head to the side, said I'm angry.

I'd like to catch up with the little movie reviews, but taking a leisurely six month break sure hurts that plan. Perhaps in future.

Also, my list of gigs coming up remains immense. I'm honestly shocked at how much live music I've seen over the last year or so, and how much I've got to go. The whiteboard on my desk stretches til February Polyester Records-style. Plus, you know, after the Big Day Out I'll have seen three out of the four Big 90s bands (ie Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Nirvana not withstanding.

Otherwise, things go slowly. Being two days from the holidays in alternating beautiful/torrid weather, with about 7000 words to write, has not been pleasant. Apart from catching a couple of movies (likely by myself...) on Saturday at the Astor, so far my plans for the very near future are to sleep an awful lot, then check out what the Beardman's plans are for November/December. Then maybe go to the beach and read my book. Hurm.

As I type, everyone around me is packing up and leaving. Unfortunate, I guess. So I'm being kicked out. This is a nothing post really, isn't it. I'm too damn tired. Working all day on these essays, nursing a sore neck from smashing it out at a funeral-like Black Keys concert last night (DISAPPOINTING), suffering through a hey-guys-good-job-for-surviving-the-semester-here's-a-forty-minute-rant style philosophy class... Ah well. Tomorrow it'll all be over til March. Scary thought, really.

Fiddlesticks. Really am being kicked out. Figures. Hurm.

Oh well, I'll try and post again and keep whatever reads this happy. Both fans.


Adios, amigos, and keep smiling.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pre-exam Homesick Blues.

'Lo all.

Swotvac's annoying when you actually have exams. I'm getting almost nowhere with this study, but at least I've got some things to look forward to afterwards.

All the essays and such were handed in, now I just have to wait for the end of the month for any results. Such fun that will be.

Haven't been up to a lot. Ryan Murphy's last night ever (?) was fairly heavy, we ended up following him to the Toff (where I was almost barred entry), and karaoke in Chinatown. I headed home after stumbling to a taxi after this, but was later informed that there were strippers involved around 5am. Very heavy.

Next day, caught up with Bec and Aiden for dumplings, storytime, and Guthrie at the Espy. They were alright, pretty small crowd for them, and the same shtick as every other time I'd seen them. We stuck around for King of the North (the Game of Thrones fan in me wanted to see what they were on about), and they were fairly intense for just two dudes. Worth catching again, I think.

Made my way home to Sale the next evening. Didn't freeze to death, even when I had to drop three separate children at school one morning, but I did walk away with a cold. The Beardman is well, for a 51 year old, though unfortunately his stout didn't really work. Kids are loud. Yep. Abused the plentiful internet as well, gotta have some stuff to keep me going.

Home again, lots of reading articles and preparing for next week. Such fun. Caught Prometheus with Simon at the Imax on Friday night. Jesus god that's a big screen. The 3D glasses were also uncomfortable as hell, and I'm not sure they made much of an impact. I'll definitely catch the Hobbit in 3D though.

Prometheus - ***
Looks good. Real good. The first sequence with 'Prometheus' on the waterfall was amazing, totally justified going to Imax. Unfortunately from there it's a bit patchy, trying to hard to be all deep. The scientists were all pants-on-head retarded. I did like the little nods to the other Alien films, and I'm not going to lie, the surgery sequence was pretty sick and awesome. Michael Fassbender steals the show, Moon style, especially towards the beginning. Worth seeing, just I suppose don't have huge hopes for it.

Yesterday I was dragged SHOPPING!!!!1 with Isobelle and Emily, and am now far poorer but apparently much more fashionable. Never again will I attempt to brave a department store sans coffee. Hurm. Scarves, honestly.

I'll try and write more before I disappear completely (just watched Radiohead's Bonnaroo set...), but such shenanigans this week. Tomorrow is more study, then Tuesday afternoon I'll be smashing a pair of exams before getting very drunk in Hawthorn, then dinner at Simon's and then getting the hell out of here. Can't wait.



Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mogwai Fear Satan

'Lo all.

My procrastination knows no bounds. I'm beginning to fall behind in an essay I'm trying to plough through. Damn these broad, open-ended topics. Just what IS the importance of remembering and forgetting in the digital age? Hurm.

Anyway. So it's been a while between drinks (well... not really, sadly). Unfortunately there isn't much to talk about, mostly work. I've so far handed in two out of the three things that need to be handed in by Monday (which is tomorrow...), and I've finished classes. Two more weeks and I've officially finished my third semester in this peepee soaked heckhole. Joy of joys.

So yeah, you would think I haven't been getting roaring drunk and having adventures, and instead focusing on getting my work in on time. So far I've managed to stay on track despite these distractions. I even left Thursday night Puggs early one time. That was a pretty big deal for me, but it paid off when I was hungover and cleaning up an essay the following afternoon, and managed to get it handed in fine. Oh yeah.

While I remember (I've written that word about three dozen times in the last four days, it's lost all meaning and doesn't sound right anymore).

The Virgin Suicides - ****
Finally got strapped down Clockwork Orange-style and was forced to watch this. A little too airy, and Kirsten Dunst playing a fourteen year old was jarring to the point of ridiculousness, but it was good fun how it drew you in by being all satire-y and ironic, then kicking you in the teeth. I mean, you were expecting it, based on the title, but still. Enjoyable, but then I enjoyed Lost in Translation (I'm a sucker for Bill Murray), and this is pretty similar. There was a voice in my ear the entire time about how the book was better though.

I guess I'm like that with Game of Thrones, season two of which is disappointing me. But oh well.

Went to the footy on Saturday for a nail-biter between Essendon and Richmond (it's nice being a member, you just stroll in halfway through), followed by a visit to Bridie O'reilly's on Chapel st. Terrible place on a Saturday night. We were dragged upstairs, as a band was playing, but the slightly-too-old-to-be-doing-this singer was belting out thoroughly awful covers of All American Rejects and Katy Perry, and that damn Call Me Maybe song that everyone seems to know except me. I did not realise it was possible to make already-bad songs sound worse.

Attempting to recover the view that pub covers of pop songs can be an acceptable medium when you're drunk, I went to Ryan Murphy's 'Olympics Fundraiser Party' at Puggs with a little Taco-Bill's-Fishbowl-induced optimism. He'd pulled out all the stops, with a full band upstairs instead of his usual loop pedal and kickdrum downstairs, and a woman's bathing suit and bathrobe to suit the theme. My eyes are still recovering. Unfortunately, I wasn't so drunk that I could ignore the mix, which seemed to be just keyboard, vocals, and cymbal. Poor Ryan Murphy. Still, a good time was had, and there was something approaching a moshpit by the end. Pretty crazy. I have to wonder what next week, his official going away thing, will be like.

Speaking of going away, since I have barely any readers I can announce this here. I'm not interested in sticking around in my apartment for a month, so I'm heading out to see the world. Paris, New York, Los Angeles. Ticking the boxes while I have a little money to do so. And seeing a few bands. Not Radiohead, nor the Cure, nor Tricky (that would involve Portugal, but tickets sold out...), but a few. Plus I think I need to see my aunt. Hurm.

Anyway, I'll try and post again before I fly away. Not that I'll have much to write about. The next few weeks involve heavy drinking and going back to Sale. God help us all. And I think there's a pair of exams in there somewhere.

Back to the essay, I suppose. It's a shame I can't cite this whole blogging enterprise in it, based on half the readings I've gone through. You would think that working in the library for four days would help me get it done faster, but oh well. Tomorrow will be fun. 800 words still looks far too bleak and far away right now, but by tomorrow afternoon they'll get hacked away at pretty quickly, I imagine. Damn this teenage laziness.



Monday, May 14, 2012


'Lo all.

It's freaking cold outside. This creates a number of problems. Foremost among them, every time the window is shut the apartment cooks regardless of what's going on outside. However, leave the window open and you freeze solid. Hurm.

Anyway, been an alright few weeks. I know I'm lazy about this, but sometimes it isn't my fault. My poor old desktop really is about to die, I've had it BSOD a few times recently, and it struggles to run my internet browser (also the internet's patchy to start with). So even if there was something to post it'd be unlikely it'd get up because the damn computer can't actually connect to the internet. Have been considering pulling out Simon and Kirsty's donated wireless router, but then I fear my internet usage would go off the charts (when it did work), and by going over the limit, it'd be so slow I'd be back to square one.

Been trying to keep busy as exams and assessments approach. This is the pointy end. It's never been particularly fun, but this time I have a plan. One essay will be done before Thursday night this week! I swear this! It's going to happen! Then I can relax slightly about the more trickier ones. But so far, a day and a half and about a dozen articles in, progress is slow, but at least there's material. Graffiti and hegemony is a lot easier to research than new media cultures of remembering and forgetting, I'm guessing. But we'll see how we go, worry about the exams when we arrive in June.

Anyway. Busyness. Caught Digitalism with Isobelle and Isaac two Fridays ago, which was good fun. The Forum blew their minds. Beni, the opening DJ, was pathetic. He had a big gold medallion that said BENI and his tshirt read J'AIME BENI. It'd be alright if his music was good, but it was not. However. Digitalism blew my hearing (it's slowly coming back though). They've got a different stage set up from last time I saw them, now it's just one big heart and two light-up lecterns with all the switches instead of three hearts and a live drummer. The setlist was alright, the opening with Miami Showdown, Idealistic, Forrest Gump and a killer light show. Pogo, as usual, was heavy. Might have accidentally knocked out a drugged out douche's teeth while pogoing to that song, I dunno, but he was a douche and on something. Pretty good show.

On Sunday night, had a catch up drink or five with Ryan at the Exford, which was good until some old guy came to our table ranting about commies and offered to buy us drinks, much to our amusement. Then he got dragged out shouting by the bouncers. All of our what. Went back on Friday with Aiden for free pool and jukebox and squished a little old guy and his mate who looked like Kenny with more tats. Funny guys, pretty quiet night.

Hit Puggs, as usual. Not a particularly good night most recently, but hey, got pretty drunk. It was pretty good to see shedloads of each old crowd there though.

Also Tom was down for the week, so naturally we caught up with him. He did get lost trying to navigate his way around Hawthorn (read, take the tram up the hill, or down the hill?), but we made him have a couple of drinks Thursday night, and on Saturday we all went around to Isaac's to play COD on his projector screen. I am still rubbish at it, clearly I need to drop everything and play it every day like Aiden, Pat and Tom. Messed up.

Visited the Astor as well (as usual) for a Sherlock Holmes marathon. Introduced Emily to the cat (I found out its name but alas, can't remember it). Isobelle almost lost my phone, annoyingly. Still. Good night.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - ***
Enjoyable but not anything that special, much like the first one. Apparently the German is horrendously translated. Did like how Lyle from Mad Men was the bad guy. And yeah, there's some bits that are very Guy Richie, but far more bits that are pure STUDIO BLOCKBUSTER OMG which kind of jar. Also Noomi Rapace scrubs up well.

Yes, I'm looking forward to Prometheus.

Six Degrees of Separation - ***1/2
Enjoyable, you have no idea where the hell it's going, but the pacing's a bit off at times. You really need to pay attention to keep up, as the plot twists don't stop and there's buttloads of characters all pretending to be different things. Also lol poor rich people, u want sum water?

And right now, procrastination central. There is a link between the wall in Palestine and Banksy, seeing as he did a few murals on it, but these academic articles just get heavier and heavier. Oh well. Plus Carlton's losing to St Kilda at the moment, but it's just the start of the last quarter and it's only four goals... Hurm.

Tomorrow will be more of the same, I think. Get stuff done. Looking forward to my holiday.



Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weird Fishes

'Lo all.

Um. They've changed the layout on Blogger for me. How nice of them. Interesting to note that pageviews and such are now on the homepage. I've never really cared about that sort of thing. Turns out I have fans in Russia, though I suppose they're probably advertising crawlers. Weird.

Anyway. It's been a few weeks. Contrasting last time, I've been to the cinema a lot.

A Dangerous Method - ****
Good. Very good. Keeps threatening to stray into boring relationship-y territory but then it draws you back in with this cool pseudo/psych stuff. Plus Viggo Mortensen as a cigar chomping Freud badarse, can't go wrong with that.

The Avengers - ***
Big and flashy, and painfully Whedony at times. Lots of snarky back and forth, lots of "crowning moment of awesome" bits (including one sequence that was almost one shot that managed to include every character...). But hell, it was good fun. You walk out smiling. And as much as I like Iron Man because he's a sarcastic bastard, the Hulk's pretty good too. It does get bogged down in the middle, and the ending's a little cheesy... "My god, it's full of stars" indeed. Also, glad I saw it in 2D, not going to lie.

The Hunger Games - **1/2
Oh god, what has happened, has our beloved correspondent turned into a shill for the major studios, catching two big "summer" tentpole action films in the same week!? No, dear readers, not quite. This is an ok film, but there were too many things that irked me, especially in the way it was shot and edited. I understand that for a tween film, you can't go overboard on the blood and violence, but surely there are better ways of avoiding this than thirty cuts per second and shaky camera, right? Plus the art direction, especially with the bourgeoisie people, got really annoying by the end. Also the predictable story and setup for the sequel, the light approach to the heavy dystopia themes (damn tweens...), and the whole shoehorned relationship crap... I paid for blood! Meh. Not going to read the books. 1984/Battle Royale for the Twilight kiddies.

To be fair, I only saw this film because Inception followed it at the Astor (typically mindblowing, to the point where I got about two hours worth of theorising on the walk home...). Liking their new calendar too, Dr Strangelove and Taxi Driver will definitely be attended, and possibly Raiders of the Lost Ark if scheduling permits.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to gloat and say that yes, I will be seeing Jack White, At The Drive In, Tame Impala, Smashing Pumpkins, Bloc Party, Dirty Three, Band of Skulls, Lana del Rey (actually, scratch that...), Miike Snow, the Shins, Mudhoney, Spiderbait, Pond, DZ Deathrays, Hypnotic Brass, and shedloads more at Splendour in July, AND I'll be catching the Black Keys in October. Absolute shenanigans. Cheers to Bec and Aiden for sorting out tickets. Also, are there really no Brian Jonestown Massacre fans in the house? So disappointing.

Still got an itch though, especially with Pearl Jam, The Cure, and Radiohead rolling around...

What else have I been up to... Did my part as an obedient consumer and visited Polyester for Record Store Day, picked up Amnesiac and the clear orange reissue of Mclusky Does Dallas, among other things. Brilliant stuff. Problem is I want to upgrade my sound system, and I really am not in the right location to do so... future, future, future.

The family hit my new place, on their way through from Simon's after Easter. Oh god. You clearly cannot tell two twelve year olds not to touch anything and expect them not to. I got a very angry text message from on the other day (yes, text message. May god have mercy on Beardman's soul and wallet) regarding the aforementioned Black Keys ticket and some missing Black Keys merch birthday presents, which was a little hilarious, but still. Terrifying. Kids are growing up for serious reals.

Hit Puggs again, once where we met Aiden's new squeeze (and squeeze she did, and bite (Isobelle had teethmarks, much to her shock)) and where we proved that it is indeed possible to walk from Carlton to Richmond while hammered; and once where we all got really, really, really plastered (to the point where Aiden thinks he blacked out), Callum smashed Ryan Murphy's pint glass with a well thrown lollypop, and Ethan beat everyone (including Ryan) in arm wrestling. This is what we get for using Bazza's 10% pale ale as pres... Wouldn't want to DOG THE BOYZ though, would we.

On Tuesday, after class, went to visit Patrick and caught up with a lot of Grammar kids, all trying to get me to come out with them. Not likely, though I did accidentally draw a king's cup card (finished the bastard though). Next day, hit the MCG and saw the last quarter of the ANZAC Day match, which was thrilling, but it was scary to hear that many Collingwood supporters singing at the end. As I recall we ended up at Puggs that night as well, since nowhere else was open, and the Wednesday night guy sucks (why so much Coldplay?! Why?! What have we done to deserve this?!).

In other news, uni's going fine, smashed a few presentations, I've got one more presentation on Wednesday and a test on Monday, but should be fine. It's getting to the point where I will actually have to start plotting out essays and exam revision, but oh well. No stress.

I'm definitely getting too damn lazy though. Well. Lazier than usual. Might be because it's getting colder, it just makes sense to spend all day at home reading a book or something than rug up and head out. This needs to change. Travel in the holidays maybe. Or actually get properly healthy instead of this default skinny rubbish. Hurm. Call it restlessness. At least I'm cutting down on the discussions on morality that last til 6am though (but then, I saw hot air balloons on the long walk home, which reminds me, get onto that, Beardman!).

There's no doubt I've forgotten stuff, I really must cut down on this whole "skip two weeks" thing. Clearly I get up to enough adventures. This week, for example, Puggs, Digitalism, then Tom's coming to visit and Bec's throwing yet another house party. Adventure!



Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bass Drum of Death.

'Lo everyone.

So much to catch up on. I've had a productive easter break.

Let's see... Party started Wednesday night with some further explorations of Brunswick st, then when I got home Thursday I finished what may be my worst essay so far, but at least I emailed it in on time (god, I hope so). Then off to Puggs for raucous shindiggery, apparently I was gone. Funny that.

Things kept going the next night. Went to Simon's for dinner and saw the family (girls have mobile phones, god help us all), then caught Bass Drum of Death and the Drunk Mums with Isaac, and they were brilliant. We rocked up a little too early, I think, but it made for some fun people watching. So many hipsters, we felt a little out of place. Ran into a few people as well. Drunk Mums put on a good show, looking forward to their LP, and Bass Drum of Death... hell, the mosh was crazy, and this one plastered dude kept crowdsurfing, which led to him pulling down some of the soundproofing foam from the ceiling and exposing three inch long nails pointing straight down at the crowd. Funnily enough no one else went for a crowdsurf after that. The band itself was killer, awesome singalong to Velvet Itch and High School Roaches, and the bastards drew out Get Found for ages, it was brilliant. Said hi to the lead singer in an alleyway outside as well. Good night out.

Next day was a visit to Clayton to check out Bec's new digs, made a couple of friends through arguing about whether Falls is big enough for Foo Fighters to headline (if it's true, you heard it here first, folks), and tried some more of Baz's beer with Aiden. Not sure I could do a whole night on the berry stuff, but it's a pleasant change from Carlton.

Sunday was Vasco Era at the Espy, via Hilda's. Turns out I'm good at FIFA, who knew. Don't think I'll play it again though. Aiden and I dragged out ET to St Kilda, and we got pretty hammered. Saw a band playing a filthy Rolling Stones cover in the basement as well. Jumped into the pit and got spat out onto the barrier right over Ted's bass monitor, so my eardrums got torn to shreds. Band put on a good show despite Sid having absolutely no voice from Boogie on the weekend, but he managed his Tom Waits cover, very scratchily. They pulled out a new cover, this time Pixies, and finished with three songs from the first album, brilliant stuff.

Went to the footy for the first time this season on Monday with Barry, and watched Geelong slip through Hawthorn's fingers in the rain. So cold, thrilling match though. Hawthorn really should have won, it all came down to the siren, but oh well. We hit Beer Deluxe for some commiseration drinks, I must recommend Brooklyn Lager.

Tuesday was big, went to Patrick's for some predrinks. They were playing the same game of beer pong for about three hours, and we didn't finish Kings. Poor old Pat overextended himself with one last Black Russian before we left for the Hawthorn, so by the time we got there we were faced with a 45 minute wait. None of that. So, a bit of an anticlimax. Still.

Had a night off Wednesday, so I helped Rence and Angus bottle the 9.71% alcohol pale ale that was fresh out of the fermenter. Jesus. Strong stuff, cannot wait to try it. Lots of story swapping, Angus finds the strangest things in the Melbourne Central lost and found...

Next day, no uni, which was nice. Caught up with Isobelle at Thousand Pound, saw a few people, then made my way to Parkville again, and got very wasted. But I wasn't the worst one there. Walked home veeery late, which really didn't help the whole "hey, let's avoid getting a cold before uni starts again!" thing.

Even worse was the next day. Went to Carlton v Collingwood with Aiden, which was brilliant, since we absolutely thumped them. Saw Simon as well. Then after a mild panic about tickets, met Ness and the rest at the Corner and moshed to Children Collide for what I believe is the seventh time? Good stuff, got me Across the Earth and We Live in Fear (with strobes), plus Speed of Sound and a couple of new songs which should be alright on the next tour. My poor Children Collide shirt is almost to my knees.

Last night was good fun, went down to Footscray for Denny's birthday, lost a few games of pool, then we (eventually) set up the Lord of the Rings drinking game. We all survived almost to the end. So damn close. I wouldn't do all three in one night, especially the extended ones.

And today was fairly lazy, watched Radiohead's Coachella set on youtube (interesting watching them with a coffee in a chair instead of in the crowd, oh well...) and for the second year running maxed out my download limit straight afterwards. Perhaps there is a correlation.

This week is looking quiet, there's a couple of assessments that need smashing, but Record Store Day and Pond on Saturday beckon. Hurm. See how we go, I suppose.